121 Design Startups to Watch in 2022

Design's tech sector is booming. This year’s list of the best 121 Design tech startups is an eclectic mix of hyper-growth scaleups, small creative startups and everything in between.

The last update was made on November 26, 2022.

Curated by @gonsanchezs

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Farfetch is an online luxury fashion retail platform.

London   1001-5000   $701,500,000  


Wunder Mobility is a tech platform that enables companies and cities worldwide to provide clean, convenient, and accessible mobility.

Hamburg   101-250   $70,000,000  


Fairphone makes the world's first fairly designed and produced smartphone.

Amsterdam   11-50   $40,675,645  


Applitools developed the first cloud-based software testing tool that automatically validates all the visual aspects of any web.

Tel Aviv   51-100   $41,750,000  


Parrot creates, develops and markets advanced technology wireless products for consumers and professionals.

Paris   501-1000   $35,135,537  

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Storefront is an online marketplace for renting short term retail space.

Paris   51-100   $8,900,000  


The bank account that does your accounting for you. On a mission to give entrepreneurs the confidence to start and grow a business.

Oslo     $3,091,622  

Mogo Finance

Mogo Finance provides non-bank car financing for consumers.

Riga   251-500   $25,459,611  


Nexxiot AG is the leading independent enabler of the digitized supply chain.

Zürich   51-100   $79,885,114  

Enfuce Financial Services

Enfuce is a new kind of financial service provider focusing on the future possibilities within payments – from a world without legacy.

Espoo   51-100   $5,632,749  


Westwing engages in the home and living e-commerce business and offers home decor products.

Munich   1001-5000   $237,498,237  


combyne is a social tool for combining clothing. Our vision is to digitize the usage of fashion.

Munich   11-50   $4,531,860  


Outfittery provides an online personal shopping service for men.

Berlin   251-500   $59,817,542  

Twenty Billion Neurons

Twenty Billion Neurons is a common sense A.I. company that builds intelligent avatars that can see and interact with you in a humanlike way.

Berlin   11-50   $12,500,000  


Braintrust is a European Business Angels group that invest primarily in Early-stage startups.

Lisbon   11-50    


Pointy helps stores by bringing products online, allowing them to get found by people who are searching on the web.

Dublin   51-100   $19,200,000  


Celonis, the market leader in AI-enhanced Process Mining and Process Excellence software, transforms data into insight and action.

Munich   501-1000   $77,500,000  


dashdash is a platform that allows users to create applications using only spreadsheet skills.

Berlin   11-50   $9,000,000  


Privalia is an e-commerce website that trades fashion and household products.

Barcelona   501-1000   $295,106,690  

Zound Industries

Zound Industries designs, develops, and markets headphones.

Stockholm   101-250   $15,612,815  


CityBee is a car sharing startup.

Vilnius   11-50   $124,393,440  


door2door is a global technology provider of turnkey, on-demand mobility solutions for cities and their local mobility operators.

Berlin   101-250   $26,700,000  


Turbine's platform understands the inner mechanisms of cancer enabling the discovery of novel targets & precision medicinal therapies.

Budapest   11-50   $3,321,045  


Corephotonics is the pioneer and worldwide market leader of dual camera technologies for mobile devices.

Tel Aviv   51-100   $35,000,000  

Horizon Discovery

Horizon is a world-leading gene editing company that designs & engineers genetically-modified cells, applying them to advance human health.

Cambridge   251-500   $38,511,176  


The full-service marketplace enabling fashion brands to open an outlet store with zero effort and all the benefits.

Amsterdam   1-10   $9,644,928  


Twine connects companies to creatives by making it simple to write a project brief and curating the best quality freelancers.

Manchester   1-10   $1,057,887  


Clear, structured, alternative data-driven insights, purposefully built to improve your alpha and risk exposure.

Tel Aviv   11-50   $4,300,000  


quantilope is an Agile Insights platform transforming the speed, complexity, and quality that hinders traditional market research.

Hamburg   101-250   $12,000,000  


Kolonial.no is the largest online grocer in Norway

Oslo   251-500   $106,042,511  


SimpliField is a B2B SaaS product mastering field intelligence.

Paris   11-50   $4,450,000  

Tokeny Solutions

The end-to-end compliant platform to issue, manage and transfer securities on the blockchain.

Luxembourg   11-50   $5,643,748  


Frey generates efficiencies and opportunities in the market for containerized agricultural commodities.

Aarhus   43840    


Whisk is a smart food platform that makes recipes shoppable.

Birmingham   11-50   $847,042  


GenePlanet is a European company active in the field of biotechnology, specializing in genetic testing and research.

Ljubljana   11-50   $11,756,503  


KonnecTo is a platform that enables brands to analyze customers’ past & present personal interactions.

Tel Aviv   11-50   $1,500,000  


Ramp creates a platform for p2p fiat to crypto exchanges.

Warsaw   11-50   $1,128,149  


Cint is a global insight exchange that enables community owners to provide consumer data to researchers, agencies and brands.

Stockholm   101-250   $17,426,168  


TrusTrace is a Technology Company that provides solutions to enable "Conscious consumerism and Responsible Production".

Stockholm   11-50   $1,584,966  


Brandquad.ru is a cloud platform for goods manufacturers that helps to automate the work with commercial content.

Moscow     $3,065,136  


Digital Recruitment.

The Hague   11-50   $827,206  


Jscrambler is the leading client-side security solution for JavaScript protection and webpage real-time monitoring.

Porto   11-50   $2,300,000  


Graphext is an advanced analytics solution to help businesses make better decisions based on data.

Madrid   1-10   $4,531,107  


Dispelix simply removes the challenges that the product designers have been trying to hide for years.

Espoo     $15,583,282  


AI-Powered legal drafting tool for lawyers.

Malmö   1-10   $2,500,000  


Bird.i provides access to the latest, up to date satellite imagery, helping you obtain valuable insights & make better business decisions.

Glasgow   11-50   $3,609,666  


Caliroots is a streetwear fashion retail company with both retail stores and an online presence.

Stockholm   101-250   $5,912,435  


Roamler offers a flexible workforce platform for performing location-based tasks across large areas.

Amsterdam   11-50   $7,309,413  


DPOrganizer is a privacy management software that helps you a map, visualize, report, and manage the processing of personal data.

Stockholm   11-50   $7,086,515  

MISSION Therapeutics

MISSION Therapeutics is a platform of technologies for the development of drugs targeting enzymes involved in cancer and other diseases.

Cambridge   11-50   $127,572,919  

Furhat Robotics

Furhat Robotics is a social robotics company based in Sweden.

Stockholm   11-50   $2,559,464  

Signa Retail

Signa Retail operates a chain of department stores and sports equipment retail stores.

Vienna   11-50   $779,076,238  


Barcelona based emerging travel gear company.

Barcelona   1-10   $4,820,147  


Data driven decisions for B2B companies.Adjust your channels and touchpoints to drive optimal growth for your business.

Copenhagen   1-10   $535,000  

Agile Analog

Agile Analog is a company with a mission to transform the landscape of the Analog IP market space.

Cambridge   11-50   $5,054,487  


Sleeknote is a customer engagement tool for ecommerce businesses, used to engage visitors and turn them into customers

Aarhus   11-50   $1,126,431  


Intuo is a breakthrough talent enablement software featuring engagement, performance and learning management tools

Ghent   11-50   $1,314,786  


Digitalise and streamline your entire purchase-to-pay and order-to-cash processes via a single connection to our cloud-based network

Gothenburg   251-500   $10,888,371  


Silk is a cloud-based application that enables users to visualize their data online by the way of interactive web pages.

Amsterdam   11-50   $3,655,900  

CatalystOne Solutions

CatalystOne Solutions is a cloud applications for human capital management.

Oslo     $4,980,413  


WealthArc is a FinTech SaaS with financial data analysis, A.I. and cyber-security for asset management companies.

Zürich   11-50   $1,531,145  


WeCheer is building a unique data platform based on actual consumer engagement.

Bern   11-50    


Data science collaboration hub. The most lightweight experiment management tool that fits any workflow.

Warsaw   11-50   $1,700,000  


Aplazame is a consumer credit company that provides instant financing service for online purchases.

Madrid   1-10   $2,240,479  


Avocode is software that enables its users to export and share anything from Photoshop and Sketch designs.

Prague   11-50   $725,000  


Weekdone offers a managers’ dashboard and team management service for companies.

Tartu   11-50   $290,000  


Probely automates web vulnerability scanning and is targeted at companies that build online services.

Lisbon   11-50   $1,443,887  

Vivasure Medical

Medical device company developing a closure device for vascular access procedures.

Galway   11-50   $40,806,310  

Vogo Sport

VOGO specializes in the development, marketing and distribution of a live audience solution for the audiovisual industry.

Montpellier   11-50   $22,906,861  


Kraydel is a small, plug, and play device enabling the elderly to age safely at home.

Belfast   11-50   $1,655,709  


A digital hair and beauty booking platform.

Stockholm     $1,878,226  


HEMAV develops and offers UAV technology do address civil matters.

Barcelona   11-50   $3,862,212  

Parking Energy

Parking Energy provides an electric car charging system for real estate properties.

Reading   11-50   $5,678,581  


Dukosi is a company focused on developing revolutionary battery technology.

Edinburgh   11-50   $4,077,405  


Muroexe do functional footwear for smart humans.

Madrid     $3,950,610  


Ladimo develops machine visionapplications for different industry needs.

Espoo   43840   $1,840,291  


Neticle is a SaaS-based listening and survey solution for enterprises applying market-leading NLP algorithms.

Budapest   11-50   $3,710,704  


STYLEPIT is an online fashion retailer that delivers products from local and international brands.

Copenhagen   51-100   $18,439,382  


Founded in 1995 as an engineering company, Airborne is a leading design-and-build company.

The Hague   11-50   $29,351,793  


Muzzley is a single intelligent entry point for connected devices, and a complete SaaS and PaaS solution for consumer IoT.

Lisbon   11-50   $4,896,500  


iMusician Digital is a platform to sell music online.

Zürich   11-50   $2,108,619  


EnteroBiotix harnesses bacterial communities derived directly from the human gastrointestinal tract to prevent and treat disease.

Edinburgh   1-10   $3,159,771  


eZelleron focuses on the development of portable power supply, including accumulator systems and batteries.

Dresden   11-50   $33,508,958  


Sewio is a real-time location platform as a fundamental technology for digitization of movement in Industry 4.0, retail, and sport.

Brno   11-50   $1,000,000  


Mindtrace builds intelligent systems which exploit the synergy of brain-inspired algorithms and neuromorphic hardware.

Manchester   1-10   $1,744,210  


LOVEThESIGN is an Italian home design e-commerce platform.

Milan   11-50   $5,808,901  


Pragsis Bidoop offers Big Data solutions and Big Data & Analytics consultancy services.

Madrid   101-250   $2,854,977  


SEEDiA is making cities sustainable by reducing CO2-emissions and keeping citizen connected and charged up.

Krakow   11-50   $265,000  


Yocabè connects apparel brands and their products with the global customers of online marketplaces.

Rome   1-10   $995,711  


OnlineDoctor is an innovative Swiss-based platform that allows the user to diagnosed any skin problems quickly.

Saint Gallen   11-50   $2,037,778  

TotalFleet Connect

TotalFleet is a connected fleet management engine that allows users to save time and money managing their vehicle fleet.

Lille   1-10   $1,665,001  


LendingCrowd is a fintech company that operates a lending platform to connect small and medium-sized enterprises with investors.

Edinburgh   11-50   $26,642,479  


At Tinggly, They scour the globe to find the most inspiring top-quality experiences.

Vilnius   11-50   $170,000  


Screenful develops visual dashboards and automated team status reports for Jira, Trello, GitHub, GitLab, and Asana

Helsinki   11-50   $488,859  

Roslin Technologies

Roslin Technologies is a UK-based agriculture biotechnology company.

Edinburgh   1-10   $12,500,000  


Simpliday is an app that simplifies business professionals’ day by intertwining meetings, to-do’s, email, and files into one interface.

Malmö   11-50   $1,732,165  


Shopopop is a collaborative delivery platform for Drive races and local commerce.

Nantes   11-50   $2,306,632  


VividWorks. offers innovative online 3D design-to-purchase SaaS platform solutions to the global market. We provide instantly

Helsinki   51-100   $1,658,070  


Roamer is a mobile app that links regular mobile numbers to a foreign SIM and saves up to 97% on roaming charges for calls and data.

Riga   43840   $1,550,000  

New Nordic School

New Nordic School is on a mission to transform current systems of education.

Espoo   11-50   $1,391,243  


DeviceHub is an integrated PaaS (Platform as a Service) for IoT solutions, in order to integrate both hardware and web technologies.

Bucharest   1-10   $152,027  


UNOWN is an e-commerce website that lets women lease sustainable premium fashion.

Hamburg   1-10   $54,677  


B2Book.net is a meeting platform between tourist accommodation owners or managers (seller) and travel agencies, tour operators.

Rome   1-10   $335,676  


ROOMHERO is online interior designer for Residential real estate.

Frankfurt   11-50   $53,400  


Odro is a software business specialising in industry specific live video technology.

Glasgow   11-50   $112,951  

Swiss Smile

Swiss smile is a company that unites specialists of different dental disciplines under one roof and covers all your dental needs.

Zürich   51-100   $47,455,467  


MFMSolutions provides SMS services to financial organizations, including banks, insurance companies, and asset management companies.

Moscow   101-250   $5,000,000  

Buildiro Tech

Buildiro optimises the logistic of building materials towards the building sites.

Brno   43840   $49,321  


It’s the first mobile job search app for low-skilled workers - waiters, salesmen, physical workers.

Warsaw   11-50   $930,000  


Factorial is a human resources software platform for small and medium companies that integrates vacation management and more.

Barcelona   51-100   $3,802,057  


Aerial Diagnostics Services fixed wing UAV for Energy Sector

Vilnius   43840   $341,077  


Skoog is a powerful, fun music interface for iPad, OSX and Windows, that opens up a world of ‘musicplay’ to everyone.

Edinburgh   1-10   $837,881  


The enchanting world of Tulipop is an original, beautiful and magical children's range unlike any other

Reykjavík   11-50   $2,128,423  


Direttoo is the first digital platform that vertically organizes the business relationship between producers and restaurateurs.

Rome   11-50   $307,686  


Versor develops software necessary for true autonomous drone flight both indoors and outdoors.

Oslo     $300,000  


NVMdurance is accelerating the adoption of 3D NAND.

Limerick   11-50   $3,627,871  


Cytovation AS is a privately-held biotech company.

Bergen   43840   $2,386,976  

Hargreaves Lansdown

Hargreaves Lansdown plc is a financial service company based in Bristol that sells funds and shares and related products.

Bristol   501-1000    


Solenica made a designer bot called "Lucy" to bring natural illumination to your Home or Business.

Rome   1-10   $120,000  


Sepiia is an intelligent clothing company, manufactured in Spain in a sustainable manner.

Valencia     $155,610  

AKTO | Play Your Future

Technology based e-learning platform with gamification approach to education in Sport and eSport environments

Lisbon   1-10   $341,054  


RentPlanet is an online platform for short-term apartment rentals in Poland.

Warsaw   11-50   $1,050,000  


LANXESS is a specialty chemicals company.

Cologne   10001    


The marketplace for handcrafted designer jewellery featuring over 450 independent designers and 20,000 unique pieces of jewellery

Bristol   11-50   $318,546  


Technology and service provider for crowd fincancing solutions.

Dresden   43840   $30,509  

Einrúm Yarn

Einrúm Yarn is producing luxury yarn and architectural service.

Reykjavík   1-10   $77,089  

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