64 Dresden Startups to Watch in 2020

Dresden's tech sector is booming. This year’s list of the best 64 Dresden tech startups is an eclectic mix of hyper-growth scaleups, small creative startups and everything in between.

The last update was made on October 12, 2020.

Curated by @gonsanchezs

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Wandelbots develops a wearable sensor-laden suit that enables user to demonstrate actions for a robot to replicate.

Dresden   11-50   $6,817,778  


Heliatek is engaged in the development and production of organic solar cells with the ability to absorb a broad spectrum of light.

Dresden   101-250   $157,004,695  


Sunfire develops and manufactures systems for renewable industrial gas and fuel production.

Dresden   101-250   $47,473,081  


kubit is developing field proven software for capturing existing conditions into the AutoCAD environment.

Dresden   43840    

Cloud&Heat Technologies

Cloud&Heat Technologies develops, builds and operates the most energy-efficient data centers worldwide.

Dresden   101-250   $17,913,201  

Morpheus Space

Morpheus Space is disrupting the NewSpace industry by introducing Agile Constellations, a fusion between cutting edge propulsion and AI.

Dresden   43840   $1,500,000  


Senorics is manufacturing and designing optical spectroscopic sensor solutions for industrial applications.

Dresden   11-50   $2,616,446  

Plastic Logic Germany

Plastic Logic Germany leads the way in developing, manufacturing and commercializing flexible electrophoretic displays (EPD).

Dresden   251-500   $495,700,000  

kraftwerk TUBES

Specialiced on producing kraftwerk TUBES. TUBES are able to convert any gas to electricity in an automotive or aerical vehicle

Dresden   11-50   $9,407,546  


eZelleron focuses on the development of portable power supply, including accumulator systems and batteries.

Dresden   11-50   $33,508,958  

Novihum Technologies

Novihum Technologies is the developer of fertile humus, a fertilizer for rich soils to encourage plant growth.

Dresden   11-50   $2,580,187  

Startnext Crowdfunding

Startnext is the largest crowdfunding community in german speaking countries.

Dresden   11-50   $34,389  

Ferroelectric Memory Company

Ferroelectric Memory Company solves one of the most important hardware challenges in the age of Internet-of-Things.

Dresden   43840   $80,864  


Airrays is an independent provider of adaptive antenna systems.

Dresden   11-50   $54,634  


Technology and service provider for crowd fincancing solutions.

Dresden   43840   $30,509  


Lovoo is a dating App & fastest growing network to meet new people in the area.

Dresden   101-250    


Seedmatch is a crowd-investing platform for startups in Germany and has a market share of almost 30 percent of capital.

Dresden   43840    

Cognitec Systems

Cognitec develops market-leading face recognition technologies and applications for customers and government agencies around the world.

Dresden   51-100    

IMA Materialforschung und Anwendungstechnik

IMA Materialforschung und Anwendungstechnik develops and performs customized testing of all types of materials and components.

Dresden     $1,290,674  

Cyberport Digital Outfitters

More than 40,000 technology products, fast & personalized service, low & fair in price.

Dresden   501-1000    


Packwise offers an industrial Internet of Things solution for smart container tracking and liquid asset management.

Dresden   43840    


SYSTEMA GmbH, a software company, engages in the provision of system integration and manufacturing automation solutions.



SupraTixis an automated human resources management tool to customize training processes and deliver learning content quickly.



LoyalGo sets up and operates electric car charging stations.

Dresden   43840    


Sachcontrol GmbH has become within a few years the market leader in the field of cost estimate and audit in Germany.

Dresden   101-250    


SEMKNOX is a smart semantic product search platform.

Dresden   43840    


Lipotype analysis service helps you achieve your research goals.

Dresden   11-50    


denovoMATRIX develops and manufactures biomimetic coatings for the cultivation of human stem cells.

Dresden   43840    


LineUpr is a do it yourself web platform to create a mobile event app.



CommSolid is the cellular IP company providing leading edge ultra-low power solutions for the growing IoT market.

Dresden   11-50    


Mezzany is the digital platform for exclusive securities issues.

Dresden   43840    


Evomo's vision is the first actual intelligent and complete digital fitness coach for smartphones.



Software solutions for auction houses

Dresden   43840    


MONKEY WORKS GmbH is a Developing industrial user interfaces becomes a pleasure with the HMI-Suite.

Dresden   11-50    


Intelligente Sensorsysteme Dresden GmbH is an Electrical and Electronic Manufacturing company.

Dresden   11-50    


TraceTronic develop software with the special focus on test automation, test sequence generation, and test documentation.



m-pathy delivers customer experience management for high traffic web and mobile channels.

Dresden   11-50    


EntwicklerHeld measures and improves the skills of young developers in your company.


Blockchain Holding

Blockchain Holding is developing, producing and operating its own base technology for blockchain applications.

Dresden   11-50    


ITI GmbH is a maker of the 0D/1D SimulationX solution.

Dresden   101-250    


Scoolio is the mobile companion in everyday school life in the german speaking countries.



ENTIRETEC is a global managed services provider and specialist in network and security technologies.



HOLY TRINITY is a creative factory that embodies luminous design, craftsmanship, and exquisite production.


Contract Medical International

CMI provides product development, regulatory and contract manufacturing services for minimally invasive medical devices for cardiology.

Dresden   101-250    


MediaInterface designs and develops software for speech recognition.

Dresden   11-50   $1,320,000  

MSG Lithoglas

MSG developes and commercializes innovative electronic packaging technology for the semiconductor industry which is based upon a

Dresden   11-50    


SURAGUS is a German company that is specialized in providing solutions for nondestructive material testing.

Dresden   11-50    


Stadt.Land.Netz develops and distributes innovative software solutions for public and private clients to optimize student.


interface systems

interface systems is a system house that design and implement complex information systems regardless of manufacturer.

Dresden   11-50    


Communardo builds products for smarter enterprise collaboration - they strive to make collaboration effective, fast and fun.



GWT-TUD is project consulting in the transfer of knowledge and technology at the interface between innovative research

Dresden   251-500    


Futuresax is a Germany-based project company that promotes innovation among communities and supports investors.

Dresden   43840    


Avalia provides business growth tools such as awareness/image building, sales increase, growth, targeted orientation, and privacy.



SDV Group specializes in the manufacturing of high-quality, individualized printing products.


Nanotech Digital

Nanotech Digital develops graphene technology and graphene applications.

Dresden   43840    

Avantgarde Labs

Avantgarde Labs is a well-established team of software experts, data scientists and consultants.



iDeviceChecker is a Germany-based online platform that accesses the online inventories of retailers and reports current availability.


Deutsche Intensivpflege Holding

Deutsche Intensivpflege Holding is a German ambulant care provider combining 10 operating entities and providing intensive care services.


ito consult

ito consult is a professionals for IT service provider.

Dresden   43840    

Essel Deutschland

Essel Deutschland provides materials to manufacture superior quality tubes.

Dresden   101-250    

EA Systems

EA Systems engages in planning, evaluation, and optimization of modern energy systems.

Dresden   11-50    

Deutsches Unternehmertum

German entrepreneurship is a nonprofit organization founded for businesses, entrepreneurs and founders.



SHD is a manufacturer-independent consulting, solution and service company for information technology and business processes.

Dresden   176214    


Fabmatics GmbH, with its headquarters in Dresden, is an experienced provider of Industry 4.0 solutions, in particular for the automation.

Dresden   241355    

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