Frequently Asked Questions

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How are rankings created?

Rankings are based on public and proprietary data from multiple sources.

We scrape the web and use manual research to look at thousands of different companies in Europe, identify several data points on them (company size, growth rate, funding amount, etc.) and assign a score to them we call SeedScore. Rankings are based on that.

How often are ranks updated?

We do a core update once every quarter, and multiple smaller updates every week or so.

How can I be on the rankings?

We don’t take suggestions, even if you ask nicely. The whole point is to be objective. Like Jim Simons says: "Trust the algorithm."

If you are stubborn and still want to show up, we offer sponsorships starting at $49/month. They look like this.

Our pages often get thousands of visits so it's a pretty good deal. Don’t be sneaky though, all ads are clearly labeled as sponosored.

How can I change my data?

We try to do our best to present accurate data, but we sometimes fail. If you need to update your logo, announce a raise or just change a description, send your request to He'll handle that for you.

Who built this?

I did.