55 Software Startups in Switzerland to Watch in 2020

Switzerland's Software sector is booming. This year’s list of the best 55 Switzerland Software startups is an eclectic mix of hyper-growth scaleups, small creative startups and everything in between.

The last update was made on January 24, 2023.

Curated by @gonsanchezs

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Avaloq group is an international fintech company that digitizes the automation of financial services industry.

Zürich   1001-5000   $353,030,769  


ResponsAbility offers professionally-managed investment solutions to private, institutional, and public investors.

Zürich   251-500   $175,000,000  


Scandit develops software for barcode scanning, text and objects recognition, and delivering real-time insights through augmented reality.

Zürich     $43,000,000  


ONEDAY is a unique coaching method: with one coach, one guest and one topic covered in a single day.

Bern   43840    


Teralytics develops big data analytics based on petabytes of data sourced from credit card operators, CRM, and mobile networks.

Zürich   101-250   $17,500,000  


KNIME develops open source data science software.

Zürich   51-100   $21,474,941  


Squirro delivers real-time context intelligence by combining structured and unstructured data.

Zürich   11-50   $11,500,000  


Procsea is the first business-to-business seafood marketplace.

Lausanne   11-50   $10,920,004  

Cosmos Network

An ambitious project with the final goal of becoming the first decentralized exchange .

Zug     $17,000,000  

Crypto Finance

Crypto Finance AG provides professional investors blockchain financial services in crypto asset management, brokerage and storage solutions.

Zug   11-50   $22,375,539  

Bloom Diagnostics

Bloom develops diagnostic devices that help users to keep track, maintain, and improve their health.

Zürich   11-50   $10,816,070  

Lunaphore Technologies

Lunaphore is a med-tech tissue analytics company.

Lausanne   11-50   $17,527,072  


Colendi is comprehensive decentralized credit scoring protocol and microcredit platform with blockchain and machine learning technologies

Zug   11-50   $2,500,000  


ImmuniWeb® AI provides a full spectrum of application security testing, continuous web security monitoring and security ratings solutions.

Geneva   51-100   $4,300,000  


TestingTime is an automated recruiting service of test users for usability tests, interviews, workshops, focus groups and surveys.

Zürich   11-50   $3,711,902  


NovaDAX provides customers a safe, convenient and fast way to buy, sell and store cryptocurrency assets, such as BTC&ETH.

Zug   11-50   $20,000,000  


CUTISS is a Personalized-Skin startup .

Zürich     $8,360,434  


Spectroplast provides silicone 3D printing solutions.

Zürich     $1,648,376  


SIBEX is a software development company

Zug   43840   $1,793,747  


STMicroelectronics is a global leader in developing and delivering semiconductor solutions

Geneva   10001    


Enuu offers a sharing service for the last mile using light electric vehicles and a revolutionary advertising platform.

Bern   11-50   $1,610,000  

Liquidity Network

Liquidity Network is a blockchain based payment hub platform offers zero-fee and instant transfers.

Zürich   11-50   $8,000,000  


Cardiorentis is a privately owned biopharmaceutical company.

Zug     $118,481,579  

Demiurge Technologies

Demiurge Technologies AG is a Swiss AI startup that develops neural network models and neuromorphic chips.

Zug   43840   $9,500,000  


Procivis empower citizens by providing government trusted electronic ID solutions built around the safeguarding and self-sovereignty.

Zürich   11-50   $300,005  


Saphetor is a personalised medicine company.

Lausanne   1-10   $2,430,771  


Flatev has invented a machine that can prepare tortillas and other flatbreads at the touch of a button in less than a minute.

Zürich   1-10   $5,562,025  


Sensoryx develops and markets novel sensor systems for the consumer electronics.

Zürich   1-10   $1,028,212  

AB2 Bio

AB2 Bio is a drug discovery and development company.

Lausanne   1-10   $20,886,336  


CloudCities is the industry online platform for hosting, sharing and visualizing smart 3D city models.

Zürich   1-10   $2,644,668  


3BaysOver is a business-to-business networking platform and online marketplace for travel companies.

Geneva   11-50   $1,719,462  


Temenos Group is a market leading provider of banking software systems.

Geneva   5001-10000    


Raizers is an investment platform for unlisted securities

Lausanne   11-50   $1,414,566  


AVAtronics is a noise-canceling technology company.

Lausanne     $110,625  

Blue Butterfly

Blue Butterfly is a direct and web marketing company focused on mailing, business mailing, copywriting, and press campaigns.

Geneva   11-50   $160,099  


EverdreamSoft is specialized in the development of casual and online trading card games

Geneva   11-50   $109,895  


Eulitha provides nano-patterning services and equipment for applications in photonics, electronics, optoelectronics, and displays.

Bern   43840   $271,720  

Rebels Technologies

Rebels Technologies foster human connection through technology.

Saint Gallen     $31,762  


BlockState is a Swiss security token platform for non-bankable assets such as SME equity and debt or real estate.

Zug   43840    


Sika AG manufactures construction materials and offers related services.

Zug   10001    

Leman Micro Devices

Leman Micro Devices' Health Sensor & App is the only smartphone integrated solution that measures blood pressure with medical accuracy.

Lausanne   11-50    

Klockner Pentaplast Group

Klockner Pentaplast Group is among the world's largest suppliers of films for pharmaceutical, medical devices specialty applications.

Bern   251-500    


Betradar is a brand of Sportradar, the world’s leading supplier of sports related live data, odds solutions and fraud detection services.

Saint Gallen   5001-10000    

flov technologies

Liquidity provision in a digital peer to peer marketplace

Zug   11-50    

OLYMPIC Banking System

OLYMPIC Banking System is a multi-branch, multi-entities, multi-currency, multi-language and naturally multichannel system.



Konduko is a real-time analytics and lead generation platform designed for the needs of tradeshow participants.

Bern   11-50    


Web and Mobile social network for written content and podcasts.

Geneva   1-10    


Smixin provides hand washing stations to improve the wellbeing of people while respecting the environment.

Bern   11-50    

TRI Dental Implants

TRI Dental Implants develops, designs, and manufactures dental implant systems.

Zug   101-250    

Stemergie Biotechnology

Stemergie develops treatments and diagnostics for cancers by targeting cancer-initiating cells (CIC), the roots of cancer.


Ticket Park

Ticket Park provides simple ticketing for your events.



Senn offers development, planning, and realization of real estate since 1965.

Saint Gallen   43840    


89grad is dedicated specialists from various fields design and develop software applications.

Bern   11-50    

Impact Hub Bern

Community and coworking space

Bern   283057    


Swatch is a Swiss fashion brand that creates designer jewelries and watches for its worldwide users.

Bern   97467    

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