39 Software Startups in Denmark to Watch in 2020

Denmark's Software sector is booming. This year’s list of the best 39 Denmark Software startups is an eclectic mix of hyper-growth scaleups, small creative startups and everything in between.

The last update was made on January 24, 2023.

Curated by @gonsanchezs

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Peakon is a platform for measuring and improving employee engagement.

Copenhagen   101-250   $67,971,449  

Too Good To Go

Too Good To Go is an app for fighting food waste.

Copenhagen     $6,830,717  


Planday is the workforce collaboration platform that enables managers and hourly workers to communicate, collaborate, and get work done.

Copenhagen   101-250   $58,383,841  


Identity Management & Access Governance Solutions and Services

Copenhagen   101-250   $25,069,057  


At Pento we're building a better payroll experience for companies and their employees.

Copenhagen   11-50   $3,510,614  


LogPoint delivers the most flexible and easy to use platform for collecting, analyzing, and monitoring your machine data.

Copenhagen   101-250   $10,000,000  


Undo use artificial intelligence to tailor the right insurance to you. categories

Copenhagen   11-50   $3,876,114  

Lix Technologies

Lix is the new digital way of obtaining knowledge for your education.

Aarhus   11-50   $8,540,538  


LetsBuild is a real-time project management platform for the construction industry.

Copenhagen   51-100   $3,448,075  


Spiir is your finance's best friend, keeping track of spending and budgets for you.

Aarhus   11-50   $9,881,525  


Autobutler provides information on automobile repair service providers that helps users in comparing service costs.

Copenhagen   51-100   $7,900,163  


Configit is a Danish software business.

Copenhagen   101-250   $7,480,326  


Founded in Aarhus, Denmark in 2015, Gaest.com is an online marketplace for unique spaces to work, learn, live and play around the world.

Aarhus   11-50   $3,500,000  


Eduflow helps you make learning and teaching more effective with active participation and student collaboration.

Copenhagen   1-10   $1,890,000  


TwentyThree™ is a startup with offices in San Francisco and Copenhagen. We are soon launching our breakthrough video marketing platform.

Copenhagen   11-50   $2,500,000  


Sepior enables trust for financial transactions and cloud applications using threshold cryptography.

Aarhus   11-50   $5,101,129  


Creating the cash for a digital tomorrow.

Copenhagen   11-50   $1,600,000  


Traede streamline the B2B sales and communication between brands/wholesalers and retailers including webshop, inventory, invoicing & CRM

Copenhagen   1-10   $3,133,398  


Introducing Guest Experience Management (GXM), the first all-in-one platform built together with the world’s best restaurants.

Copenhagen   11-50   $1,500,000  


OpenLedger develops custom blockchain solutions for enterprises including fintech, healthcare and supply-chain applications.

Copenhagen   51-100   $1,600,000  


We facilitate on-demand farming from matching supply and demand to task management, data collection and invoicing.

Copenhagen   1-10   $1,136,800  


CluedIn breaks down information silos in your organisation and solves the problem of not being able to utilize all the knowledge you have.

Copenhagen   11-50   $1,000,000  


Woomio enables brands, agencies, retailers, and online influencers to find each other and measure on their collaborations.

Copenhagen   1-10   $321,257  


Chef Made provides private dining solutions.

Aarhus     $328,384  


Yaneeda is a new kind of travel agent that lets you decide what you want, and gives you the tools that only travel agents used to have.

Aarhus   43840   $609,120  


Unisense is a manufacturer of microsensors and instrumentation for microscale measurement.

Aarhus     $52,484  


Scanmarketis a provider of a cloud-based SaaS suite within strategic sourcing software.

Aarhus   101-250    


TimeXtender empowers customers with instant access to data, enabling them to make quality business decisions faster.

Aarhus   11-50    


Pond is a biotech company that designs sustainable solutions of tomorrow with the use of bio-based resins ready to be mixed natural fibers.

Aarhus   251-500    

Incuba Venture

Incuba Venture makes early-stage investments in companies based in Denmark.

Aarhus   11-50    


Razuna is the Open Source Alternative for Digital Asset Management Systems.

Aarhus   43840    

Raptor Services

Raptor is a complete personalization recommendation engine.

Aarhus   11-50    

CCI Europe

CCI europe provides the platform to support the evolving needs of the world´s leading news organizations.

Aarhus   51-100    


Rains is a Danish rainwear company.

Aarhus   51-100    

DITA Exchange

DITA Exchange ApS is an independent software vendor and Microsoft partner.

Aarhus   11-50    

Mjølner Informatics

Mjølner Informatics is a software and design consultancy.



A new digital startup that has developed a digital screening tool to help both the optician and lens customer.



Visikon supports and empowers patients and relatives in order to make health care more efficient.

Aarhus   43840    


Advansor A/S is specializes in the design and manufacture of HFC-free.

Aarhus   101-250    

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