152 Software Startups in Germany to Watch in 2020

Germany's Software sector is booming. This year’s list of the best 152 Germany Software startups is an eclectic mix of hyper-growth scaleups, small creative startups and everything in between.

The last update was made on January 21, 2023.

Curated by @gonsanchezs

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Pitch offers a next generation of content collaboration and presentation software.

Berlin   11-50   $52,700,711  


Pitch offers a next generation of content collaboration and presentation software.

Berlin   11-50   $52,700,711  


Signavio provides tools for business process management.

Berlin   251-500   $229,569,947  


Demodesk is the first intelligent online meeting tool for inside sales and customer service teams

Munich   11-50   $2,600,000  


Blinkist offers an app that allows its users to read the most important insights from non-fiction books in 15 minutes.

Berlin   51-100   $34,771,977  


Babbel is the market-leading app for language learning.

Berlin   501-1000   $33,300,000  

Impulse Dynamics

Impulse Dynamics is a medical device company dedicated to offering innovative solutions for treatment of Chronic Heart Failure (CHF).

Stuttgart   101-250   $75,000,000  


Zeotap is the only global identity and data tech platform that offers a deterministic end2end solution.

Berlin   101-250   $20,536,023  


Bitwala is the bank account of the blockchain economy.

Berlin   11-50   $21,791,654  


Neufund is building a blockchain-based and investor-directed platform which bridges the world of cryptocurrency and equity.

Berlin   1-10   $17,137,490  


Lingoda offers online language lessons with qualified native speaking teachers.

Berlin   101-250   $13,739,161  


Camunda is an open source platform for BPMN workflow and DMN decision automation.

Berlin   101-250   $28,372,625  

Medici Living Group

The Medici Living Group develops and operates innovative and digitalized co-living concepts wordwide.

Berlin   101-250   $1,132,350,226  


Internet of Things management platform and scalable core network cloud.

Berlin   51-100   $22,904,159  


thyssenkrupp is a diversified industrial group with traditional strengths in materials and a growing share of capital goods.

Essen   10001   $1,659,827,781  


Thinksurance is a technology distribution platform for business insurance used by brokers, agents, banks and further sales channels.

Frankfurt   51-100   $19,120,586  


Quentic is a computer software company for health & safety, environmental, and sustainability management.

Berlin   251-500   $42,313,273  

Native Instruments

Native Instruments is a leading manufacturer of software and hardware for computer-based audio production and DJing

Berlin   501-1000   $59,242,829  


ChartMogul is an analytics platform to simplify your subscription business.

Berlin   11-50   $3,700,000  


Shore is a software company that provides digital solutions for local service providers.

Munich   251-500   $13,655,329  


TWAICE supports enterprises across industries with digital twin-based predictive battery analytics software.

Munich   11-50   $3,628,939  


Jimdo enables users to create a website on a computer, smart phone or tablet using a simple intuitive interface.

Hamburg   101-250   $28,869,396  


Capmo develops software for the construction industry.

Munich   11-50   $2,046,780  


remberg digitizes service processes of industrial machinery with the cloud-based Asset-Relationship-Management System.

Munich   11-50   $2,214,849  


Alyne is a Munich based B2B RegTech offering organisations risk insight capabilities through a software as a service.

Munich   11-50   $3,389,152  

Giant Swarm

Giant Swarm is to give everyone the power and freedom to build modern software that runs their world.

Cologne   11-50   $3,325,000  


bepro11 is a sports video and data analytics startup.

Hamburg   11-50   $9,150,000  


Ryte provides holistic monitoring, analysis and optimization of digital assets.

Munich   101-250   $3,697,355  


Speexx is an intelligent language learning platform for the digital workplace.

Munich   251-500   $5,000,000  


GreenPocket is a leading specialist for consumption visualization and energy management.

Cologne   11-50   $11,621,450  

Morpheus Space

Morpheus Space is disrupting the NewSpace industry by introducing Agile Constellations, a fusion between cutting edge propulsion and AI.

Dresden   43840   $1,500,000  

Loyalty Prime

Loyalty Prime is an international provider of innovative customer loyalty solutions for enterprise clients.

Munich   51-100   $1,609,262  


Innoactive empower global teams with collaborative VR/AR enterprise software.

Munich   11-50   $5,159,625  


xbAV is a technology provider for the digitization of company pension schemes.

Munich   101-250   $27,356,841  


corrux is a software company that enables enterprises to maximize the efficiency of industrial equipment

Munich   1-10   $3,100,000  


TIMIFY is an appointment scheduling software that businesses use to make their services bookable online.

Munich   11-50   $7,768,305  


itravel provides customized online mobile leisure booking.

Cologne   11-50   $16,516,397  


Apostera is automotive company offering set of innovative products world-wide.

Munich   51-100   $1,000,000  


Localyze offers a software solution for relocation management.

Hamburg   1-10   $209,017  


Spindiag develops an easy-to-use, compact, and automated point-of-care system.

Freiburg   11-50   $9,761,551  


Sustainable banking. Green Finance. A bank that funds and promotes Renewable Energy, Solar Power, Wind Power and sustainable agriculture.

Hamburg   1-10    


cloudeo operates an online portal that enables its users to create, interpret, and use geo-data.

Munich   11-50   $2,834,734  


21Diamonds is an online jewellery shopping store that offers top quality diamond, gold and silver jewelry and accessories.

Munich   101-250   $6,386,821  


5Analytics is an AI software company that helps companies integrate Artificial Intelligence into business processes.

Stuttgart   11-50   $1,038,489  


weekend.com is a travel app exclusively focused on weekend getaways, meta searching and combining best flight and hotels deals.

Düsseldorf   11-50   $6,175,744  


Resourcify is develops and operates a neutral cloud platform that enables businesses to manage waste and recycling operations online.

Hamburg   1-10   $1,210,839  


Renetti is omni-channel platform for customized furniture, that integrates product designers, suppliers, logistics providers and dealers.

Munich   51-100   $1,420,000  

USDX Wallet

USDX Wallet is a blockchain-based payment system without Banks, Borders or Fees.

Frankfurt   11-50   $1,750,000  


Baqend develops a performance add-on that uses innovative caching algorithms to minimize loading times of e-commerce websites.

Hamburg   11-50   $746,467  


Helping premature babies to recover faster by keeping them connected to their mothers.

Stuttgart   1-10   $65,000  


node.energy builds SaaS solutions for the regulatory and commercial management of decentralized energy supply systems.

Frankfurt   1-10   $911,105  


Alugha is a meta-video platform for multilingual videos such as trailers or tutorials.

Mannheim   11-50   $3,550,000  


Tubulis Technologies generates uniquely matched protein-drug conjugates.

Munich     $1,481,545  


Cutnut provides the easiest story content creation platform.

Hamburg   1-10   $134,546  


Penseo makes company pensions simple, digital, and understandable.

Hamburg   11-50   $79,087  


Vibrosonic GmbHdevelops, produces and markets externally invisible premium hearing solutions.

Mannheim   43840   $3,080,317  


Your solution to a healthier & fitter you: cooked meals, workout plans & motivational support personalized for your body and your goals.

Hamburg   1-10   $56,956  


iLocator offers solutions to smartly manage the infrastructure of Smart Cities.

Hamburg     $60,230  


We increase engagement, retention and monetization in games & apps by making licensing fast, simple and cost-effective.

Hamburg   11-50   $3,300,000  


CourseYard is a web-based platform that can be utilized to create interactive e-books and e-course materials.

Stuttgart   11-50   $218,537  


E.ON is an international, privately owned energy supplier.

Essen   10001    


eyeo is develop open source software that millions of people use every day to have a better online experience.

Cologne   51-100    

flexis AG

flexis is a software supplier and consulting firm providing cutting edge solutions for a multitude of production markets.


Ströer Media

The Ströer Group offers advertisers individualized Out-of-home and online communication solutions.


Ibeo Automotive

Ibeo Automotive Systems is the market leader for LIDAR sensor technology in the automotive industry.

Hamburg   11-50    

W Ventures

W Ventures is a Berlin based venture design and venture capital company.

Dortmund   1-10    


Billwerk is a software specifically for European subscription companies.

Frankfurt   11-50    


Ligatus is a Native Advertising Solutions provider for brands, publishers, and programmatic buyers.

Cologne   101-250    


Matrix42 delivers and manages future-ready, self-service digital workspaces that meet the needs of today’s location-independent workforce.

Frankfurt   501-1000    


LogTech startup bringing the logistics industry online through white-label SaaS solutions

Hamburg   11-50    


WIBU-SYSTEMS is an innovative security technology leader in the global software licensing market.

Karlsruhe   43840    


Sleekcommerce develops cloudbased e-commerce solutions that offer new possibilities for professionals and retailers as well.

Hamburg   1-10   $58,142  


AddApptr is to generate advertising revenues for their app publishers and developers, while offering premium service and tech support.

Hamburg   11-50    

PTV Group

PTV Group offers people, goods transport and software, data, content, consulting and research.

Karlsruhe   501-1000    


Proventa is a consultancy and development provider in all IT areas.

Frankfurt     $54,543  


CrowdDesk provides a SaaS technology platform that enables financial intermediaries and businesses to raise capital online.

Frankfurt   11-50    


Hitmeister is a German online marketplace offering new and used products across multiple categories.

Cologne   51-100    


eliso plans, implements and operates charging solutions for electric vehicles by offering innovative software and all-around services.

Stuttgart   11-50    


MeinAuto are auto consultants of automobile sales and services.

Cologne   51-100    


Nexible is as little insurance as necessary, and as fair and fascinating as possible.

Düsseldorf   11-50    

Bs & T

Bs & T is specializes in the development and production of integrated hyster loop measuring systems.

Frankfurt     $82,941  


FleetBird is a provider of software solution to run your free floating car or scooter sharing business.

Dortmund   11-50    


Everything you need for the production and automatic optimization of 3D content.



Adtelligence provides e-commerce optimization and customer intelligence solutions that increase ad effectiveness via machine learning.

Mannheim   51-100    


cunio is a social platform that connects tenants, landlords and service provider.

Frankfurt   11-50    

Finance in Motion

Finance in Motion is an asset management firm exclusively focused on development finance.



asuro designs a software which enables its clients to manage, track, and optimize all their insurance policies, premiums, and benefits.

Frankfurt   11-50    


SecondFloor enables efficient, trusted analytics and reporting, for confident decisions and regulatory submissions.

Frankfurt   51-100    

Lumoview Building Analytics

Lumoview prodives automated building analysis through a measurement that takes only 2 seconds per room.

Cologne   1-10    

Cyberport Digital Outfitters

More than 40,000 technology products, fast & personalized service, low & fair in price.

Dresden   501-1000    


WILO is the manufacturers of pumps and pump systems for building services.

Dortmund   5001-10000    

CAMELOT Management Consultants

CAMELOT is specialist for value chain management in the process, consumer packaged goods industrial manufacturing industries.


Virtual Minds

Virtual Minds provides digital advertising and hosting services.

Freiburg   251-500    


SlidePresenter provides a web-based solution for the simple, fast and smart production and distribution of video trainings for B2B

Frankfurt   11-50    


Innolume is a manufacturer of 'quantum dot'-based diode lasers and laser modules.

Dortmund   11-50   $26,756,577  


nFrames develops software for 3D reconstruction from images with unique performance and flexibility.

Stuttgart   11-50    


Endiio provides a unique combination of comprehensive solutions for energy harvesting, real-time wireless communication.

Freiburg   11-50    


Meshcloud is a multicloud management platform that connects different cloud platforms to a single layer of governance.

Frankfurt   11-50    


Zeb The leading strategy and management consultancy for financial services.

Münster   11-50    

Lorenz Life Sciences Group

LORENZ Life Sciences Group has an array of Regulatory Information Management solutions geared towards industry, health authorities.

Frankfurt   101-250    


innovative organic products for a healthy & sustainable lifestyle - we created the world's first organic certified dietary shake

Cologne   1-10    


Ionera provides a universal chip platform for ion-conductance based analytics.

Freiburg     $54,634  


Averbis develops search technologies and text analytics software for the health care market.

Freiburg   11-50    


Cyntegrity is an innovative company that provides a specialized software tool for the risk-based monitoring (RBM).

Frankfurt   11-50    


Hypd is the ambassador platform that lets fans become nano influencers and receive exclusive rewards for boosting reach and sales.

Cologne   11-50    


otego develops innovative printed thermoelectric generators that can be used as an independent energy source for IoT devices.

Karlsruhe   43840    

Billiger de

Billiger de is an online platform that enables users to find, compare, read products reviews, and purchase consumer products.

Karlsruhe   43840    


SPOBI is a sports management app providing grassroots athletes and teams with professional tools at no cost.

Frankfurt   1-10    


Renumics automates computer aided engineering processes to an unprecedented degree.

Karlsruhe   43840    


RegHub is data-driven platform to reduce cost & complexity in regulatory change management and compliance through automation & collaboration

Frankfurt   1-10    


Coview is a customer service tool to combine web screen sharing, recording, and debugging.

Freiburg   11-50    

StartUp Stuttgart

StartUp Stuttgart is a website that features information about startups launched in Stuttgart and Neckar Valley.

Stuttgart   1-10    


fournova is a German startup focused on the development of desktop, web, and mobile applications.

Stuttgart   1-10    


m-pathy delivers customer experience management for high traffic web and mobile channels.

Dresden   11-50    


Xamla is an internal Start-Up of PROVISIO GmbH, Germany, focussing on adaptive robotics using AI processes.

Münster   11-50    

Matching Box

Matching box analyzes candidates personality and finds the job that really suits.

Düsseldorf   1-10    


tooqan is a SaaS solution for improving company meetings.

Düsseldorf   1-10    

Apelby Communications

Apelby Communications is global telecommunications provider of international voice, data, messaging and outsourcing services.

Düsseldorf   51-100    


EntwicklerHeld measures and improves the skills of young developers in your company.


PLEV Technologies

PLEV Technologies develops STEEREON, an E-Scooter that connects lifestyle, driving enjoyment, and functionality like no other.


Amorph Systems

Amorph Systems provides advanced IT solutions.

Stuttgart   11-50    


Focused on awesome Insurance/InsurTech apps & helping app start-ups to deliver

Cologne   11-50   $131,519  


preis24 is an internet-based price comparison website that offers information about electronics, smartphones, and many other products.

Düsseldorf   1-10    


Present4D is a specialist developer of virtual reality software with many years of experience in the project and consulting business.

Düsseldorf   11-50    

GE Healthcare Europe

GE Healthcare Europe provides a broad range of products and services for biomolecule separations at all scales.



powerpay21 is a Global FinTech Network that provides products and solutions for online merchants.



DLR is the national aeronautics and space research centre.

Cologne   10001+    

Otris Software

Otris Software is a leading manufacturer of software solutions for contract management, investment portfolio management and data protection.

Dortmund   51-100    


Retromotion is a multichannel e-commerce platform for high-quality old- and youngtimer spare parts and matching accessories.


Smart Meals

Smart Meals provides the way to conveniently purchase healthy and tasty ready-to-eat meals.

Mannheim   43840    


busradar.com is a search engine that offers its users an overview and comparisons of long distance bus fares.

Karlsruhe   43840    


GiroSolution develops, integrates and operates payment solutions for e-commerce and e-government.

Stuttgart   11-50    

BIG direkt gesund

BIG direkt gesund is a direct health insurance fund in Germany.

Dortmund   1-10    

dig dis!

dig dis is a Germany-based company that provides digital distribution services for electronic music.

Stuttgart   11-50    

Accelerate Stuttgart

Stuttgart Accelerate supports founders, startups, companies and economic developers in Baden-Württemberg.

Stuttgart   1-10    


Stadt.Land.Netz develops and distributes innovative software solutions for public and private clients to optimize student.


Unicon Software

Unicon – leading provider of software solutions for server based computing.

Karlsruhe   11-50    


featureplanner.io helps you to create quickly a structured requirements list of your application idea or software project.

Dortmund   1-10    

Fantastic 5G

Fantastic 5G is a flexible air interface for scalable service delivery within wireless communication networks of the 5th Generation.


Concept Engineering

Concept Engineering provide visualization and debugging technology for electronic circuits and systems.



highdigit offers SaaS-based solutions to online, mobile, and social game publishers.

Münster   11-50    


Avalia provides business growth tools such as awareness/image building, sales increase, growth, targeted orientation, and privacy.



Innoface is worldwide one of the leading providers of interfaces that link PTC Windchill PDMLink with ERP systems.

Karlsruhe   11-50    


Excipio is an IT company specialised in detecting copyright infringements on the Internet.

Karlsruhe   43840    


Raumobil is the Internet platform for the free exchange of free transport and space capacities.



PionierGarage is the platform for student-run startups in Karlsruhe.



hack.institute offers a range of hackathons and innovation camps to individuals.

Karlsruhe   43840    


iDeviceChecker is a Germany-based online platform that accesses the online inventories of retailers and reports current availability.



Organisemee is very good task management company provide a good services to their customers.

Karlsruhe   43840    

Ritter Starkstromtechnik

Ritter Starkstromtechnik provides services in the fields of electrical engineering and industrial electronics.

Dortmund   251-500    

ito consult

ito consult is a professionals for IT service provider.

Dresden   43840    


Procura+ Network has been developed by and for procurers and staff dealing with sustainability and innovation issues in public authorities.


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