121 Mobility Startups to Watch in 2022

Mobility's tech sector is booming. This year’s list of the best 121 Mobility tech startups is an eclectic mix of hyper-growth scaleups, small creative startups and everything in between.

The last update was made on January 21, 2023.

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Mobility 10+ employees Fast-growing

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Cazoo is a platform that enables consumers to buy and rental car online.

London   11-50   $68,415,501  

VOI Technology

VOI Technology owns, operates, and manages electric scooters for urban commuters in Stockholm.

Stockholm   11-50   $137,900,000  


BlaBlaCar is a long distance carpooling platform that connects drivers with empty seats and passengers to share travel costs.

Paris   251-500   $448,534,129  


HelloFresh is a food subscription company that sends pre-portioned ingredients to users’ doorstep each week.

Berlin   1001-5000   $367,459,140  


Panorays automates third party security management.

Tel Aviv   11-50   $5,000,000  

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Centrica is an award-winning energy technology company leading the delivery of advanced automated Demand Response

Antwerp   10001   $13,177,009  


Citymapper is a public transit app and mapping service with an emphasis on public transport.

London   11-50   $50,000,000  


Heetch is a ride-sharing app targeted at late night transportation seekers, offering an alternative to taxis.

Paris   101-250   $70,500,000  


Avaloq group is an international fintech company that digitizes the automation of financial services industry.

Zürich   1001-5000   $353,030,769  


Choco is a young startup with plenty of momentum that’s aiming to attract restaurants and suppliers.

Berlin     $33,500,000  


Cabify is a ride-sharing company that operates in Latin America, Spain, and Portugal.

Madrid   1001-5000   $477,000,000  


Deliveroo owns and operates an online food delivery platform in the United Kingdom.

London   1001-5000   $1,531,597,403  


Fastned is building a nationwide network of fast charging stations in the Netherlands, the largest fast charging network in the world.

Amsterdam   11-50   $45,829,343  


trivago is an online hotel search platform that compares prices from various hotels on booking sites worldwide.

Düsseldorf   1001-5000   $54,997,173  


REE is a technology company that develops cutting edge systems for the automotive andpersonal mobility industries.

Tel Aviv   51-100   $40,200,000  

Marley Spoon

Marley Spoon is a cooking platform that offers recipes, helps its customers order seasonal ingredients.

Berlin   251-500   $87,500,000  


EcoVadis offers a collaborative platform that allows companies to assess the environmental and social performance of their suppliers.

Paris   501-1000   $35,786,060  


Novo is a professional network environment exclusively for students enrolled at institutions that offer higher education.

Antwerp   11-50    


The connected car maintenance solution.

Tel Aviv   10001   $9,500,000  


Movinga is an online relocation service provider company.

Berlin   251-500   $92,806,263  


MindMaze builds intuitive human machine interfaces through its breakthrough neuro-inspired computing platform.

Lausanne   101-250   $110,630,833  


Frichti is a home-made food production and delivery company offering a wide range of meals for lunch and dinner.

Paris   101-250   $48,200,000  


Virtuo is a new generation of car rental.

Paris   101-250   $33,498,262  

ImCheck Therapeutics

ImCheck Therapeutics is a privately-held French biotech company pioneering the next generation of immune checkpoint modulators.

Marseille   11-50   $25,184,974  


VanMoof is a team of riders, designers, dreamers, and doers help you to get around your city faster.

Amsterdam   101-250   $7,556,407  

Unu motors

Unu offers a battery-powered, smart electric scooter that enables individuals to commute through an urban environment.

Berlin   101-250   $21,741,476  


Teralytics develops big data analytics based on petabytes of data sourced from credit card operators, CRM, and mobile networks.

Zürich   101-250   $17,500,000  

Money Dashboard

Money Dashboard is an online personal financial management service allowing users to view their online financial accounts.

Edinburgh   11-50   $15,578,959  


Vimcar develops a digital car logbook based on an OBD plug that is connected to the cloud and records every trip made by the car.

Berlin   101-250   $18,500,000  


Shippeo helps leading Supply Chains leverage transportation to deliver exceptional customer service and achieve operational excellence.

Paris   11-50   $14,054,581  


Bipi is a car subscription company re-inventing car ownership.Subscribe to a car in easy, flexible and convenient way.

Madrid   51-100   $10,350,488  


Vehiculum is an online platform that enables an independent and transparent price overview of leasing offers and online transactions.

Berlin   101-250   $11,443,282  

Seven Senders

Seven Senders is a delivery platform that optimizes processes during shipping and provide customers with a unique shopping experience.

Berlin   51-100   $25,798,536  

Appsilon Enterprise

Appsilon is focused on jewellery production and advanced materials based solutions for production of next-generation materials.

Istanbul   1-10   $3,046,255  


Caroobi is an integrated marketplace for automotive aftersales.

Berlin   51-100   $20,000,000  

Pocket Cocktails

We make finest take-away cocktails for all gen(d)erations & every dresscodes. A la minute!

Vienna   1-10   $443,220  


Cylus offers solutions that are specifically designed to address the unique requirements and needs of the railway industry.

Tel Aviv     $17,000,000  


KNIME develops open source data science software.

Zürich   51-100   $21,474,941  


AI-based solutions to plan, manage and optimize fleets of smart mobility services and autonomous vehicles.

Tel Aviv   11-50   $3,000,000  


Graphics softwares and libraries.

Uppsala   101-250   $3,042,403  


LuggageHero is luggage storage in local shops in major cities all over the world. The concept is self-service through our platform.

Copenhagen   1-10   $3,405,247  

Thin Film Electronics

Thin Film Electronics deploys anti-counterfeiting and product authentication to protect your brand and your bottom line.

Oslo   101-250   $156,515,250  


taptrip is making business travel completely frictionless through it's consumer approach to business travel

Manchester   1-10   $663,061  


Cooltra is the leading scooter rental company in Spain.

Barcelona   251-500   $17,516,252  


AerCap is the global leader in aircraft leasing and aviation finance.

Dublin   251-500   $700,000,000  


The Home of Irish Dairy is an agri-food commercial co-operative which markets and sells dairy products on behalf of its members.

Dublin   5001-10000   $1,288,586,826  


Packlink & Packlink PRO are an online platform that offers cost-effective package delivery services in Spain and internationally.

Madrid   101-250   $23,540,230  


EVBox is a leading global manufacturer of electric vehicle charging stations and charging management software.

Amsterdam   251-500   $15,050  


AI & Deep Learning software and SaaS for cities and transit operators

Tel Aviv   11-50   $6,000,000  


Carpooling, peer-to-peer car rental, and private car leasing with a lease-and-rent-out model

Copenhagen   11-50   $9,505,428  


Force24 is the marketing automation company.

Leeds   11-50   $331,738  


Boundary is an IoT Home Security company providing a smart burglar alarm system that can be controlled over mobile devices.

Edinburgh   11-50   $2,841,154  


byrd provides an e-commerce logistics platform that gives online shops access to a scalable and powerful logistics solution.

Vienna   11-50   $411,042  


Managed marketplace for investing in asset rentals to gig workers

Amsterdam   1-10   $1,200,000  


Corporate Bus Ride-sharing Platform for Companies, Event organizers and Schools

Barcelona   11-50   $3,252,677  


ParkBee allows private car parks monetize underutilized spaces by making them bookable to the public.

Amsterdam   11-50   $8,123,197  


Wirelane is a full service provider in the field of electric mobility.

Munich   11-50   $4,490,199  


Rocksolid Engine by Basemark is the leading compute (AI, machine learning) and graphics (AR, VR) solution for professional applications

Helsinki   51-100   $3,425,218  


Einride is a cargo and freight company that designs and builds technologies for transportation systems.

Stockholm   51-100   $32,343,069  


SupplyStack helps modern shippers and logistics service providers to improve their net margin with real-time transport mgmt.

Antwerp   11-50   $7,315,124  


Buymie is a mobile app for on-demand groceries wherein one can order goods from local stores & have them delivered in an hour.

Dublin   1-10   $2,976,729  


Pulpomatic is a fast-growing software startup, focused on changing the way companies manage their vehicles and fleet operations.

Madrid   11-50   $2,216,030  

Leaf Space

Leaf Space wants to simplify the access to Space for microsatellites’ operators.

Milan   1-10   $2,700,769  


parcelLab enables the best online retailers to delight all their customers with an awesome post-checkout shopping experience.

Munich   11-50   $55,104  


Cowboy is an e-bike start-up that mixes design elegance, affordability, and technology to connect owners to their bikes through an app.

Brussels     $14,470,797  


Syncbnb offers channel management for vacation rental owners.

Athens   11-50   $810,000  

Ampler Bikes

Light electric bikes for urban cyclists

Tallinn   11-50   $3,405,627  


Happycar offers customers an extended transparency of offers showing insurance packages, kilometer fees and one-way fees, among many others.

Hamburg   11-50   $4,476,290  


Apostera is automotive company offering set of innovative products world-wide.

Munich   51-100   $1,000,000  


Parkpnp is a marketplace that allows people to list, advertise and then generate income from their unused or under utilized parking spaces.

Dublin   11-50   $1,680,263  


A fintech company in peer-to-peer lending that allows individuals to lend money to other individuals through an online-based platform.

Stockholm     $1,334,670  

Eleven Kings Game

Online Football Manager Game

Baku   43840   $100,000  


Skyeng - an interactive online English learning school and educational software developer

Moscow   1001-5000   $313,000  


RatedPower developed pvDesign app, the leading cloud-based software to design and engineer Solar Power plants.

Madrid   1-10   $2,239,599  


Parclick is the reference website for online parking reservations in Europe.

Madrid   11-50   $3,340,662  

Epic Foods

Epic Foods is a Nordic food delivery company, running it's own kitchen network.

Helsinki   11-50   $1,763,016  


Wercker is a platform and tool to rapidly develop, build, and deploy containerized applications and microservices for the modern cloud.

Amsterdam   11-50   $7,900,000  


Urb-it is a platform that connects shoppers with other users that handle orders and delivery.

Stockholm   11-50   $12,405,003  


FaceApp offers an app that transforms its user's face using artificial intelligence in just one tap.

Saint Petersburg      


B2B-Center is the operator of a major e-procurement marketplace in Russia.

Moscow   251-500   $101,000,000  

AGR Dynamics

AGR Dynamics offers a powerful supply chain management software, AGR, inventory optimiser, and sales manager.

Reykjavík   11-50   $1,009,270  


Afterbanks provides a bank aggregation system designed for the Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Mexican markets.

Madrid   11-50   $453,996  


Visionect develops workspace coordination and management solutions based around e-paper devices: from meeting rooms to parking spots.

Ljubljana   51-100   $2,000,000  


Auxmoney is an online peer-to-peer loan marketplace.

Düsseldorf   251-500   $1,973,609,428  


OpenAirlines is a needs of airlines to optimize their flight operations and reduce their costs.

Toulouse   11-50   $2,970,566  


Online site making learning fun for k-12 students while allowing teachers and parents to track progress and create activities.

Edinburgh   11-50   $1,805,692  


Travel Software, Flight Booking Engine, XML API, SaaS, Software Development, Content Aggregation

Frankfurt   11-50    


Ecometrica is an end-to-end environmental software-as-a-service that helps businesses and governments identify risks and opportunities.

Edinburgh   11-50   $5,746,427  

Hawa Dawa

A new ground-to-space air quality analytics platform with the purpose of positioning data-driven environmental insights at the heart of managing resilient urban environments

Munich   11-50   $58,706  


YouPass is a payment service providing electronic money by monetizing telephone credit.

Nice   11-50   $3,400,652  


Eyerim is an online store that offers unparalleled selection of designer sunglasses and prescription glasses.

Bratislava   11-50   $3,408,320  

DRD Biotech

DRD developing rapid diagnostic test for the brain damage: Stroke, Concussion.

Moscow   11-50   $3,388,089  


Same day grocery delivery service.

Vilnius   43840   $56,437  


A freight forwarder platform taking the pain out of cargo transportation by automating industry processes and improving customer experience

Copenhagen   1-10   $1,010,000  

Cambridge Broadband

Cambridge Broadband designs wireless back-haul and access provisions that improve telecommunication network capacity and efficiency.

Cambridge   51-100   $99,250,000  


prettysocial media is a social content distribution network.

Munich   11-50   $5,633,989  

Thread In Motion

Revolutionary wearable technology platform designed to increase operational efficiency within industrial facilities.

Istanbul   11-50   $507,801  


CarPlanner is a digital car-as-a-service marketplace for all-inclusive, hassle-free car subscriptions.

Rome   11-50   $1,085,341  


A startup that digitizes the entire hotel experience from the desk to the room.

Aarhus     $507,131  


Asya is an app for mindful conversation powered by Ethical AI

Riga   43840   $136,086  

Alpha MOS

Alpha MOS is a sensor solutions pioneer with the ability to discern odours, tastes and visual patterns electronically.

Toulouse   101-250   $3,748,125  


Coull is a Bristol born video advertising specialist.

Bristol   51-100   $6,000,000  

Venture Catalysts

Venture Catalysts is a company focused on the creation of start-ups based on technological and scientific projects.

Porto     $40,000  


Clearswift Limited provides Internet content filtering solutions. The company's products include Email Appliance, a content-aware e-mail.

Reading   251-500    

24 Ore Business School

24 Ore Business School is a player in the tertiary education segment in Italy and provides professionally-oriented education and training.

Milan     $94,107,129  

Chef in Camicia

Chef in Camicia is a social channel that broadcasts new videos about the world of food.

Milan   11-50   $1,526,957  

GamaMabs Pharma

GamaMabs Pharma is a clinical-stage immuno-oncology company that developes optimized therapeutic antibodies for the treatment of cancer.

Toulouse   1-10   $20,585,901  

Bewater Funds

Private securities investment for professional investors, with liquidity

Madrid   1-10   $979,057  

Cyberus Labs

Cyperus Labs is dedicated to providing solutions in the field of cybersecurity using the latest technology.

Katowice   43840   $3,299,407  


Fully automated mobile microfactoring platform for SMEs

Warsaw     $1,317,980  

Patent Fund

Patent Fund is a company that helps scientists get help for their projects, with both materials and grants.

Wroclaw     $1,046,383  


Amulex offers legal assistance to individuals and corporate clients.

Moscow     $2,000,000  


Jungle uses tailored AI models to identify when assets are underperforming and predict when they will fail.

Lisbon   1-10    


A marketplace for influencers and brands.

Istanbul   11-50   $1,000,000  


Class4Kids allows people who run kids activities to list on our website for free and pay for an advanced management system.

Glasgow     $2,223,980  


Kronaby is a company specializing in purposefully designed smart, connected products.

Malmö   101-250   $1,179,778  


Frst regulation-compliant European cryptocurrency exchange, offering fast, secure trading on a clean, powerful, user interface.

Bratislava     $7,200,000  


Loyalty-as-a-Service & Interaction-as-a-Service platforms

Riga   43840   $222,175  


METALSALE is a B2B-marketplace for professional traders of metal scrap.

Cologne   1-10   $944,706  


AdTech SaaS for Brick and Mortar Retail

Vilnius   43840   $227,735  


CargoSteps is a platform for automated backloads in B2B logistics built on a cross company real-time track & trace solution.

Frankfurt   1-10   $290,912  


Official.fm is a website that enables artists and record labels to upload and market their music.

Geneva   11-50   $5,000,000  


Refillable Capsules Compatible with Nespresso Machines.

Turin     $207,650  


YieldKit provides Smart Monetization Solutions for Publishers

Hamburg   11-50   $750,000  


FASTinov is a R&D intensive Startup with a patented disruptive technology to perform fast and reliable antimicrobial susceptibility tests.

Porto   1-10   $3,527,491  

Synendos Therapeutics

Synendos Therapeutics develops a class of small molecules for the treatment of anxiety and stress-related disorders.

Bern   43840   $150,013  

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