73 Best Publishing Startups to Watch in 2023

73 Publishing Startups to Watch (and Work for) in 2023

Publishing's tech sector is booming. This year’s list of the best 73 Publishing tech startups is an eclectic mix of hyper-growth scaleups, small creative startups and everything in between.

Curated by @gonsanchezs

Publishing 10+ employees Fast-growing

The last update was made on March 15, 2023.

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Permutive is a publisher-focused data management platform.

London   51 to 100   $30 Million   $19 Million  

SoftBank Group   EQT Ventures   Octopus Ventures  

B2B   SAAS  

Global Savings Group

The Global Savings Group (GSG) is Europe's leading shopping rewards company that empowers people to shop in a smarter way.

Munich   501 to 1000   $79 Million   $15 Million  

HV Capital   RTP Global  



unrd is creating a new genre of entertainment by combining Hollywood quality plots with mobile storytelling techniques.

London   1 to 10   $2.5 Million   $2.5 Million  

BACKED VC   Play Ventures  



nDreams is a videogame developer and publisher based in Farnborough, UK.

London   11 to 50   $47 Million   $35 Million  



Perlego is an online library, providing students with unlimited access to over 650,000 academic titles with built-in learning tools.

London   51 to 100   $66 Million   $9 Million  

Mediahuis Ventures   Evli Growth Partners  

B2C   SAAS  


Zephr is a technology platform for media companies to grow their subscription revenue.

London   51 to 100   $11 Million   $3.1 Million  

Nauta Capital  

B2B   SAAS  


ContentCal allows users to collaborate, share, plan and publish content to drive engagement on social media.

London   11 to 50   $13 Million   $1.2 Million  

Fuel Ventures  

B2B   SAAS  


BibliU is an educational content platform that provide eTextbooks that work for academic libraries.

London   11 to 50   $16 Million   $10 Million  



Pre-cleared commercial music licensing for YouTube and Online Video Creators.

London   1 to 10   $7 Million   $7 Million  


iSize Technologies

iSize Technologies pioneers deep learning for video delivery

London   1 to 10   $1.7 Million   $260 Thousand  

Octopus Ventures  

B2B   SAAS  


Zapnito is the SaaS online community platform for intelligence-driven organizations.

London   11 to 50   $6.2 Million  

Octopus Ventures  

B2B   SAAS  


Mylivn is a lifestyle platform that simplifies social life by letting people create their own micro-networks.

Munich   11 to 50   $6.2 Million   $2.4 Million  


Europe’s leading platform for content marketing talent.

Amsterdam   11 to 50   $6.4 Million   $300 Thousand  

No Such Ventures  



Tipser helps publishers make money on e-commerce.

Stockholm   101 to 250   $14 Million   $1.3 Million  

B2B   SAAS  

Labrador CMS

Labrador CMS specializes in the content management system solution and SaaS services to publishers.

Oslo   11 to 50   $2.5 Million   $2.5 Million  

B2B   SAAS  


Ludenso is a software developer of AR solutions for the education industry.

Oslo   1 to 10   $1 Million   $470 Thousand  


B2B   SAAS  

Frontier Talent

Frontier Talent providing on-site and remote job search opportunities to all job seekers globally.

San Francisco   51 to 100   $0   $2.8 Million  

NFX   Firstminute Capital   FJ Labs  

B2B   SAAS  


​LaterPay is the frictionless buying, tipping and selling platform for digital content.

New York   51 to 100   $20 Million   $10 Million  

Swisscom Ventures  


Lumos Apps

Lumos is a mobile apps publisher.

Paris   11 to 50   $1.8 Million   $1.8 Million  

Breega Capital  



No-code app development platform

Helsinki   11 to 50   $3.3 Million   $2.4 Million  

B2B   B2C   SAAS  


Newsvoice is a news media app that publishes news and perspectives from high quality sources in one place.

Stockholm   1 to 10   $240 Thousand   $520 Thousand  

Almi Invest  


Convert your audience into leads, members and subscribers.

Bordeaux   11 to 50   $420 Thousand   $3.9 Million  

B2B   SAAS  


StoryChief.io is a content marketing automation software

Ghent   11 to 50   $5.7 Million   $110 Thousand  

Peak Capital  

B2B   SAAS  


Odyssey is an internet company that specializes in social media, publisher, and platform used to democratize content.

  51 to 100   $31 Million   $4.6 Million  

B2B   SAAS  


Torcha is a social media that bring young people closer to current events, politics, and the economy.

Milan   11 to 50   $0  


Marfeel is an ad tech platform that revolutionizes the way publishers create, optimize and monetize mobile websites.

Barcelona   101 to 250   $5.6 Million  

Discover Film

A technology and entertainment platform for short movies. Films can be watched online and via mobile and Smart TV Apps.

London   11 to 50   $2.5 Million  

React & Share

Create content that serves your online visitors based on the behaviour and feedback.

Helsinki   11 to 50   $310 Thousand   $320 Thousand  

Spring Capital  

B2B   SAAS  


BOOKR Kids inspires a love of reading whilst boosting literacy, social-emotional and cognitive skills through interactive e-books.

Budapest   11 to 50   $3.6 Million   $1.2 Million  


FABA is a startup dedicated to the development of products that stimulate children's imagination.

  11 to 50   $3.8 Million   $3.1 Million  

Oltre Venture   CDP Venture Capital Sgr  

B2B   B2C  


Surfly provides co-browsing and video chat technology that lets you support customers as if you are sitting side-by-side.

Amsterdam   11 to 50   $3.8 Million  


PastBook enables users to collect photos from social networks and develop personalized albums that can be printed.

Amsterdam   1 to 10   $2.7 Million  


BoldBooks is a platform/marketplace disrupting the book industry – "Airbnb for book publishing" – giving the power to the authors.

Oslo   1 to 10   $1.1 Million   $230 Thousand  



BlueBottleBiz is a collaborative learning platform for business professionals.

Madrid   1 to 10   $4 Million  


WordProof is a documentation firm that offers services for content creation, publishing, content structuring, and copyright protection.

Amsterdam   1 to 10   $1.5 Million  

B2B   SAAS  


Seen is a blogger and entrepeneur focused on technological topics.

New York   1 to 10   $4.6 Million   $2 Million  

B2B   SAAS  


MOBiDYS facilitate reading for public dys and tends to make the pleasure of reading accessible to all.

Nantes   11 to 50   $1.2 Million   $2.4 Million  



Zetland offers a digital newspaper that provides its users with daily news.

Copenhagen   11 to 50   $1.3 Million  



Adnuntius expertise in the publishing industry with the digital advertising and marketing platform for data management.

Oslo   1 to 10   $0  

B2B   SAAS  


Bundle is the fastest way to organize the photo mess in your camera roll into a beautiful shared photo gallery.

Amsterdam   1 to 10   $500 Thousand  


Mofibo offers an all-you-can-read type of ebook and audiobook subscription service currently in Denmark and Sweden

Copenhagen   11 to 50   $2.4 Million  

We Wealth

An Italian holding operating in the digital and fintech industries.

Milan   11 to 50   $2.7 Million  


Mapillary is the street-level imagery platform that scales and automates mapping using collaboration, cameras, and computer vision.

Malmö   51 to 100   $25 Million  


Beamr is an innovative private company comprised of the world\'s leading imaging scientists and veterans of the Israeli technology industry.

Tel Aviv   51 to 100   $29 Million  

News Republic

News Republic is a fast and convenient way to stay informed with latest news from India & around the world from various sources.

Bordeaux   11 to 50   $10 Million  


IPV is a provider of multi-media content management systems

Cambridge   11 to 50   $8 Million  


Gjirafa is a video content and e-commerce platform for the Balkans built on top of an Albanian language specialized search engine.

Tirana   11 to 50   $8.7 Million  

Game Insight

Game Insight is a developer and publisher of free-to-play games for Facebook, iPad, iPhone, Android, Amazon, Windows 8 and Windows Phone.

Vilnius   501 to 1000   $9 Million  


Tales is a platform for visual, audible, and interactive stories

San Francisco   1 to 10   $0   $160 Thousand  



Tamaggo creates 360° digital camera to provide consumer unique immersive experience

Geneva   51 to 100   $15 Million  


TinyTap offers learners access to the world’s largest library of educational games handmade by teachers worldwide.

Tel Aviv   11 to 50   $9.1 Million  


Creating AI Powered Experiences for digital publishers.

Antwerp   11 to 50   $0   $1.7 Million  


B2B   SAAS  


We offer location intelligence solutions to better understand the offline behaviour of app users for publishers and retailers.

Ghent   1 to 10   $0   $1.3 Million  

B2B   SAAS  

Edinburgh Molecular Imaging

Edinburgh Molecular Imaging is a developer of optical molecular imaging technology.

Edinburgh   1 to 10   $11 Million  

Z Factor

Z Factor Limited is a drug discovery company to identify and develop therapeutic agents to treat alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency

Cambridge     $9 Million  


Newsadoo personalizes news with artificial intelligence.

Linz     $0  



StoryStream is the world\'s most advanced content marketing platform built for automotive brands.

Brighton   11 to 50   $4.2 Million  

Content Fleet

Content Fleet offers technology that assists online publishers in content creation.

Hamburg   101 to 250   $3.5 Million  

The PPL Group

Your creative partner from concept to Completion As the UK’s leading programme publisher

Liverpool   11 to 50   $2.7 Million  


Quartz is a digitally native news and online media outlet for business people in the new global economy.

New York   101 to 250   $490 Thousand  

B2B   B2C  

Zeetta Networks

Zeetta Networks simplifies the monitoring, management and automation of complex ICT networks

Bristol   11 to 50   $4.1 Million  


SciFlow is a publishing platform is the most intuitive way for researchers to create and share their work.

Berlin   1 to 10   $0  

B2B   B2C   SAAS  


Medieninsider is the new information offering for media professionals that focuses on the economic, content and cultural development.

  1 to 10   $60 Thousand  



A global network connecting media professionals, empowering them to create, distribute and earn from digital visual media.

Leeds   1 to 10   $390 Thousand  

SmartWall (SwissPay)

SmartWall is a monetization platform for media and advertisers that drives engagement, loyalty, interactions and more revenue.

Lausanne   1 to 10   $600 Thousand  


ReEmbed is a custom video player that supports embeds from YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion as well as HTML5 videos.

Athens   1 to 10   $110 Thousand  


Rendezvouscheznous is a community marketplace Where you can meet local hosts.

Marseille   1 to 10   $690 Thousand  

Komodo Learning

Komodo Learning is an online mathematics home learning app for children.

Belfast   1 to 10   $880 Thousand  


Fabby is an app that automatically edits photos and videos like a professional designer.

Minsk   1 to 10   $2 Million  


Oodls allows Instagrammers, brands and companies search and buy content for Instagram

Edinburgh   1 to 10   $330 Thousand  


IndaBox allows to pick-up online purchases at the nearest shop

Turin   1 to 10   $560 Thousand  


Faveeo is the first AI-Driven trusted content platform.

Geneva   1 to 10   $1.7 Million  

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