54 Data and Analytics Startups in France to Watch in 2020

France's Data and Analytics sector is booming. This year’s list of the best 54 France Data and Analytics startups is an eclectic mix of hyper-growth scaleups, small creative startups and everything in between.

The last update was made on January 24, 2023.

Curated by @gonsanchezs

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Meero is an AI company providing enhanced photography services.

Paris   251-500   $293,434,612  


Snips is an artificial intelligence voice platform.

Paris   101-250   $24,814,838  


Ogury is the creator of the first marketing engine driven by user choice.

Paris   251-500   $41,900,000  


Luko insures and make sure to protect you home.

Paris   11-50   $2,394,300  


Kayrros is an advanced data analytics company that helps global energy market participants make better investment decisions.

Paris   51-100   $34,483,346  


Sinequa Provides an AI-powered Search & Analytics Platform for Fortune Global 2000 Companies and Government Agencies

Paris   101-250   $28,330,000  


The French temporary jobs startup.

Paris   101-250   $25,226,043  


Mindsay helps companies provide one-to-one care at scale with automated customer marketing.

Paris   101-250   $11,230,125  


CybelAngel is a digital risk management platform that provides enterprises with actionable threat intelligence.

Paris   101-250   $16,476,716  


Tinyclues is anAI-driven campaign marketing solution provider that helps B2C marketers drive revenue and engagement from their customers.

Paris   11-50   $25,371,159  


Linkfluence is a social media intelligence company, analyzes conversations on social networks to create business opportunities for brands.

Paris   251-500   $45,315,323  


CardioLogs distributes software technologies that enable any healthcare professional to screen their patients.

Paris   11-50   $7,998,967  


Deepomatic designs a platform to let professionals build custom image recognition AI and delivers computer vision systems to clients.

Paris   11-50   $8,950,000  


Heuritech is a cutting-edge technology company that provides predictive analytics on trends to fashion and lifestyle brands.

Paris   11-50   $5,665,333  


Herow is a contextual marketing platform for mobile applications.

Paris   11-50   $19,700,000  


METRON is afoundation stone using artificial intelligence based on Energy Data and ontologies.

Paris   11-50   $26,096,341  


DataDome is a SaaS bot protection solution for e-commerce and classifieds businesses.

Paris   11-50   $4,246,223  


Karos transform available car seats into public transport networks, leveraging AI and mobile technologies.

Paris   11-50   $7,402,094  


Clustree offers an artificial intelligence solution that makes career management accessible to all employees.

Paris   1-10   $11,557,552  


Livestorm help companies make their webinars simpler, smarter and more efficient.

Paris   1-10   $5,085,913  


Latecoere specializes in the manufacturing and marketing of structures for the aeronautics sector.

Toulouse   1001-5000   $106,800,000  


ERYtech Pharma is a biopharmaceutical company, develops enzyme-based medicinal products for the oncology, hematology and immunology sectors.

Lyon   101-250   $188,257,203  


Wizaplace is an e-commerce start-up dedicated to the development of a complete marketplace creation and management solution.

Lyon   11-50   $14,836,908  


Medicrea is a fully-dedicated spinal implant company focused on introducing reliable and innovative technologies to the global marketplace.

Lyon   101-250   $95,839,158  


ClicData is a leading provider of cloud-based dashboard systems that are designed to improve business efficiency through better reporting.

Lille   11-50   $4,600,000  

Syntony GNSS

Syntony GNSS is a developer of a software based GNSS location technology designed to shape the future of navigation.

Toulouse   11-50   $7,904,963  


1001Pharmacies is a French drugstore that sells personal health and well-being products online.

Montpellier   11-50   $9,692,443  


Ouistock is provider of a social platform intended to connect owners of unused space with people who need to store goods.

Lille   1-10   $3,444,881  


HelloAsso is the free solution for associations and clubs to receive payments over the Internet.

Bordeaux   51-100   $8,378,862  


Shopopop is a collaborative delivery platform for Drive races and local commerce.

Nantes   11-50   $2,306,632  


Qualtera provides innovative data analysis systems and services for test and product engineering to fabless companies

Montpellier   11-50   $3,718,693  


VeryLastRoom offers a web and mobile application that offers last-minute travel discounts.

Marseille   1-10   $2,623,087  


Lucine has the ambition to transform and improve patient’s health.

Bordeaux   11-50   $81,868  


Deolan is the collaborative platform for the air transport ecosystem

Bordeaux   11-50   $3,264,513  


Blockchain-based incentive program for companies.

Lyon   251-500    

Permettez-moi de construire

Permettez-moi de construire is a facilitation service for individuals who want to build or renovate their houses.

Lille   11-50   $428,000  

Nateo Healthcare

Nateo Healthcare is design and engineering of medical devices in the field of obstetrics

Toulouse   1-10   $81,868  


Interpol is an international police organization that enables law enforcement organizations worldwide to combat transnational crime.

Lyon   1001-5000    


ProovStation is an automated drive-through bay which detects and analyses vehicle damages.

Lyon   11-50   $1,092,859  


Aquafadas is a software provider for digital publishing and other desktop applications. Create apps for iOS and Androids without coding

Montpellier   51-100   $1,770,000  


YouStock is a full-service storage company that let customers store their items without moving from their couch.

Nice   11-50    

Motion twin

Motion Twin has been making free browser and mobile games since 2001.


My Coach Sport

My Coach Sport specializes in creating and publishing digital solutions for the world of professional and amateur sports.

Nice   11-50    

Linguali Interpreting System

Simultaneous interpreting without equipment: speakers & participants communicate with the on-site interpreter on their smartphones / Wi-Fi

Bordeaux   43840    


Ubiquity.ai is a Real Time Prescriptive Modeling Platform.

Bordeaux   43840    


Guestonline is a booking management tool that allows your restaurant to be booked 24 hours.

Toulouse   11-50    


Healthcare data and process analysts, predictive medicine, patient journey modeling

Toulouse   1-10    


Provider of innovative software solutions enabling network operators to reach an unprecedented level of efficiency for the management.

Toulouse   11-50    


Biomnis is a provider of pathological analysis in the fields of molecular diagnostics, tissue



Gablys is a provider of bluetooth devices that help with anti-theft and anti-loss.

Bordeaux   43840    

La Maison de la Traduction

La Maison de la Traduction translates your documents, publications or correspondence into any foreign language.

Bordeaux   43840    


Efficiencia develops tailor-made applications for comfort and energy management.

Toulouse   1-10    


Wedkit is a mobile app that helps you collect your wedding photos and videos in one place.

Nantes   1-10    


Coldinnov develops new generation refrigeration technology based on a solid/gas thermochemical reaction, a natural refrigerant fluid.

Toulouse   11-50    

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