69 Fintech Startups in UK to Watch in 2020

UK's Fintech sector is booming. This year’s list of the best 69 UK Fintech startups is an eclectic mix of hyper-growth scaleups, small creative startups and everything in between.

The last update was made on January 21, 2023.

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Rapyd is a platform creating a cardless financial network.

London   101-250   $150,000,000  


Monzo is a London-based digital-only bank platform.

London   251-500   $417,342,054  


TradingView is the largest network of self-directed traders and investors with an advanced financial platform.

London   101-250   $40,752,500  


Ebury is a financial services company designed to empower small and medium-sized businesses that want to trade internationally.

London   501-1000   $570,403,724  


Mimecast is a SaaS-based email management platform enabling companies to administer business communications and data.

London   1001-5000   $90,244,477  


SumUp is a financial technology company that enables businesses to accept card payments at the Point-of-Sale or on the go.

London   1001-5000   $425,559,328  


Darktrace is an artificial intelligence company for cyber security.

Cambridge   501-1000   $230,500,000  


Tide is a fintech and banking company that gives time back to business owners, so they can get back to doing what they love.

London   101-250   $95,236,961  


LendInvest operates an online marketplace for property lending and investing.

London   251-500   $992,974,209  


TrueLayer provides a platform to build financial apps that connect to bank data, verify accounts, and access transactions in real time.

London   11-50   $46,800,000  

IMMO Investment Technologies

IMMO helps sell, rent & invest into residential real estate, thereby opening up a new asset class for investors.

London   11-50   $12,164,669  


Checkout helps companies accept more payments around the world through one integration.

London   501-1000   $230,000,000  


TransferGo offers digital international money transfers for migrants and businesses.

London   11-50   $54,390,217  


Habito is the UK's digital mortgage broker, using technology to bring the mortgage-application process into the 21st century.

London   101-250   $36,781,467  


Carwow helps efficiently connect car buyers to car dealers and makes buying a car easy and enjoyable.

London   251-500   $102,815,911  

Yoyo Wallet

Yoyo Wallet is a mobile payment, loyalty and marketing platform.

London   51-100   $60,268,457  


iwoca offers finance for businesses for various purposes ranging from bridging short-term cashflow gaps to investing in stock opportunities.

London   251-500   $364,798,483  

Chip Financial

Chip an automatic savings app that does all the hard work to make saving money as easy as spending it.

London   11-50   $15,361,047  


Ring is a European brand in vehicle lighting, auto electrics, workshop tools and auto accessories.

Leeds   501-1000    


Tractable develops artificial intelligence for accident and disaster recovery.

London   51-100   $34,900,000  


Everledger provides an immutable ledger for diamond and other asset ownership and related supply chain history.

London   51-100   $30,400,000  


ClauseMatch is a financial technology company that provides software-as-a-service platform for smart document management.

London   101-250   $9,274,186  


Bitstamp allows companies and individuals from all around the world to buy and sell bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, ripple, and bitcoin cash.

London   101-250   $12,400,000  

Augmentum Fintech

Augmentum Fintech is a venture capital fund with a focus in fast growing and/or high potential FinTech companies in the UK and Europe.

London   1-10   $33,460,888  


Divido is a global white label consumer lending platform for financial institutions and multinational retailers.

London   51-100   $18,979,930  


Moneybox is a mobile savings and investment app that enables users to round up their digital spare change into a Stocks & Shares ISA.

London   11-50   $23,304,203  


TotallyMoney puts customers right at the center of their credit data, helping them make smarter financial decisions.

London   11-50   $71,549,530  


Mishipay is an app allowing you to never have to stand in line to pay at a store again.

London   1-10   $6,511,448  


Wagestream is a financial services firm that allows employees to stream their earned wages into their accounts through an instant app.

London   11-50   $75,865,477  

M14 Industries

M14 Industries is the a white label dating platform.

Manchester   1-10   $311,724  


Loungers operates a chain of cafes, bars and restaurants across Britain.

Bristol   1001-5000   $80,329,463  

Lemongrass Consulting

Lemongrass Consulting is World class consultants. Extensive SAP experience. Innovative solutions.

Reading   11-50   $19,260,000  


Foundries.io delivers secure, over-the-air updatable software platforms for embedded product development.

Cambridge     $3,500,000  

Just Childcare

Just Childcare operates a group of day nurseries providing outstanding care to children.

Manchester   501-1000   $61,675,019  

Creavo Medical Technologies

Creavo Medical Technologies is an innovative British company developing diagnostics technology for acute medical settings.

Leeds   11-50   $26,618,324  


Cytox have developed a simple genetic based blood test for the assessment of risk and diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease.

Manchester   1-10   $15,484,778  


KYMIRA Sport is developing a range of performance and recovery enhancing sportswear.

Reading   1-10   $539,778  

Orca Money

Orca Money provides investors with a platform to compare the various companies and products in alternative finance.

Belfast   43840   $1,081,069  

Natural HR Limited

All-in-one HR and payroll software

Birmingham   1-10   $661,535  


Opinsta deliver powerful Enterprise-grade Apps that improve Operational Performance.

Birmingham   11-50   $2,679,439  


ProofID is a specialist provider of fully managed identity management solutions, both on-premise or cloud hosted.

Manchester   11-50   $3,915,902  

Dream Harvest

Building online, narrative driven, competitive games for PC and Consoles with a focus pushing genres in new directions.

Brighton   11-50   $698,959  


AirPOS is cloud-based POS and e-commerce software that helps retailers manage multichannel sales.

Belfast   43840   $610,827  


Plantforce is a well-established and fast-expanding reputation for excellence in machinery, attachments, service and safety.

Bristol   11-50   $6,083,811  


Changing the way small businesses access financial services, making it faster, simpler and cheaper for them to work with their customers.

Bristol   1-10   $84,217  


The marketplace for handcrafted designer jewellery featuring over 450 independent designers and 20,000 unique pieces of jewellery

Bristol   11-50   $318,546  

Dialog Semiconductor

Dialog Semiconductor makes energy-efficient, highly-integrated, and mixed signal ICs for mobile, IoT, and solid state lighting applications.

Reading   1001-5000    

Help-Link UK

Help-Link UK provides international home repairs.

Leeds     $16,758,074  


Collabor8Online is a cloud-based project management software providing a fully managed file sharing service .

Manchester   1-10   $198,209  

Advanced Material Development (AMD)

Advanced Material Development is commercial enterprise to fund programmes of development and related research in materials.

Brighton   1-10   $980,629  


Tubudd is an online travel platform connecting and showcasing local buddies to travelers all around the world.

Manchester     $35,000  

Azul Optics

Azul Optics is developing a device that can rapidly assess macular pigment density.

Bristol     $663,631  

The Vampire's Wife

An exciting new fashion brand for women with one simple mission – to make beautiful clothes.

Brighton   1-10   $234,902  

Folium Optics

Folium Optics was founded in November 2013 by Steve Kitson and John Rudin.

Bristol   1-10   $1,546,711  


Charbrew is a specialist hot beverage brand revolutionising the UK tea market.

Manchester   1-10   $262,228  


Simpleweb is a purpose driven software company that specialises in new technologies, product development, and human interaction.

Bristol   11-50    


GHD manufactures of hair-care styling products and accessories from Britain.

Leeds   501-1000    

Maxim Solutions

Maxim Solutions would provide a range of ancillary products for which a market has been identified within corrugated transit packaging.

Liverpool     $78,280  

Epiphany Solutions

Epiphany Solutions provides digital marketing services.


Lupe Technology

Patented technology designed to take cordless vacuum cleaning suction power and endurance to the next level.

Bristol   1-10    

Avery Weigh Tronix

A manufacturer of high quality industrial weighing products and systems

Birmingham   1001-5000    

Dart Group Corporation

Dart Group Corp. is a leisure travel and distribution, and logistics company.

Leeds   1001-5000    

Liberty IT

Liberty IT create software, services and solutions for their parent company, Liberty Mutual Insurance.

Belfast   501-1000    


poweredbypie is a provider of technology to the property market in the UK. Our business process solutions.

Reading   101-250    


Ambiental is a global specialist in flood modelling and flood risk.

Brighton   11-50    

Saturn Bioponics

Saturn Bioponics provides crop production systems to improve profitability by increasing yields and reducing labour and resource costs.


Play Brighter

PlayBrighter is an online platform that enables teachers to create educational games for their students to play.

Liverpool   1-10    


Edform is a social careers network that helps connect companies to young talent for their job opportunities.

Birmingham   1-10    

OfficeMA Timesheet

Provider of cost effective cloud based time tracking and reporting for individuals and teams.

Reading   1-10    

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