75 Media and Entertainment Startups in UK to Watch in 2020

UK's Media and Entertainment sector is booming. This year’s list of the best 75 UK Media and Entertainment startups is an eclectic mix of hyper-growth scaleups, small creative startups and everything in between.

The last update was made on January 24, 2023.

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CloudFactory is a distributed workforce company for automating business processes.

Reading   251-500   $13,000,000  


Pollen is an invite-only marketplace, using influencer marketing for experiences and events.

London   251-500   $88,500,000  


Depop provides a mobile application that allows users to buy, sell, discover, and explore various things.

London   101-250   $105,630,906  


Festicket is a marketplace to discover and book music festival tickets, accommodation, transfers and extras.

London   101-250   $30,277,382  


FaceIT is the gaming platform for professional competitions within online multiplayer video games.

London   101-250   $29,000,000  


Everledger provides an immutable ledger for diamond and other asset ownership and related supply chain history.

London   51-100   $30,400,000  


Moneyfarm is a digital wealth manager that offers advice and investments.

London   101-250   $127,267,520  


Futrli is on a quest to move the needle on the small business economy.

Brighton   51-100   $5,191,899  

Discover Film

A technology and entertainment platform for short movies. Films can be watched online and via mobile and Smart TV Apps.

London   11-50   $2,500,000  


Whisk is a smart food platform that makes recipes shoppable.

Birmingham   11-50   $847,042  


Vet-AI is developing ground-breaking technologies that aim to prevent and predict conditions developing in animals.

Leeds   11-50   $3,048,198  


Eddisons provides specialist services to banks, insolvency practitioners, owners, and occupiers of commercial property.

Leeds   251-500   $31,760,860  


D3O is a specialist provider of impact protection solutions & materials.

Brighton   11-50   $19,266,252  


A world leader in the design and development of Narrowband RF mesh networks that enable Omni Internet of Things communications.

Cambridge   11-50   $11,687,243  

Smart Antenna Technologies

Smart Antenna Technologies (SAT) is a spinout company from the University of Birmingham.

Birmingham   1-10   $3,587,132  


A fast growing graduate careers platform helping 18-24 year olds transition from university life into a young professional.

Manchester   11-50   $1,583,401  


Inductosense is developing wireless, battery-free, sensors that can be permanently fixed.

Bristol   1-10   $2,157,375  

The Beatles

The Beatles is the online platform that provides information, news, articles, and other categories related to the Beatles Band.


Yobitel Communications

Yobitel a Managed SaaS Cloud Service Provider offers Network & IT Infrastructure, Multi Cloud Hosting & Consulting, Container Orchestration

Brighton   11-50   $790,000  

Race Nation

Technology and registration platform for events anywhere

Brighton   11-50   $1,784,047  


SureCert is a recruitment platform that sources, stores, shares.

Belfast   43840   $565,989  


Bizdaq makes selling a small business easy.

Leeds   11-50   $1,500,000  

Grab a Gardener

An online marketplace matching customers to local gardeners

Reading   1-10   $196,236  

The Parkmead Group

Parkmead is seeking to continue the significant progress the company has already made towards building an independent oil and gas company

Aberdeen     $66,000,000  


Vaioni helps businesses to build connectivity, telecoms, and cloud services via carrier Ethernet services.

Manchester   11-50   $799,820  

Intelligent Positioning

Intelligent Positioning is the leading provider of global real-time SEO technology, empowering brands, corporations, marketers, big, small.

Brighton   11-50   $4,357,705  


sureCore is a U.K.-based IP company on the development of power efficient physical IP for next generation silicon processes.

Leeds   1-10   $1,600,000  


CampaignAmp is the collaboration and analytics tool for marketing teams.

Manchester   1-10   $400,279  


SpareRoom is a flat and house share site with over 9 million registered users.

Manchester   51-100    

Central Fusion

Central Fusion is a Northern Irish events startup.

Belfast   101-250   $968,980  


3D Printed Robotics for the Maker Generation.

Brighton   11-50   $72,510  


Tap2Tag is seeking further investment for expansion plans into overseas markets.

Bristol   1-10   $136,564  


Cash flow forecasting software.

Manchester   1-10   $100,000  


Patchblocks are small programmable synthesiser modules with big potential.

Belfast   43840   $383,367  

Love the Look

Love the Look puts looks together from different retailers that consumers can purchase.

Birmingham   1-10   $215,410  


Meetzoo is all about making business meetings more productive and fun! Meetzoo is a cool new business productivity app.

Bristol   1-10   $178,254  

Game Craft

Game Craft is a gamification-as-a-service platform creating layers for interactive websites and applications.

Liverpool   11-50   $29,633  


ADFerTech develops innovative solutions for anaerobic digestion (AD) digestate.

Belfast     $81,868  

Zap Map

Zap-Map is a charging and electric vehicles site, with UK charging point map at the core.

Bristol   1-10    

Bookbarn International

Bookbarn International is one of the largest used bookshops in England.

Bristol   11-50   $76,371  

Infinity Works

A collective of leading Engineers, Technologists and Consultants.

Leeds   101-250    


Looking4.com is an airport parking website.

Leeds   11-50    

Vertical Aerospace

Vertical Aerospace is building technology to revolutionise how people fly, by making air travel personal, on-demand and carbon free.

Bristol   11-50    


CoverageBook specializes in public relations and coverage books.

Brighton   1-10    

Live & Kicking

Live & Kicking is an online resource about to revolutionise the exhibition, conference and live event sectors.

Newcastle   43840   $157,755  


Helpfulpeeps is a social marketplace for local help

Bristol   1-10    

Limitless Insight

Limitless combines location store & social data in a light to no touch cloud platform.

Belfast   43840    

Intense Technologies

Intense Technologies provides software products, solutions, and related services.

Reading   501-1000    


Clearabee is UK’s largest ‘in-house’ man and van style rubbish clearance company.

Birmingham   251-500    


eviid is a mobile application that enables its users to convert videos and photos into evidential information.


The Student Room

The Student Room is a U.K.-based privately held digital learning community platform that helps students with studies.

Brighton   11-50    


CH&Co is a leading catering and hospitality company.

Reading   1001-5000    

Overclockers UK

Overclockers UK engages in the distribution of computer hardware.



Inforalgo is a trusted partner to leading institutions in Capital Markets and Investment Banking.

Birmingham   11-50    


Accordance is an international VAT consultancy and VAT compliance company.

Brighton   101-250    


Tablet-based meal ordering and kitchen management platform.

Bristol   11-50    


Prospectvision is a U.K.-based company that specializes in the development of website tracking and marketing automation tools.

Reading   1-10   $139,348  

basecamp liverpool

basecamp liverpool is a coworking space.

Liverpool   1-10    

Accounts Lab

Accounts Lab are online cloud accountants specialising in startups and tech.

Leeds   1-10    


GizmoFusion is an online platform that offers video game news, reviews, and stories with other tech news and reviews.

Liverpool   1-10    


FeeLYX provides AI financial data analysis software for lenders and investors.



NeoTripper is the perfect cross between a holiday planner and a social media outlet.

Birmingham   1-10    

UK General Insurance

UK General Insurance provides personal lines insurance products and services for brokers.

Leeds   251-500    

Optima Legal

Optima Legal is providing legal services ranging from property and remortgage services.

Leeds   251-500    

Silverlink Software

Silverlink Software is patient administration systems (PAS) providers in the NHS.

Newcastle   11-50    

DMB Solutions

DMB Solutions is a collaboration of surveyors, architectural and interior designers, engineers, project managers and builders firm.


Skint Records

Skint Records is a Brighton based dance music record label.

Brighton   11-50    

The Reader

Our aim is to change the way that people read and respond to books, for good.

Liverpool   11-50    


Kinicho is making it easier to create and distribute spatial audio by the use of its Sonic Reality Engine.

Liverpool   1-10    

The Honeypot seed fund

The Honeypot Seed Fund is the dedicated seed fund for Honeycomb – Creative Works, a program that is targeted at the digital content sector.


Mobile Industry Eye

Mobile technology news and opinion - a container for the critical insights for any company that uses mobile technology.

Brighton   1-10    


SkillSnap is the only web-based recruitment platform which helps recruiters and hiring managers recruit LESS by identifying the best fit.

Brighton   1-10    

Creating Careers

Creating Careers develops and supplies e-learning platforms and content to the education sector.

Newcastle   101-250    

Pragma Systems Scotland

Pragma Systems Scotland Limited provides Information Technology (IT) consulting services.


Liverpool Innovation Park

Liverpool Innovation Park (LIP) is an environment of offices, leisure and business continuity services.


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