138 Software Startups in UK to Watch in 2020

UK's Software sector is booming. This year’s list of the best 138 UK Software startups is an eclectic mix of hyper-growth scaleups, small creative startups and everything in between.

The last update was made on January 24, 2023.

Curated by @gonsanchezs

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Improbable is a games technology company based in the UK.

London   251-500   $604,094,860  


Citymapper is a public transit app and mapping service with an emphasis on public transport.

London   11-50   $50,000,000  


Blockchain is a web-based bitcoin platform.

London   11-50   $70,000,000  


TrueLayer provides a platform to build financial apps that connect to bank data, verify accounts, and access transactions in real time.

London   11-50   $46,800,000  


Chain is a secure mobile communication platform for professionals.

Belfast   11-50    


Huddle is the enterprise document collaboration company that helps organizations across the globe to collaborate intelligently.

London   101-250   $89,200,000  


TransferGo offers digital international money transfers for migrants and businesses.

London   11-50   $54,390,217  

Thought Machine

Thought Machine are building Vault, a next-generation core banking system for banks.

London   51-100   $23,631,009  


ClauseMatch is a financial technology company that provides software-as-a-service platform for smart document management.

London   101-250   $9,274,186  


SyndicateRoom connects ambitious investors with the country’s most trailblazing companies.

Cambridge   11-50   $22,802,765  


FundamentalVR delivers VR haptic 'flight simulators' for surgery creating a safe, measurable & repeatable space to refine to refine skills.

London   11-50   $9,555,728  


The Getronics family is an ICT Services group consisting of the Getronics and Connectis brands.

Reading   5001-10000   $550,000,000  


Peak is the pioneer of the AI System, a new enterprise technology that helps businesses grow using AI and machine learning.

Manchester   51-100   $5,906,902  


Speechmatics provides automatic speech recognition technologies that can be used anywhere, by anyone, in any language.

Cambridge   11-50   $8,236,954  

Ieso Digital Health

Ieso is a world leading digital health company specialising in internet enabled evidence-based psychological therapies.

Cambridge   51-100   $24,853,655  


Ultrahaptics is working to create the most remarkable connection between people and technology.

Bristol   51-100   $85,870,124  


HowNow is a London-based EdTech startup that connects experts and learners by offering interactive video lessons.

London   11-50   $4,506,869  


Fnatic Team is a professional video gaming team, consisting of players from across the globe who all make a living through competing.

London   51-100   $45,000,000  


Daisie brings creators together and supports them to do amazing work.

Brighton   1-10   $2,900,000  


Bioplastic made from fish scales.

Brighton   1-10    


Duffel provides an online platform that allows users to search, book, and manage flights from multiple airlines.

London   11-50   $56,200,000  

Abzena plc

Abzena provides complementary services to organizations involved in the development of bio-pharmaceuticals.

Cambridge   101-250   $64,437,907  


TickX is the simple, hassle-free way to search for the best tickets.

Manchester   11-50   $5,324,191  


SteamaCo is a venture-backed technology company that enables utilities to sell energy anywhere on the planet.

Manchester   11-50   $8,860,000  


B-Secur represents the next generation of internal biometrics.

Belfast   11-50   $13,677,772  


HelloSoda is designed to predict your credit rating and potential for fraud.

Manchester   1-10   $7,291,102  


Loungers operates a chain of cafes, bars and restaurants across Britain.

Bristol   1001-5000   $80,329,463  


Synap is online education platform using AI to revolutionise learning.

Leeds   1-10   $928,492  

Cambridge Touch Technologies

Pressure Sensitive Multi-Touch for Next-Generation Smart Devices including Smartphones, Tablets, Automotive and Industrial

Cambridge     $15,500,000  

Storm Therapeutics

STORM is a company currently tackling disease through the modulation of RNA modifying enzymes.

Cambridge     $39,584,234  

Industrial Phycology

Industrial Phycology has designed and patented a system to harness the power of algae to remove nutrients.

Bristol   1-10   $2,607,761  


PhoreMost is a new-model drug discovery company based in Cambridge, UK.

Cambridge   1-10   $18,800,000  


StoryStream is the world's most advanced content marketing platform built for automotive brands.

Brighton   11-50   $4,162,686  


Kirontech uses cutting edge machine learning technology to revolutionize the use of healthcare data.

Cambridge     $3,500,000  

The Dating App

JigTalk develops a dating app that covers the user's face in a jigsaw puzzle.

Leeds   1-10   $1,200,191  


Scribeless is the easiest mail marketing platform for sending personalised, handwritten letters

Bristol   1-10   $486,307  


D3O is a specialist provider of impact protection solutions & materials.

Brighton   11-50   $19,266,252  


Neighbourly is a digital marketplace connecting local community and charity projects with businesses keen to do social good.

Bristol   11-50   $3,502,428  


Zeevou is an easy-to-use online platform that automates hospitality management - from marketing, to bookings, to operations. One unified hub

Cambridge   11-50   $326,577  

KNOT Offshore Partners

KNOT Offshore Partners operates and acquires shuttle tankers.

Aberdeen   501-1000   $30,000,000  

Lightcast Discovery

Lightcast Discovery is a life science technology company.

Cambridge   1-10   $1,604,952  

On Device Solutions

We help our customers get anywhere and anytime access to the information stored in your enterprise systems like SAP and unlock its value.

Birmingham   51-100   $992,669  

Yedup Limited

Yedup develops real-time, continually adaptive AI technology for high value, ultra-low latency capital markets applications.

Belfast   43840   $625,212  

Nemesis Bioscience

Nemesis Bioscience is a new biopharmaceutical company .

Cambridge     $1,377,784  


The Tracsis Group is a leading international provider of software and services for the planning and management of mass transit operations.

Leeds   501-1000   $3,292,896  


Liopa is a new biometric verification solution for mobile that uses techniques to track lip movements.

Belfast     $1,055,691  


A New Standard in Adaptive Music for the Creative Media Industry

Brighton   11-50   $1,227,199  


Lab 21 supports healthcare providers and the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries with technically advanced testing services.

Cambridge   51-100   $13,837,126  


Simworx is acknowledged as one of the world leaders in the supply of 4D Effects Cinema’s and Motion Simulation Attractions, for the

Birmingham   11-50   $7,010,776  

Accent Media Limited

The exclusive owner of the .tickets top level domain that it is rolling out into a platform to transform the $1Trillion ticketing industry

Reading   1-10   $9,780,000  


Videregen Limited operates as a regenerative medicine company.

Liverpool   11-50   $4,987,755  

Fluent Technology

Fluent Technology are experts in business transformation through better information management.

Belfast   101-250    

Enigma Recovery

Enigma Recovery is dedicated to providing users with solutions to control their data.

Birmingham   11-50   $89,363  


SwabTech is a medical device company that has developed, evaluate and commercialize an automatic swab washing device.

Manchester   1-10   $752,021  

1st Class Holidays

UK-based provider of luxury tailor-made holidays to Canada

Manchester   11-50   $3,721,556  


SoshiGames is a developer of social network games as platforms that deliver advanced player experience and sustained engagement with brands.

Birmingham   11-50   $981,895  


SETsquared is a collaborative partnership that supports enterprise activities, spin-outs, licensing, and incubation.

Bristol   11-50   $193,094  


Rentalcars.com, an online car rental service, offers prices on all car groups, including luxury cars, people carriers, minivans, and more.

Manchester   1001-5000    

Bluebird Tea

Bluebird Tea Co. is a specialist tea blender and retailer.

Brighton   11-50   $469,340  


Taggled is a revolutionary online shoppable video platform generating revenue for both brands and publishers. It's Video. Only Better.

Belfast   11-50   $492,266  


Adoreboard is a unique platform that helps brands to understand online customer emotion.

Belfast   11-50    

Traffic Observation via Management

TOM creates innovative wireless network security products under the brand name SpriteGuardTM

Liverpool   1-10   $499,261  

Kaido Group

Kaido Group is a digital health company that provides a consumer driven approach to health.

Birmingham   1-10   $61,002  


Charbrew is a specialist hot beverage brand revolutionising the UK tea market.

Manchester   1-10   $262,228  

Click Travel

Click Travel is a next-generation travel management company that reduces the cost and complexity of managing business travel

Birmingham   101-250    


PrettyLittleThing.com provides online shopping website for on trend, affordable fashion.

Manchester   251-500    

Seadog Television and Film Productions

Seadog is an independent television and commercial production company founded by Monty Halls.

Bristol   11-50   $1,343,190  


Hobzy is a content network built around hobbies and interests that enables one to find ideas, share projects, and exchange feedback.

Birmingham     $387,504  


Hotcha operates Chinese food takeaway and delivery stores in the United Kingdom.

Bristol   11-50   $9,641,404  

Advanced Mechanical Systems

Advanced Mechanical Systems is a specializes in the bespoke design and manufacture of robotic inspection equipment.

Manchester     $1,052,888  

Mercato Solutions

Mercato is a software development company specializing in digital transformation processes like low-code app development.

Birmingham   101-250    

Rittman Mead

Rittman Mead is a data and analytics consulting firm.

Brighton   101-250    

The Frank Recruitment Group

The Frank Recruitment Group is a multi-brand specialist global recruitment firm.

Newcastle   501-1000    


BusinessZone.co.uk is a web-based platform providing free and practical business advice to entrepreneurs.


Mobile Fun

Mobile Fun is an e-commerce retailer of mobile device accessories.

Birmingham   51-100    


Online Rostering and Management Software.

Brighton     $25,000  


Nedra is an electric vehicle platform specialist.

Birmingham     $56,966  

Screen Time Labs

Screen Time Labs is a provider of parental screen time control software for Android, iOS and Kindle Fire tablets and smartphones.

Bristol   1-10    

Oxygen Finance

Oxygen Finance brings innovation to early payment solutions, generating a new source of income for companies

Birmingham   11-50    


Doorbell enables application developer to get comprehensive in-app feedback from users.

Bristol   1-10    


Looking4.com is an airport parking website.

Leeds   11-50    


Communisis offers personalized marketing services in a variety of media formats.

Leeds   1001-5000    


AuditComply is a risk and performance management company that provides a centralized management platform to improve business processes.

Belfast   11-50    


GetGround is a platform to buy properties with a focus on helping their clients make the most of their money.

Reading   1-10    

Smarter Shows

Specialists in next generation exhibitions and conferences.

Brighton   11-50    

Survival Media

A young Liverpool-based media and publishing company.

Liverpool     $158,789  

Beatsuite.comMusic Library

Royalty Free Music Library featuring over 5,000 music tracks for immediate download for use in any media project.



PathXL is a global pioneer in the use of web-based solutions for digital pathology.

Belfast   11-50    


SocialSignIn is a social media management platform that offers the complete social solution for enterprise

Birmingham   101-250    

Nexus Vehicle Rental

Nexus Vehicle Rental operates as a vehicle rental management provider.

Leeds   101-250    

Bromford Industries

A UK-based maker of close tolerance engine components, fabrications and assemblies and landing gear components

Birmingham   501-1000    

ICR Integrity

ICR Integrity provides integrity and maintenance solutions to defense, utilities, power, and oil and gas industries worldwide.


Fusion Antibodies

Fusion Antibodies specializes in producing humanized monoclonal antibodies and antibody engineering projects.

Belfast   11-50   $2,500,000  


Novosco is a leading provider of virtual and cloud based infrastructure solutions with offices in Belfast, Birmingham and Dublin.

Belfast   51-100    

Ruler Analytics

Ruler Analytics is a web analytics and call tracking solution for both large and small businesses.

Liverpool   11-50    

Evans Easyspace

Find workspaces and solutions tailored to your business, anywhere in the world.

Leeds   11-50    


eviid is a mobile application that enables its users to convert videos and photos into evidential information.


Return To Scene (R2S)

Return To Scene provides asset management products and services.

Aberdeen   11-50    

Intercity Technology

Intercity Technology are a leading telecoms and IT specialist that help businesses across the UK transform business.

Birmingham   101-250    

Marston Holdings

Marston Holdings is the largest judicial services Group.

Birmingham   1001-5000    


We are technology-driven language communication leaders trusted by the top 100 global brands and organizations. What language barrier?

Leeds   501-1000    

Data Choice

Programmatic Ad Technology focused on putting users back in control of their data

Leeds   1-10    


Videocloud is the world's number one online video hosting platform and video marketing solution for business.


Spica Technologies

SPICA Technologies is a specialist IOT Systems Integrator that uses a combination of technical assets, hardware (device).

Birmingham   1-10    

Avery Weigh Tronix

A manufacturer of high quality industrial weighing products and systems

Birmingham   1001-5000    


HR and Compliance Management Software

Birmingham   1-10    

SeFF Fibre

Producing new innovative products spanning many industries from cottonised Hemp.

Leeds   1-10    

Milky Tea

A digital game and animation development studio based in the north west region of the United Kingdom.

Liverpool   11-50    


Quotezone.co.uk is here to help you compare UK car insurance quotes.


basecamp liverpool

basecamp liverpool is a coworking space.

Liverpool   1-10    


TM3 is the power and security of desktop software, with the flexibility of a cloud solution.

Belfast   11-50    

ATAG heating

ATAG heating is a producer and supplier of high-grade central heating and solar energy equipment and systems.

Reading   251-500    

Dynamic Planner

Dynamic Planner is used to risk profiling and asset allocation process.

Reading   101-250    


Mindlab offers the most accurate and effective market research available.

Brighton   11-50    


Mindmill is a Human Capital Solutions company who specialise in assessment and HR workflow solutions.

Belfast   11-50    

Henty Oil

Henty Oil is a provider of customized marine and industrial fuel solutions.


World Textile Information Network

World Textile Information Network is an information provider, delivering intelligence and insight into textile manufacturing industry.

Leeds   11-50    


A transparent mobile network where you can't overspend.

Birmingham   1-10    

Stack Group

The Stack Group provide a comprehensive range of IT services and solutions.

Liverpool   11-50    


Aqxolt provides cloud solutions for growing businesses.



Huntswood provides specialist outsourced services to blue chip clients and government organisations.


The Horatio Group

An awarding winning pub company with 7 bars and an off license, based in Belfast, Newtownards and Downpatrick.

Belfast   43840    

Gorilla In The Room

Gorilla in the room is an AR and VR technology company which develops and supplies immersive products to the market research industry.

Brighton   1-10    

Science Media Partners

Science Media Partners operates as an international events and publishing company.

Reading   1-10    

READ Cased Hole

READ Cased Hole is a leading independent provider of downhole well assurance services focused on well integrity.

Aberdeen   51-100    

Pixel Blimp

Pixel Blimp is a fresh faced, independent games studio engineering the future of play with our cloud based technologies.

Brighton   1-10    


Trakpal is an automated reporting solution for digital marketing professionals.

Brighton   1-10    

Frontier Labs

Frontier Labs design and build intelligent augmented systems that help people and businesses realise their potential.


Axis Well Technology

Axis Well Technology provides oil and gas consultancy services to the upstream oil and gas sector.

Aberdeen   101-250    


AddressCloud is a geo as a service platform that helps businesses unlock the power of location in their data to better understand customers.

Reading   1-10    


HOLM is a clothing and fashion recommendation engine.

Reading   1-10    

Finch Group

Finch Group is an independent insurance broker.


RISE Beyond

RISE Beyong provides services and tools for effective global collaboration.

Liverpool   1-10    


Rampworx helps accelerate the pace of innovation so that companies create products users love.

Liverpool   11-50    

Universal Sealants

Universal Sealants is a supplier of coatings and construction products for bridges and large infrastructure projects.

Newcastle   11-50    

Pure Marine

Pure Marine is a technology company focused on generating electricity from off-shore waves.

Belfast   43840    

Moving Quote Compare

Moving Quote Compare is a new site designed to take the stress out of moving home and business.


Bowtech Products

Bowtech Products is designs and manufactures harsh underwater environment vision systems.


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