121 Media and Entertainment Startups to Watch in 2022

Media and Entertainment's tech sector is booming. This year’s list of the best 121 Media and Entertainment tech startups is an eclectic mix of hyper-growth scaleups, small creative startups and everything in between.

The last update was made on November 26, 2022.

Curated by @gonsanchezs

Media and Entertainment 10+ employees Fast-growing

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Mekanist.net is a Turkish online search engine for finding food, beverages, popular restaurants, cafes, and bars.

Istanbul   1001-5000   $3,219,595  


SoundCloud is a social sound platform where anyone can create and share sounds.

Berlin   251-500   $467,820,688  

Keywords Studios

Keywords Studios is a provider of technical services to the video game industry in Ireland, Japan, Italy.

Dublin   5001-10000   $87,948,169  


CloudFactory is a distributed workforce company for automating business processes.

Reading   251-500   $13,000,000  


Spotify is a commercial music streaming service that provides restricted digital content from a range of record labels and artists.

Stockholm   1001-5000   $2,585,424,678  

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Tiqets is a ticketing platform where visitors can find, buy, and use tickets for museums and attractions.

Amsterdam   101-250   $105,450,000  


Deezer is the world’s most diverse, dynamic and personal global music streaming company and includes a unique personalisation model, Flow.

Paris   501-1000   $531,773,722  

G2 Esports

G2 Esports is a world premier esports club representing some of the absolute best players from around the globe.

Berlin   101-250   $17,300,000  


Spotahome is the easiest way to find and book mid to-long term residential rentals 100% online.

Madrid   251-500   $63,951,464  


TravelPerk is a business travel platform that revolutionizes the way that organizations budget, book, and manage business travels.

Barcelona   251-500   $133,175,371  


Pollen is an invite-only marketplace, using influencer marketing for experiences and events.

London   251-500   $88,500,000  


Doctolib is an online and mobile booking platform that helps to find a specialist doctor nearby and make an appointment.

Paris   501-1000   $266,655,050  


Contentful is the content management infrastructure for projects of any size, with its flexible APIs and global CDN.

Berlin   101-250   $79,600,000  


Marfeel is an ad tech platform that revolutionizes the way publishers create, optimize and monetize mobile websites.

Barcelona   101-250   $5,550,000  


Depop provides a mobile application that allows users to buy, sell, discover, and explore various things.

London   101-250   $105,630,906  


Socialbakers is the leading AI-powered social media marketing platform.

Prague   251-500   $34,000,000  


Festicket is a marketplace to discover and book music festival tickets, accommodation, transfers and extras.

London   101-250   $30,277,382  


FaceIT is the gaming platform for professional competitions within online multiplayer video games.

London   101-250   $29,000,000  

Epidemic Sound

Epidemic Sound is a music company that produces music for online creators.

Stockholm   51-100   $58,861,893  


Everledger provides an immutable ledger for diamond and other asset ownership and related supply chain history.

London   51-100   $30,400,000  


Moneyfarm is a digital wealth manager that offers advice and investments.

London   101-250   $127,267,520  


Devialet is a French implosive sound center that offers solutions ranging from ADH intelligence to sound amplification.

Paris   251-500   $145,285,293  


ResearchGate provides a professional network for the scientific community to connect with each other to share and discuss research.

Berlin   251-500   $87,600,000  


Brut is a global media company that creates short-form video content.

Paris   51-100   $52,010,771  


Audiobooks in your iPhone or Android mobile.

Stockholm   51-100   $14,814,103  


Bynder is award-winning marketing software that allows brands to easily create, find and use content, such as documents and videos.

Amsterdam   101-250   $22,200,000  

Influencer Marketing Hub

Top Influencers, Platforms and Case Studies

Copenhagen     $200,000  


JoyTunes is reinventing the way to learn, play, and experience music, making it possible for anyone to learn to play a musical instrument.

Tel Aviv   11-50   $42,000,000  


FunCom is a video game development company that develops and publishes massively multiplayer online games.

Oslo   251-500   $43,501,943  

Peak Games

Peak Games is a leading mobile technology company with a team of 50 people who value progress.

Istanbul   51-100   $18,000,000  


ICEYE empowers others to make better decisions in B2B and B2G industries by providing access to timely and reliable satellite imagery.

Espoo   43840   $65,059,475  


Spiff is a social savings app with a simple mission; help people save money.

Oslo     $1,638,777  


Lingokids develops English language learning application for children.

Madrid   11-50   $12,450,000  


PlaySight is connecting the next generation of athletes through immersive sports video and analytics technology.

Tel Aviv   11-50   $26,000,000  


Zwipe is enabling battery-less biometric authentication solutions for payment cards, wearables and beyond

Oslo   11-50   $25,184,313  


Inkitt is a digital publishing platform that uses a computer algorithm to predict book success based on reader behavior.

Berlin   11-50   $21,000,000  


Accedo is a provider of interactive apps for smart TVs and connected TV devices for media companies, consumer electronics, and TV operators.

Stockholm   101-250   $28,270,000  


Seriously is a developer and manufacturer of mobile games for ios and android platforms.

Helsinki   11-50   $28,000,000  


AgoraPulse is an affordable, all-in-one, self-service Social Media platform for SMBs and agencies.

Paris   51-100   $18,608,958  


Overwolf is the Appstore for PC gamers.

Tel Aviv   11-50   $22,240,000  

Music Traveler

Music Traveler is a sharing economy company, centralising spaces with musical instruments, equipment for performing arts industry.

Vienna   11-50   $593,095  


Soundtrap operates an online music recording studio that enables users to record, edit, collaborate, and share their recordings.

Stockholm   11-50   $8,500,000  


Linearity takes vector graphic design to the next level.

Karlsruhe   11-50   $6,201,197  


Yousician is the world's largest music educator.

Helsinki   101-250   $4,750,790  


Surfly provides web-sharing solutions that enable a user to share a browser session with a remote peer without any local software or plugin.

Amsterdam   1-10   $1,625,731  


#1 platform and performance app for youth footballers

Copenhagen   11-50   $11,127,082  


Inception is a leading 360 & VR content creator and destination of choice for premium content for millennials.

Tel Aviv   11-50   $15,000,000  


Deliverect is a SaaS company that connects businesses with their customers through delivery.

Ghent   11-50   $4,123,329  

Shaw Academy

Shaw Academy is the largest live online educator in the world, making the highest quality, practical education accessible to all.

Dublin   251-500   $10,759,877  


Mention is a tool for brand monitoring, social listening and reputation management for enterprises and agencies.

Paris   11-50   $800,000  


Futrli is on a quest to move the needle on the small business economy.

Brighton   51-100   $5,191,899  


Mobile live streaming made easy.

Stockholm   11-50   $11,362,671  

Minna Technologies

World's leading subscription management platform - ready to integrate with retail banks.

Gothenburg   51-100   $6,200,000  


Eversports connects its members directly with sport venues, helps them to book courts or courses and to meet sport partners.

Vienna   101-250   $10,590,952  


ForTune is a digital audio company. We create branded podcasts for companies and marketing tools for podcasters and audio content creators.

Milan   1-10   $95,929  


Minute is a video optimization technology company that provides viewers with highlights of the video content on the web.

Tel Aviv   11-50   $12,000,000  


Nightcorn is an online platform for watching video content.

Hamburg   11-50   $4,500,000  

Discover Film

A technology and entertainment platform for short movies. Films can be watched online and via mobile and Smart TV Apps.

London   11-50   $2,500,000  


VisionLabs is a world-leading visual recognition company

Moscow   51-100   $5,500,000  

Cosmo Tech

Cosmo Tech is a global technology company that helps the C-suite make optimal business decisions.

Lyon   51-100   $32,892,015  


Proxyclick is a cloud based software that manages visitors, from invitation to checkout.

Brussels   11-50   $3,533,469  


Whisk is a smart food platform that makes recipes shoppable.

Birmingham   11-50   $847,042  


Monday connects people with work. They call it Workforce Relationship Management (WRM), a centralized people graph for ideal placement.

Zug   251-500    


Bundle is the fastest way to organize the photo mess in your camera roll into a beautiful shared photo gallery.

Amsterdam   1-10   $595,035  


Thingstream is a leading provider of Connectivity-as-a-Service (CaaS) for the Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

Zürich   11-50   $5,000,000  


SamyRoad is a real time-platform that keeps people up to date on their passions.

Madrid   51-100   $2,839,037  


VideoElephant offers ready-to-monetize video content solutions to advertising technology providers, publishers, and advertisers.

Dublin   11-50   $9,668,249  


Magine is a cloud-based TV operator providing live, recorded and time shifted TV across all devices.

Stockholm   101-250   $58,268,537  


Instamart is the leading online grocery delivery service in Russia

Moscow   251-500   $9,800,000  


Sensimed designs, develops, and commercializes integrated micro-systems for medical devices.

Lausanne   11-50   $33,408,620  


ImmuniWeb® AI provides a full spectrum of application security testing, continuous web security monitoring and security ratings solutions.

Geneva   51-100   $4,300,000  


Advertima creates an artificial intelligence that analyzes people in its surroundings.

Saint Gallen   11-50   $8,535,789  


Mitto enables OTTs, Enterprises and MNOs to engage customers in their go-to channel: Mobile.

Zug   11-50    


Instantly find what to watch. Our team watches thousands of videos every day to pick out the best ones so you don’t have to.

Helsinki   11-50   $9,798,292  

Joint Academy

Joint Academy is a digital clinic for patients with osteoarthritis

Malmö   11-50   $10,200,000  


Tracklib is the world’s first record store with songs for sampling.

Stockholm   11-50   $4,150,000  


Vet-AI is developing ground-breaking technologies that aim to prevent and predict conditions developing in animals.

Leeds   11-50   $3,048,198  


Barnebys is the world’s leading search service for vintage design, art, antiques and collectibles.

Stockholm   11-50   $14,533,553  


Peoople is the app to find the best recommendations from your friends and favourite Influencers.

Madrid   11-50   $1,601,344  


DNV GL is an international certification body and classification society.

Oslo   10001   $49,120  


Vionlabs utilises computer vision and machine learning to generate, never before seen sentiment-data, with simple integration.

Stockholm   11-50   $8,080,832  


Robotical makes a low cost walking robot that's more than a toy. The perfect robot for learning about robotics

Edinburgh   1-10   $518,936  


Spotted is a hyperlocal app about making new connections with awesome people from your everyday life.

Mannheim   11-50   $14,500,000  

Digital Marketing Institute

Digital marketing and social medial courses and certification.

Dublin   51-100   $30,995,257  


The SaaS solution to meet customers face-to-face in a digital way.

Amsterdam   11-50   $1,523,330  

Aiva Technologies

Aiva is an Artificial Intelligence capable of composing emotional soundtracks for films, video games, tv shows and commercials.

Luxembourg   43840   $765,347  


Lyntia is a neutral fiber optic operator in the wholesale telecommunications market.

Madrid   251-500   $175,000,000  


Migros Ticaret AS is the company in the Turkish retail sector.

Istanbul   10001   $2,770,553,592  

CatalystOne Solutions

CatalystOne Solutions is a cloud applications for human capital management.

Oslo     $4,980,413  


Bsit is a mobile app that helps parents connect with caregivers recommended by their friends

Brussels   11-50   $3,342,692  


A pioneer of the circular economy, armadioverde is the number 1 fashion re-commerce website in Italy.

Milan   11-50   $4,301,196  


Avocode is software that enables its users to export and share anything from Photoshop and Sketch designs.

Prague   11-50   $725,000  


Lendahand is an online impact investing platform regulated in the Netherlands.

Rotterdam   11-50   $2,198,124  


Imerso is a computer-vision company that challenges the global construction industry with intelligent digital twins of building-sites.

Oslo   1-10   $2,053,142  

Digit Game Studios

Video games developer and publisher

Dublin   11-50   $5,250,000  


Mobile game studio based in Helsinki, Finland. We make games for the way people play today!

Helsinki   11-50   $9,041,239  


Automated growth marketing for mobile apps

Lisbon   1-10   $1,000,000  


Eddisons provides specialist services to banks, insolvency practitioners, owners, and occupiers of commercial property.

Leeds   251-500   $31,760,860  


Eventerprise is the go-to platform for people that want to host events.

Zürich   11-50   $2,301,000  

New Cloud Technologies

New Cloud Technologies provides communicate and collaborate by developing complex cloud for online mass storage and document.

Moscow   101-250   $35,000,000  


Create beautiful on-brand Event Websites, manage RSVPs & registrations, Design & Send emails and collaborate with your team.

Copenhagen   11-50   $750,000  


Wywy is an online platform that allows TV advertisers to analyze the impact of their advertisements on their website.

Munich   11-50   $10,059,155  


Eurosender is a digital platform, empowering companies to create their own digital logistics department and increase performance.

Luxembourg   11-50   $746,277  


Umbra is on a mission to display any 3D content in real time on any piece of hardware.

Helsinki   251-500   $3,400,000  


Linkem is the fastest growing broadband provider

Rome   501-1000   $106,163,198  


Mobincube is a web-based software that allows anyone to create mobile apps without knowledge of any software programming.

Valencia   11-50   $2,169,193  


A cloud-based mobile platform for wellness service providers and corporate employers.

Espoo   11-50   $3,902,514  


Prescriptions to the nearest pharmacy and treatment from a doctor via video call.

Helsinki   1-10   $5,390,981  


Hypefactors is leading the PR tech revolution. All the tools to power your hype. All the facts to document your results.

Copenhagen   11-50   $1,551,951  


Singa is the Spotify of karaoke for personal and commercial use.

Helsinki   11-50   $2,534,137  


Azendoo is a project management platform for agile developers and high performance managers.

Bordeaux   11-50   $2,435,000  


Muroexe do functional footwear for smart humans.

Madrid     $3,950,610  


Wootzano allows robots and autonomous systems to sense and feel like humans do with their own skin through our e-skin called Wootzkin.

Edinburgh   1-10   $2,945,327  

Vayant Travel Technologies

Vayant provides the global travel industry with airfare search solutions.

Sofia   101-250   $3,000,000  


Chrono24 is an online marketplace connecting buyers and sellers of luxury watches.

Karlsruhe   101-250   $70,801,665  


Artland is a social art market dedicated to connecting art collectors and galleries worldwide.

Copenhagen   11-50   $1,928,323  


The Greek marketplace for freelancing.

Athens   11-50   $3,681,400  


Graduateland offers a career network for students and recent graduates, enabling them to discover job opportunities.

Copenhagen   11-50   $928,590  


Yooji offers delicious meals in frozen portions for babies.

Bordeaux   11-50   $10,441,201  

dent & buckle

dent & buckle is an innovative application dedicated for aviation structural damage reporting with a next generation 3D user interface.

Reykjavík   1-10   $710,794  


SMASHDOCs is a web-based word processing application developed for easily and quickly writing and reviewing documents.

Munich   11-50   $2,084,558  

Genki Instruments

Creators of Wave - a ring that lets you control sound with motion.

Reykjavík     $567,220  


Viewapp is a modern application for inspecting any objects using pre-designed diagrams.

Moscow   1-10   $150,000  


International marketplace of assets and financial instruments for SME and the platform of collateral and asset management

Tallinn   1-10   $3,800,000  


Cleaning services startup.

Bergen   11-50    


bNesis is the API-based hub which combines multiple external sources of data and various external scoring systems from third-party vendors

Warsaw   11-50   $600,983  

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