71 Data and Analytics Startups in UK to Watch in 2020

UK's Data and Analytics sector is booming. This year’s list of the best 71 UK Data and Analytics startups is an eclectic mix of hyper-growth scaleups, small creative startups and everything in between.

The last update was made on January 24, 2023.

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Babylon Health

Babylon Health aims to provide accessible, affordable healthcare by combining AI with doctors.

London   1001-5000   $635,313,243  


Onfido's AI-based identity verification assesses whether a user’s ID is genuine, then compares it against their facial biometrics.

London   251-500   $110,175,000  


Cleo is an artificial intelligence startup that offers an intelligent assistant to help users in managing their finances.

London   11-50   $13,322,899  

Signal AI

Signal AI is an artificial intelligence company that transforms the world’s information into accessible, actionable business knowledge.

London   101-250   $51,600,000  


Tessian is building the first Human Layer Security platform to protect people using email.

London   101-250   $58,652,436  


Abcam is a producer and distributor of high quality research-grade antibodies and associated proteomics research products.

Cambridge   251-500   $335,736,300  


TransferGo offers digital international money transfers for migrants and businesses.

London   11-50   $54,390,217  


ComplyAdvantage helps firms make intelligent risk decisions, faster by providing real-time insight into the risk of people and companies.

London   251-500   $38,200,000  


Blippar is a technology company specializing in augmented reality, artificial intelligence and computer vision.

London   51-100   $131,696,751  


Tractable develops artificial intelligence for accident and disaster recovery.

London   51-100   $34,900,000  


Harnessing the power of machine learning to create better protein therapeutics.

London   11-50   $13,660,000  


Cocoon is a home security device to protect one's home.

Leeds   1-10   $7,105,259  


PROWLER.io is an AI/machine learning platform for building autonomous agents for games and decision-support simulations.

Cambridge   101-250   $38,944,882  


Glassbox is adisruptive provider of ‘instant replay’ digital customer experience solutions for both the web and mobile.

London   11-50   $35,500,000  


Cervest is building an AI-first platform to help businesses, governments and growers adapt to climate volatility, and protect our planet.

London   11-50   $5,824,407  


SenSat simulates reality in real time, which helps computers solve real world problems.

London   51-100   $15,046,951  


Featurespace is a provider of adaptive behavioral analytics technology for fraud and risk management in financial services & gaming.

Cambridge   101-250   $71,213,886  


Keyless enables enterprise to make data privacy and security the rule rather than the exception.

London   11-50   $2,500,000  


Brightpearl is the omnichannel retail management system that puts your orders, inventory, financials, POS and CRM in one place.

Bristol   51-100   $54,500,000  

Hummingbird Technologies

Hummingbird is a drone and satellite enabled imagery analytics business for precision agriculture.

London   11-50   $17,616,561  

XR Games

XR Games makes both console and mobile Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR) games for world famous Intellectual Properties.

Leeds   11-50   $2,600,000  

Bicycle Therapeutics

Bicycle Therapeutics is developing a technology for the creation of new generation biotherapeutics.

Cambridge   11-50   $117,927,000  

Cambridge Quantum Computing

CQCL develops tools for the commercialisation of quantum computers by understanding quantum protocols and also quantum algorithms.

Cambridge   11-50   $22,400,000  


Proportunity is a financial services organisation made possible by technology.

London   11-50   $4,272,909  


Luminance develops document analysis software to secure big data systems for multinational and governmental organizations.

Cambridge   11-50   $23,000,000  


Congenica is the provider of the diagnostic decision support platform.

Cambridge   11-50   $32,364,940  


Twine connects companies to creatives by making it simple to write a project brief and curating the best quality freelancers.

Manchester   1-10   $1,057,887  


ProFinda is a digital platform that intelligently organizes people around work by matching skills to relevant projects and bids.

London   11-50   $7,706,841  


KisanHub is a Crop Intelligence Platform that connects enterprises with their crops to deliver actionable insights.

Cambridge   11-50   $7,664,430  

Relative Insight

Relative Insight help brands sharpen strategy and communications by comparing and analyzing language.

London   11-50   $5,000,000  

Cambridge Epigenetix

Cambridge Epigenetix is using epigenetics to reduce several routine & important diagnostic tests for common cancers to a simple blood draw.

Cambridge   51-100   $56,500,000  

Sphere Fluidics

Sphere Fluidics develops products for use in single cell analysis and characterization, and provides associated collaborative R&D services.

Cambridge   11-50   $19,804,627  


Bango is the standard platform chosen by leading global stores to deliver mobile payments to everyone.

Cambridge   51-100   $36,772,587  


Ecrebo is a point of sale marketing platform.

Reading   101-250   $23,140,069  


Foundries.io delivers secure, over-the-air updatable software platforms for embedded product development.

Cambridge     $3,500,000  

MoA Technology

MoA Technology has developed an innovative approach for the discovery of agricultural technologies.

Leeds     $7,640,762  

F-star Biotechnology

F-star is developing a pipeline of novel bispecific antibodies with a therapeutic focus in immuno-oncology and oncology.

Cambridge   51-100   $57,285,715  


Datactics provides data consolidation and re-engineering software that enables business users to access information across multiple formats.

Belfast   11-50   $3,166,454  


PetaGene’s mission is to make genomics data cheaper, faster and better.

Cambridge   1-10   $2,363,045  


Kraydel is a small, plug, and play device enabling the elderly to age safely at home.

Belfast   11-50   $1,655,709  


Kristalic is building an AI-powered assistant designed to record your work-related conversations

Cambridge   1-10   $2,000,000  

Focal Point Positioning

Focal Point has developed next generation navigation and positioning software for smartphones, wearables and autonomous vehicles.

Cambridge   1-10   $5,616,920  


Entomics is a biotechnology platform that transforms food waste into sustainable, renewable resources with the use of insects.

Cambridge   1-10   $2,020,694  


MORPHOGEN-IX Limited is a drug discovery company founded in 2015 by Index Ventures to develop bone morphogenetic proteins

Cambridge     $25,421,766  


AudioTelligence delivers real-time audio processing technology for the enhancement of automatic speech recognition (ASR) systems.

Cambridge   11-50   $4,007,990  

Sorex Sensors

Sorex Sensors manufactures high sensitivity MEMS mass sensors to transform industrial and consumer products.

Cambridge   1-10   $1,602,232  


XenZone are providers of online counselling and emotional well-being services.

Manchester     $130,779  

Cab Guru

Cab Guru is a taxi and cab comparison app.

Cambridge   1-10   $2,842,855  

DisplayNote Technologies

DisplayNote transforms presentations for presenters and participants. Use it to present wirelessly with an iPad or Android.

Belfast   11-50   $3,081,390  


Pharmacy2U are the UK’s leading NHS approved online pharmacy and also provide a confidential private online doctor service.

Leeds   51-100   $78,959,682  

The Learning People

They deliver high quality and effective IT and project management courses.

Brighton   11-50   $2,500,000  


AirPOS is cloud-based POS and e-commerce software that helps retailers manage multichannel sales.

Belfast   43840   $610,827  


Tabledash is a pre-payment platform that empowers restaurants to provide faster service.

Manchester   1-10   $140,000  


SmartLife is a specialist in smart garment technology.

Manchester   11-50   $53,845  


WorldDesk provides personalized mobile computing solutions based around users' devices, the cloud, and VMWare and Citrix platforms.

Belfast   11-50   $1,250,000  


ClearPay is a great new way to pay for the things you love with three equal Interest-free payments.


Low Carbon Lighting

LCL designs and makes LED lights which use up to 70% less power than conventional models and last 10 times as long.

Newcastle   43840   $1,278,345  

Gamer Network

Gamer Network is a privately-owned gaming media business that operates an international group of websites and events.

Brighton   51-100    

Prysm Media Group

PRYSM Group is one of the fastest-growing and most progressive exhibition organisers in the world.



A video game development studio based in the heart of Liverpool city centre, UK.

Liverpool   11-50    


Raven specialises in the production of eSports jerseys for all sorts of teams around the World.

Bristol   1-10    

Blueberry Consultants

Blueberry Consultants is a Custom Software Development company.

Birmingham   101-250    


Repstor helps companies harness the value of their information assets by boosting user adoption and driving compliance.

Belfast   11-50    


The most innovative global marketplace for curated art and design online and a service provider of the most advanced Internet technologies

Brighton   11-50    


WeThrive is a platform for organisations who want to engage, retain and develop their people

Brighton   1-10    

Saturn Bioponics

Saturn Bioponics provides crop production systems to improve profitability by increasing yields and reducing labour and resource costs.


Hayward Hawk

Hayward Hawk provides high end recruitment solutions for the technology industry in the UK and Ireland.

Belfast   11-50    


Stanley International Betting Limited offers sports betting services.



Edform is a social careers network that helps connect companies to young talent for their job opportunities.

Birmingham   1-10    


Support2Perform High Performance Solutions provide physiology based Science & Technology Products & Support Services.

Belfast   43840    

Create Or Close Sales

CreateAndClose can manage your sales for you with a flexible approach tailored to each client.

Belfast   43840    

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