98 Moscow Startups to Watch in 2020

Moscow's tech sector is booming. This year’s list of the best 98 Moscow tech startups is an eclectic mix of hyper-growth scaleups, small creative startups and everything in between.

The last update was made on November 19, 2020.

Curated by @gonsanchezs

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First Data

First Data is a media platform that helps advertisers find online users based on their offline and online purchases.

Moscow   10001   $275,786  

Simple Finance

Simple Financeprovides a unique product line; tenders, factoring, collateral and unsecured loans, commercial mortgages and P2P.

Moscow   251-500   $15,000,000  


OZON.ru is a Russian online store that offers the largest assortment of goods with more than 3.5 million items listed.

Moscow   51-100   $487,117,400  

Waves Platform

WAVES, ultimate crypto-platform for asset/custom token issuance, transfer, and trading on blockchain.

Moscow   101-250   $142,000,000  


Rosneft is a Russia-based petroleum company that provides hydrocarbon exploration, production, and refining and marketing services.

Moscow   10001   $11,000,000,000  

Tinkoff Bank

Tinkoff Bank is a credit card company and an online bank in Russia.

Moscow   5001-10000   $90,000,000  


Dostavista is a global crowdsourced same-day delivery service.

Moscow   101-250   $20,050,000  


CarPrice is the leading Russian online used car broker and auctioneer, being the first to develop a C2B2B business model.

Moscow   101-250   $48,000,000  


Rostelecom provides integrated telecom solutions such as fixed-line telephone services, data, broadband internet access and PayTV services.

Moscow   10001   $237,000,000  


Coub is an online portal that enables users to create high quality moving images with sound.

Moscow   11-50   $3,500,000  


DocDoc.ru provides service for searching doctors from Moscow region clinics.

Moscow   51-100   $5,000,000  


KupiVIP is a Russian online fashion retailer selling discounted fashion and home goods from high-street and luxury brands.

Moscow   101-250   $119,600,000  


DOC+ is a digital health company specializing in on-demand medical services (house calls and telemedicine), EHR and medical data management.

Moscow   101-250   $20,500,000  


VisionLabs is a world-leading visual recognition company

Moscow   51-100   $5,500,000  


Zvooq is a music streaming service for mass market casual listeners, the No.1 independent music service in Russia & CIS markets.

Moscow   11-50   $25,000,000  


YouDo.com is a marketplace that helps consumers find and hire local professionals for home repairs.

Moscow   11-50   $24,225,000  


Brandquad.ru is a cloud platform for goods manufacturers that helps to automate the work with commercial content.

Moscow     $3,065,136  


Instamart is the leading online grocery delivery service in Russia

Moscow   251-500   $9,800,000  

Delivery Club

Delivery Club is the market leading food delivery company in Russia with over 4,000 restuarnts in 75 cities.

Moscow   101-250   $12,000,000  


RocketBank offers financial services through smartphones.

Moscow   101-250   $2,000,000  


MoneyMan.ru is a digital finance company based in Moscow, Russian Federation. We provide a high-quality online consumer lending service.

Moscow   51-100   $9,000,000  


Digtal transformation and Cybersecurity solutions service provider

Moscow   1001-5000   $50,000,000  

Insolar Technologies

A global technology company building innovative public and private blockchain solutions on Insolar Blockchain Platform.

Moscow   51-100   $41,500,000  


Online service for corporate medical services. Combines database of the best clinics and health programs, document circulation, HR-service.

Moscow   51-100   $6,500,000  


Russia’s leading online travel booking website for individual travelers

Moscow   251-500   $13,600,000  


Deliver develops a web-based platform which helps to calculate the price and order the transport of goods by various modes.

Moscow     $15,500,000  

Blackmoon Financial Group

Blackmoon provides alternative Investments in global marketplace lending.

Moscow   11-50   $32,500,000  


LeadEnforce is a marketing platform for creating high-performance target audiences.

Moscow     $312,985  


Artificial Intelligence to build and use mathematical patient representation models for diagnostics and desease risk assessment

Moscow   1-10   $1,700,000  


TalkBank is digital bank in messengers that understands banking commands in natural language.

Moscow   1-10   $1,134,833  


Lingualeo.com is an online service for learning and practicing English, used by 17 million people around the world!

Moscow   11-50   $3,000,000  


Citymobil is a ride sharing app.

Moscow     $26,000,000  


Teamo is a Russia-based online dating website that helps its users match Russian speaking single adults around the world.

Moscow     $2,300,000  


Skyeng - an interactive online English learning school and educational software developer

Moscow   1001-5000   $313,000  


Iiko is a major Russian HORECA software publisher. iiko was founded in 2005 by Russian entrepreneurs Maxim Nalsky and David Yan.

Moscow   101-250   $10,000,000  


NTechLab develops software products using techniques in the fields of artificial neural networks and machine learning.

Moscow   11-50   $1,500,000  

New Cloud Technologies

New Cloud Technologies provides communicate and collaborate by developing complex cloud for online mass storage and document.

Moscow   101-250   $35,000,000  


B2B-Center is the operator of a major e-procurement marketplace in Russia.

Moscow   251-500   $101,000,000  

ARena Space

Chain of VR Amusement Parks

Moscow   51-100   $7,700,000  


Chefmarket.ru the leading meal-kit company in Russia.

Moscow   101-250   $8,800,000  

Russian Quantum Center

The Russian Quantum Center will conduct scientific research that could lead to a fundamentally new class of technologies in the near future.

Moscow   251-500   $6,700,000  


SaaS platform that collects and analyzes omnichannel data about prices, assortments, product availability and marketing actions.

Moscow   51-100   $927,894  

Tickets Cloud

Tickets Cloud connects event organizers with their audience through a wide network of sellers

Moscow   11-50   $1,525,961  


AutoSpot is a pioneering platform for buying new cars. Company use reverse marketplace model by aggregating offers from official dealers.

Moscow   51-100   $8,605,272  


CATERY is an online marketplace for catering services.

Moscow   11-50   $2,000,000  

Russian Towers

The company "Russian Towers" is an independent owner of antenna mast structures in the territory of Russia.

Moscow   51-100   $100,000,000  


Viewapp is a modern application for inspecting any objects using pre-designed diagrams.

Moscow   1-10   $150,000  

DRD Biotech

DRD developing rapid diagnostic test for the brain damage: Stroke, Concussion.

Moscow   11-50   $3,388,089  

PJSC Polyus

PJSC Polyus is the gold producer in Russia.

Moscow   10001   $887,000,000  

B2BX exchange

B2BX – professional digital asset exchange. Full-featured spot trading platform for major digital assets and cryptocurrencies.

Moscow   51-100   $5,906,786  


2can is payment and cash register solutions for small businesses.

Moscow   11-50   $11,300,000  

Semantic Hub

Medicine and pharma R&D and marketing decision-making support. Based on analysis of Internet sources by using semantic technologies.

Moscow   11-50   $258,956  


Russian site onlinetours offers packaged tours for potential travellers.

Moscow     $9,000,000  

Hot WiFi

Platform that manages guest WiFi with authorization. Provides marketing opportunities and SMS-identification.

Moscow   11-50   $704,736  


Aeso is a startup that engages in the analysis of medical data using machine learning.

Moscow     $40,188  


SCORISTA is a credit scoring service for non-bank lenders that reduces losses from non-performing loans.

Moscow     $466,990  


Postnauka is an e-learning startup.

Moscow   11-50   $1,551,590  


Alfred is a Russian concierge service for car repair and maintenance.

Moscow     $1,000,000  


Fibrum is a developer of portable hardware and mobile software virtual reality products.

Moscow   11-50   $1,000,000  

Online Patent

Online Patent develops an IT-platform for intellectual property management, allowing to automate the typical patent attorney actions.

Moscow   11-50   $446,226  


Elementaree delivers prepared ingredients to people for meals at home along with instructions on how to cook them

Moscow   51-100   $3,000,000  


LifePay is a mobile solution for the acceptance of credit card payments with guaranteed transaction security.

Moscow   11-50   $2,600,000  


Fabless semiconductor developer working on new-type silicon photomultiplier with extended dynamic range, better sensitivity and lower noise.

Moscow   11-50   $6,300,000  


Bistrodengi is the leader in the Russian microfinance market. We provide various services in alternative finance.

Moscow   1001-5000   $61,300,000  


Mamsy is a membership club selling goods for mothers and their children.

Moscow   251-500   $15,000,000  


The Bitrobotics is producer of high-tech industrial automation systems for FMCG products.

Moscow     $2,000,000  


DIY marketplace that helps to customer find the closest shop with best prices and order delivery.

Moscow   1-10   $500,000  


Comino is a professional mining device supporting multiple hashing algorithms which is perfect for mining ETH and other cryptocurrencies.

Moscow   1-10   $10,000,000  


Heedbook is an AI-based software for evaluating customer satisfaction in real-time.

Moscow   11-50   $1,500,000  


Doczilla is a document drafting platform made by lawyers to make document preparation easy and hassle free.

Moscow     $150,000  


Sdelano is a full-stack startup for home renovation which proposes guaranteed price and fixed time.

Moscow   51-100   $1,410,000  


GroozGo is online trucking service that instantly matches and connects shipments with loads with full responsibility for cargo safety.

Moscow   11-50   $2,135,000  


Shelly, inc provides manicure, depilation, correction and coloring of eyebrows with home delivery.

Moscow   101-250   $3,600,000  


IXcellerate is an carrier neutral datacentre operator in Moscow that offers pure-play co-location.

Moscow   11-50   $17,600,000  


Naviaddress is a new system of addressing every place and every object with numbers

Moscow   11-50   $18,500,000  


Eczo provides people with green cost-effective personal transport for work and leisure.

Moscow   1-10   $35,468  


Amulex offers legal assistance to individuals and corporate clients.

Moscow     $2,000,000  


Hipway is an online travel company offering a flash sale website and travel package specialist website.

Moscow   11-50   $2,900,000  

Retail Rocket

Retail Rocket offers user behavior-based online shopping recommendation services.

Moscow   11-50   $450,000  

Educate Online

Educate Online is a online platform for automating the processes of selection and admission to foreign boarding schools.

Moscow   1-10   $500,000  


Marketplace for trucking and shipment services with the price auction process providing the best price/quality solutions for the clients.

Moscow   11-50   $500,000  


Luxxy is a leading Russian based marketplace which connecting people who willing to buy and sell luxury, pre-owned fashion products.

Moscow   11-50   $550,000  


Yell.ru is one of the most popular online directories in Russia.

Moscow   51-100   $11,000,000  

MD Audit

MD Audit is a cloud solution for planning and conducting inspections of outlets, quality management..

Moscow   51-100   $769,000  


The most advanced community management tool for Telegram.

Moscow   1-10   $199,818  

Easy Ten

Easy Ten is a mobile App for learning foreign words.

Moscow   11-50   $125,000  


MFMSolutions provides SMS services to financial organizations, including banks, insurance companies, and asset management companies.

Moscow   101-250   $5,000,000  


Ansaligy produces face and body care products.

Moscow     $1,131,165  

Inter RAO

Inter RAO is a diversified energy holding company that also managing assets.

Moscow   10001   $152,600,000  


GitLean is an analytics tool for engineering managers like Team Leads, CTO's and VP of engineering.

Moscow   1-10   $40,188  


The largest fitness membership in Russia

Moscow     $1,000,000  


A visual information platform for collecting, organizing, and sharing content

Moscow   1-10   $430,000  

Doktor na rabote

Doktor na rabote is the operator of an online network for Russian physicians.

Moscow   11-50   $5,800,000  


Luden.io is an independent game developer focused on meaningful and educational games.

Moscow   11-50   $1,100,000  


Vitaportal is an online web portal offering comprehensive and reliable health and medicine information.

Moscow   11-50   $4,350,000  

Time Saving Machine

Time Saving Machine is a courier delivery services company.

Moscow     $365,117  


Yandex is a multinational technology company that provides internet-related services and operates a search engine platform in Russia.

Moscow   5001-10000   $16,300,000  


White-label payment platform for the distributed business models.

Moscow   11-50   $1,950,000  

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