121 Commerce and Shopping Startups to Watch in 2022

Commerce and Shopping's tech sector is booming. This year’s list of the best 121 Commerce and Shopping tech startups is an eclectic mix of hyper-growth scaleups, small creative startups and everything in between.

The last update was made on January 24, 2023.

Curated by @gonsanchezs

Commerce and Shopping 10+ employees Fast-growing

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Delivery Hero

Delivery Hero is a network of online food ordering sites with over 100 restaurant partners worldwide.

Berlin   10001   $2,593,571,831  


Klarna is an e-commerce payment solutions platform for merchants and shoppers.

Stockholm   1001-5000   $1,234,713,450  


GetYourGuide operates an online platform for booking tours, attractions and activities worldwide.

Berlin   501-1000   $654,500,000  


Riskified designs an e-commerce fraud-prevention technology that turns fraud management into a growth engine for online retailers.

Tel Aviv   251-500   $228,650,000  


Cazoo is a platform that enables consumers to buy and rental car online.

London   11-50   $68,415,501  

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Fabric is a company that builds a supply-chain allowing retailers to offer sustainable delivery service to their online customers.

Tel Aviv   101-250   $136,000,000  

VOI Technology

VOI Technology owns, operates, and manages electric scooters for urban commuters in Stockholm.

Stockholm   11-50   $137,900,000  


Farfetch is an online luxury fashion retail platform.

London   1001-5000   $701,500,000  


Picnic is a new online supermarket, that delivers groceries for the lowest price to people’s home, without delivery costs.

Amsterdam   251-500   $108,163,885  


Patch is the direct-to-consumer brand for the people who need plants most – those who live and work in the city

London   11-50   $10,232,941  


October is an online marketplace for business loans, enabling investors to lend money directly to small- and medium-sized enterprises.

Paris   51-100   $309,452,316  


Helpling is an online booking and payment platform that provides on-demand home services outside the U.S.

Berlin   101-250   $95,048,938  


Badi is redefining urban housing. Powered by an AI online booking platform, they offer their users the most compelling long-term room rental experience.

Barcelona   101-250   $46,863,201  


foodpanda is a online food delivery marketplace that enables users to place orders at local restaurants via its website or mobile app.

Berlin   1001-5000   $749,450,000  


nfinitiv is an advisory firm that helps start-ups and scale-ups to help accelerate growth and scale.

Luxembourg   11-50   $168,075  


Checkout helps companies accept more payments around the world through one integration.

London   501-1000   $230,000,000  


Zalando is a fashion and technology company, currently transforming into a multi-service platform.

Berlin   10001   $615,854,261  


Syte powers image search for e-commerce, improving site navigation, product discovery, and user experience that engage and convert shoppers.

Tel Aviv   11-50   $31,600,000  


Debenhams is a international, multi-channel brand with a proud British heritage which trades out of 240 stores across 28 countries.

Dublin   10001   $315,842,745  


LYTICS is an artificial intelligence company serving the healthcare community in solving complex medical and clinical issues.

Malmö   51-100   $1,103,429  


Mirakl provides the technology and partner ecosystem needed to launch an eCommerce marketplace.

Paris   101-250   $93,000,000  


WayRay develops holographic AR technologies for vehicles of the future.

Zürich   251-500   $108,000,000  


Storefront is an online marketplace for renting short term retail space.

Paris   51-100   $8,900,000  


Supermercato24 is an online delivery service transforming the way people buy groceries and home essentials.

Milan   51-100   $19,908,803  

Push Doctor

Same day appointments with the UK's number one online doctor. Talk face-to-face with an NHS-trained GP on your mobile, tablet or laptop.

Manchester   51-100   $37,500,000  


Lydia is paying homage with a carefully-crafted app for today's daily needs.

Paris   11-50   $29,202,682  


Catawiki is the number one online catalogue and auction house for collectibles.

Amsterdam   251-500   $94,778,981  


AI-Powered Search, Discovery, and Merchandising Solutions for E-Commerce

Tel Aviv   11-50   $35,000,000  


Revolutionizing the way you know your customers to craft the most personal customer experience.

Tel Aviv   11-50   $16,500,000  


Housfy develops a digital platform designed to sell flats and houses between private individuals.

Barcelona   51-100   $11,027,195  


Ultrahaptics is working to create the most remarkable connection between people and technology.

Bristol   51-100   $85,870,124  


Carmudi is an online marketplace for new and used cars and motorcycles in Mexico, the Middle East and Asia.

Berlin   251-500   $45,000,000  


Wrapp is The New Standard for rewarding purchases and customer loyalty.

Stockholm   51-100   $36,579,001  


Flipdish make branded ordering apps and websites for quick service delivery and takeout restaurants.

Dublin   11-50   $8,559,897  


Outfittery provides an online personal shopping service for men.

Berlin   251-500   $59,817,542  

Global Savings Group

Global Savings Group is a commerce content platform that unites multiple digital models, for customers, advertisers and publishers.

Munich   251-500   $41,263,049  


Bipi is a car subscription company re-inventing car ownership.Subscribe to a car in easy, flexible and convenient way.

Madrid   51-100   $10,350,488  

Spryker Systems

Spryker is a commerce technology designed for fast growing fast moving companies that compete in a digital environment.

Berlin   101-250   $22,000,000  


Mytime records the amount of time spent by users on a particular online service and converts it into cryptocurrency.

Saint Petersburg   11-50   $3,500,000  


Goodiebox is an online cosmetic company that provides cosmetics and beauty products.

Copenhagen   11-50   $6,462,365  


Rethinking working capital | Myos helps merchants of all kind grow to scale, fully digital, flexible and without personal guarantees

Berlin   11-50   $11,103,955  


Privalia is an e-commerce website that trades fashion and household products.

Barcelona   501-1000   $295,106,690  


Lookiero is an online personal shopper service for women.

Paris   101-250   $23,624,999  


CityBee is a car sharing startup.

Vilnius   11-50   $124,393,440  


Marketplace of Personal Stylists

Milan   11-50   $1,590,612  


Tastewise is a data, analytics and insights platform for restaurants, food brands and hospitality.

Tel Aviv     $6,500,000  

Horizon Discovery

Horizon is a world-leading gene editing company that designs & engineers genetically-modified cells, applying them to advance human health.

Cambridge   251-500   $38,511,176  


The full-service marketplace enabling fashion brands to open an outlet store with zero effort and all the benefits.

Amsterdam   1-10   $9,644,928  


ChannelSight's B2B SaaS eCommerce platform enables brands, publishers and broadcasters to generate new revenue streams from digital content

Dublin   51-100   $13,754,513  


Swappie is a technology company which allows refurbished phones to go mainstream. Swappie operates in EU & Nordics and is growing strongly.

Helsinki   11-50   $6,697,877  


Turn Product Reviews into a Smarter Shopping Experience

Tel Aviv   11-50   $8,200,000  

Happy Helper

Happy Helper is the leading danish platform for on-demand home services.

Copenhagen   11-50   $7,875,815  

M14 Industries

M14 Industries is the a white label dating platform.

Manchester   1-10   $311,724  


Cortilia is the leading fresh food online retailer in Italy, offering the best products from local and other excellent producers

Milan   11-50   $19,561,587  

Tokeny Solutions

The end-to-end compliant platform to issue, manage and transfer securities on the blockchain.

Luxembourg   11-50   $5,643,748  


Refurbed is a marketplace for refurbished electronics, which are used products that are completely renewed and resold.

Vienna   11-50   $2,239,651  


Enterprise SaaS helping clients capture visual feedback and deploy targeted surveys to increase conversion on the web, in apps and emails

Amsterdam   101-250   $1,000,000  


Lieferando is a mobile app that allows you to order food at restaurants online.

Amsterdam   51-100   $24,261,956  

Buddy Pet Foods

A premium D2C all-natural pet food company from Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm   1-10   $1,256,175  


Kaching develops a cloud-based mobile retail platform.

Stockholm   11-50   $13,449,635  


Mutlubiev.com is an online platform where users are able to book cleaning services from service providers

Istanbul   51-100   $5,440,000  


SALESmanago operates a cloud-based online marketing automation platform used by over 10 000 companies in over 40 countries.

Krakow   101-250   $7,700,000  


Brandquad.ru is a cloud platform for goods manufacturers that helps to automate the work with commercial content.

Moscow     $3,065,136  


Hubstairs is a AI/3D visual merchandising platform empowering Homeware Retailers, Realtors, Medias to create scalable dynamic visual content

Paris   11-50   $7,240,556  


Stylight is an online platform for the fashion and lifestyle industry worldwide.

Munich   101-250   $1,700,000  


Criteo is a global technology company that serves personalized online display advertisements to consumers on behalf of e-commerce companies.

Paris   501-1000   $61,032,898  


Jscrambler is the leading client-side security solution for JavaScript protection and webpage real-time monitoring.

Porto   11-50   $2,300,000  


AI-Powered legal drafting tool for lawyers.

Malmö   1-10   $2,500,000  


Caliroots is a streetwear fashion retail company with both retail stores and an online presence.

Stockholm   101-250   $5,912,435  


Leeroy provides a technology platform that transforms customer data into marketing both on-site in-store and mobile.

Stockholm   11-50   $9,310,008  


FlexEnable is the global leader in the development and industrialization of organic electronics for flexible displays and sensors.

Cambridge   11-50   $6,040,872  


MyCujoo is a Swiss company providing tech to stream sports live and on-demand, improving the businesses of clubs, leagues, & federations.

Zürich   51-100   $2,261,173  


Nextmarkets is dedicated to helps private investors to operate in a sustainable and better educated manner on the stock exchange.

Cologne   11-50   $13,639,909  


Right Mesh is on a mission to connect the next billion users without infrastructure.

Zug   51-100   $30,000,000  


Gestoos develops an Artificial Intelligence software that can recognize people’s gestures and behavior in real-time.

Barcelona   11-50   $3,011,814  


RePack offers reusable packaging and voucher program for ecommerce that allows returning the package while rewarding its users.

Helsinki   1-10   $2,434,424  


Buymie is a mobile app for on-demand groceries wherein one can order goods from local stores & have them delivered in an hour.

Dublin   1-10   $2,976,729  

Signa Retail

Signa Retail operates a chain of department stores and sports equipment retail stores.

Vienna   11-50   $779,076,238  


Vispera is an Istanbul-based visual recognition startup.

Istanbul   11-50   $1,855,245  


Swogo powers bundle recommendations for the world's most successful retailers to increase their margin.

Lisbon   11-50   $1,837,095  


parcelLab enables the best online retailers to delight all their customers with an awesome post-checkout shopping experience.

Munich   11-50   $55,104  


Bonusway is an online platform that provide its users with ecommerce loyalty programs, cash rewards, and online shopping solutions.

Helsinki   101-250   $10,495,198  


Verastar is a services company for small business market delivering spectrum of essential business services for customers.

Manchester   501-1000   $305,308,950  


Artificial Intelligence to build and use mathematical patient representation models for diagnostics and desease risk assessment

Moscow   1-10   $1,700,000  


Reve is a lifestyle marketplace that brings together content, community, and commerce.

Stockholm   1-10   $1,486,355  


Digitalise and streamline your entire purchase-to-pay and order-to-cash processes via a single connection to our cloud-based network

Gothenburg   251-500   $10,888,371  


chicfy is an online marketplace for everyone that can buy, share, and sell fashion clothes and a personal style.

Madrid   11-50   $1,178,933  


Sponsoo is an online marketplace that connects athletes and sports teams with sponsors.

Hamburg   11-50   $2,041,842  


JSgenesis is building a content platform on the blockchain.

Oslo   1-10   $5,804,841  


Ledgy is the platform where you can track all your shares, manage your ESOPs and model detailed financing rounds.

Zürich   1-10   $1,135,447  


Bwom is a tool that offers a test and personalized exercises for women's intimate health.

Barcelona   1-10   $1,068,745  


Aplazame is a consumer credit company that provides instant financing service for online purchases.

Madrid   1-10   $2,240,479  


Medicrea is a fully-dedicated spinal implant company focused on introducing reliable and innovative technologies to the global marketplace.

Lyon   101-250   $95,839,158  


Weekdone offers a managers’ dashboard and team management service for companies.

Tartu   11-50   $290,000  


Probely automates web vulnerability scanning and is targeted at companies that build online services.

Lisbon   11-50   $1,443,887  

Eleven Kings Game

Online Football Manager Game

Baku   43840   $100,000  


Nude is a financial coach and savings account for first-time home buyers. Save a deposit, without breaking a sweat.

Glasgow   1-10   $2,250,255  


Balabit, a One Identity business, is a leading provider of Privileged Access Management and Log Management solutions.

Budapest   101-250   $8,000,000  


A digital hair and beauty booking platform.

Stockholm     $1,878,226  


The all-in-one crypto platform: trading, wallets and taxes under one roof.

Madrid   1-10   $667,786  


Catchoom is an award-winning image and object recognition provider powering visual search and automatic product tagging solutions.

Barcelona   11-50   $765,707  


Libify specializes in mobile emergency call, locating and tracking systems.

Munich   11-50   $6,954,110  


Zadaa is a marketplace app that helps people to sell and buy clothes that fit.

Helsinki   1-10   $3,665,841  


VEACT is developing applications, processes and products to improve sales success in the car trade market using data-based marketing.

Munich   11-50   $3,040,484  

Money Mover

Money Mover is a global payments and currency exchange platform for small/medium enterprises (SMEs) and the mass affluent.

Cambridge   11-50   $2,640,887  


BluTV is world's leading platform for Turkish TV content and Turkey's #1 subscription video-on-demand service

Istanbul   51-100   $7,000,000  


Wello produces wave energy converters with minimal impact to the environment.

Espoo   43840   $8,909,565  


Calcivis is a biotech company that focuses on unmet needs in dentistry.

Edinburgh   1-10   $25,297,913  


Carnovo is a Barcelona based start-up that is transforming the automotive purchase process.

Barcelona   11-50   $2,172,699  


Artland is a social art market dedicated to connecting art collectors and galleries worldwide.

Copenhagen   11-50   $1,928,323  


Cytox have developed a simple genetic based blood test for the assessment of risk and diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease.

Manchester   1-10   $15,484,778  


STYLEPIT is an online fashion retailer that delivers products from local and international brands.

Copenhagen   51-100   $18,439,382  

Ability Pharmaceuticals

Ability Pharmaceuticals is a drug discovery and development company based in Barcelona, Spain.

Barcelona   1-10   $6,555,381  


usheru powers direct ticketing and marketing data insights for film distributors.

Dublin   11-50   $623,565  


Wide Eyes delivers specific visual search technology that can recognize automatically any kind of fashion article from an image.

Barcelona   11-50   $300,000  


The First Open Blockchain Platform for Cargo Transportation

Frankfurt   11-50   $1,256,868  


helpcheck is a legal tech company from Dusseldorf.

Düsseldorf   11-50   $12,539,885  


Movvo is a global technology company strategically positioned at the intersection of the retail industry, artificial intelligence and custom

Porto   11-50   $8,745,713  


Same day grocery delivery service.

Vilnius   43840   $56,437  


GameTree is a free app for finding gaming friends and building strong teams.

Kiev   11-50   $250,000  


Drawbotics is the marketplace for all marketing and communication needs in real estate

Brussels   51-100   $538,598  


Authoreon solutions prevent fraud, cyber attacks, material and immaterial identity theft.

Munich   11-50   $1,500,000  


iMusician Digital is a platform to sell music online.

Zürich   11-50   $2,108,619  


KYMIRA Sport is developing a range of performance and recovery enhancing sportswear.

Reading   1-10   $539,778  


weekend.com is a travel app exclusively focused on weekend getaways, meta searching and combining best flight and hotels deals.

Düsseldorf   11-50   $6,175,744  


Sustainable deliveries for e-commerce

Brussels   1-10   $549,343  

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