50 Software Startups in The Netherlands to Watch in 2020

The Netherlands's Software sector is booming. This year’s list of the best 50 The Netherlands Software startups is an eclectic mix of hyper-growth scaleups, small creative startups and everything in between.

The last update was made on January 24, 2023.

Curated by @gonsanchezs

The Netherlands 10+ employees Fast-growing

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WeTransfer offers a way to send files around the world through its platform.

Amsterdam   101-250   $63,785,246  


An online fitness platform for consumers & professionals in the health industry

Amsterdam   101-250   $10,244,623  

Pyramid Analytics

Pyramid Analytics provides trusted insights for every employee across your organization with enterprise-level business analytics software.

Amsterdam   101-250   $41,500,000  


Crisp is an app-only supermarket focused on ultra-fresh food

Amsterdam   11-50   $9,022,885  


Polarsteps helps you to plan, track and remember your journeys.

Amsterdam   11-50   $5,255,240  


CodeSandbox is an online code editing tool for web applications built for engineers, designers and teachers.

Amsterdam   1-10   $2,400,000  


Sensara is a Dutch research organization that empowers senior citizens and vulnerable people to enjoy their independence.

Rotterdam   11-50   $4,821,129  


Raising airline revenue performance through Software, Consultancy and Content.

Amsterdam   11-50   $4,000,000  


Triposo makes free, interactive travel guides for mobile devices.

Amsterdam   11-50   $8,310,000  


Whatagraph is a marketing performance reporting platform that automatically converts website & social media data into visual reports.

Amsterdam   11-50   $1,348,096  


Visual User Guides.The easiest way to create an effective instruction.

Amsterdam   11-50   $1,535,060  


Cybersprint helps to make the internet safer.

The Hague   11-50   $3,002,509  


TRVL is a peer-to-peer travel booking platform, where you can earn a commission on every booking, for your travel group and for others

Amsterdam   11-50   $3,700,000  


Camptoo aims to give people throughout Europe the opportunity to share the joy and freedom of camping with a motorhome or caravan.

The Hague   11-50   $724,435  


Founded in 1995 as an engineering company, Airborne is a leading design-and-build company.

The Hague   11-50   $29,351,793  


Tiledmedia delivers software for unparalleled high quality 360ᵒ video and VR streaming for today’s networks and devices

Rotterdam   1-10   $1,690,583  


Employee engagement platform for retail, restaurant and hotel chains

Rotterdam   1-10   $1,831,389  


HousingAnywhere is the world’s largest rental accommodation platform for mid-term stays. Rent rooms, apartments, and stay for months.

Rotterdam   51-100   $13,610,673  

Eden Advanced Technologies

We created an autonomous farm which can grow delicious products anywhere, anytime.No soil, sun or pesticides.

Rotterdam   1-10   $62,055  

Tiamet Technologies

Tiamet 3D have developed a revolutionary method for creating 3D printing materials.

Rotterdam   1-10   $376,190  


The Notificare Mobile Marketing Platform lets you reach out, interact and gain insights from your mobile users.

Rotterdam   11-50   $223,662  


Treeway accelerates ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) therapy development.

Rotterdam   1-10   $55,997  


Leapest is an online B2B marketplace for the training industry.

Rotterdam   11-50    

Sense Labs

Sense Labs helps make your applications smarter, by adding context-awareness through realtime sensor data.

Rotterdam   1-10    

The Yuki Company

Smart Accounting software and services in the cloud based on document recognition for Accounting firms and SME

Rotterdam   51-100    

Wazzup Software

Wazzup designs, develops and deploys SaaS ERP/CMS for Realtors and Real Estate in The Netherlands.

Arnhem   11-50    


Alliander is an energy network company.

Arnhem   5001-10000    


World's 1st Smart Voice Speaker as a Hub, for Decentralized Music & Commerce

Rotterdam   1-10    


KeenCorp is a Psycho-linguistic AI Risk Control Tool.

Rotterdam   11-50    


Leadinfo identifies B2B website visitors in real time.

Rotterdam   1-10    

Parx Plastics

Parx Plastics developed an innovative patented technology to create ANTIMICROBIAL plastics by making use of a bodies own trace element.

Rotterdam   11-50    

Green Wheels

Greenwheels is the largest carsharing corporation in the Netherlands and also operates in Germany.

Rotterdam   11-50    


MapGage allows companies to associate field observations with maps, CAD, blueprints and sensor data for inspections, surveys and maintenance

Rotterdam   1-10    


VTTI B.V. one of the world's fastest-growing energy storage businesses.

Rotterdam   5001-10000    


Connectis supplies online identification infrastructures that connect organisations, sectors and countries.

Rotterdam   51-100    


AutoBinck is built upon more than a century of experience in the automotive industry.

The Hague   5001-10000    

Dutch Drone Company

Dutch Drone Company provide Legal and safe drone inspections and innovative solutions.

Rotterdam   11-50    

Be Sure Healthcare

Be Sure Healthcare is an IHT and Mobile Health provider

The Hague   43840    


DizzyData focuses on accountancy and administration offices, SME companies and software companies.

Rotterdam   11-50    

Louwman Retail

Louwman Retail B.V., through its subsidiaries, owns and operates automobile retail centers.

The Hague   5001-10000    


TenneT is a leading European electricity transmission system operator (TSO), with activities in the Netherlands and in Germany.


Exponential Biotherapies

Exponential Biotherapies develops therapeutics to attenuate overreactions of the immune system.

The Hague   11-50   $10,500,000  

Lean Six Sigma Groep

Management Consultancy.

The Hague   11-50    


Buznezzcard is a self-updating cloud-based contactlist that facilitates digital businesscard transactions and automatic CRM updates.

The Hague   11-50    

Changemaker International

Changemaker International provides development services to the international development and humanitarian community worldwide.

The Hague      

S4 Energy

S4 Energy is the integral energy storage specialist, combining available storage technologies into turnkey customer solutions.

Arnhem   43840    


Truvalu.startups supports radical innovation to enter emerging markets.

The Hague      


StexFibers develops soften help fibers that can be used for eco-friendly high-end textiles, paper, oil, soap, and paint.

Arnhem   43840    


CrowdRoaming are pioneering promising new ways to achieve affordable, ubiquitous mobile access.

The Hague   11-50    


Castor offers technology that accelerates the discovery of evidence that can cure diseases.

Amsterdam   50-100   $7,405,178  

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