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Tom Stew

Your update-mail is one of the best I I read everyone you send - which is a kinda rare thing for me as my inbox, as most inboxes, is flooded with a daily tsunami of mails. Your one is different as it is straight to the point but with a personal touch. As an early reader and also CEO of a startup that is part of your list, I want to support your work. Let me know what options you see how I could help - sponsorship as you mentioned could be one option - and I see what I can do.

Maximilian Moehring

I've been a subscriber for more than a year and I can say that it's a great newsletter to be updated about what's going on in European startup ecosystem.

Ata Gur Frizbit

I checked out the newsletter and found it high quality and decided to subscribe. It's rare to find such a good crafted collection on internet.

Viktor Vorinen Chooos

Simply amazing. It's the first thing I open every Friday.

Franco Rivas Fnatic

I do enjoy it a lot. Full of information and direct to the point.


Essential Friday reading. Seed Table is a great resource for understanding the European tech startup scene.

Laurie Hackerone

Seedtable publishes extremely relevant content and it's one of the only email newsletter I look forward to.

Elsa Giraudineau

Nice program. Thanks for doing it, and keep it up!


Straight-to-the-point summaries as if I were sitting in the internal weekly meeting of a top VC.


You're being a great resource for the SU scene in the EU. Way to go!


Really enjoying them, nice little nugget of startup news to keep me up to date with the latest and greatest every Friday.

Catherine Mair

Essential reading for anyone involved in startup tech.

Subscriber Vizibl

Really cool newsletter. Enhorabuena.

Subscriber Surfncode

The Seedtable newsletter has been delivering incredibly valuable insights that really helped us to first of all understand the EU startup context better and also to identify potential leads for our new business/lead generation approach. Thanks Gonz!

Francesco Granati Videobeat

This newsletter is great! The tone is entertaining, the content is sharp, its a pleasure!


Seedtable newsletters bring important insights into Europe's startup ecosystem. It's always interesting and pleasant to read. Additional articles and conferences give even more value for advanced subscribers. Keep going!


A great, comprehensive way to get a snapshot of the European fintech scene every week! From major news stories, to smaller events happening across Europe, Seed Table is my Friday morning go-to.

Christa Connell Getbux

It's the best source of information on the European startup scene.

Nikola Kostov

Seedtable is THE newsletter to stay updated on Europe's startup scene. FOMO is over since I am subscribed!

Rocio Tappwater

The best independent newsletter on EU tech that provides a sharp and honest commentary. Not your regular Steve O'hare PR fluff.. (you can cut the last part)


This is great. can't believe I waited so long to subscribe. It's like Stratechery for Europe, and better because it's not the same "consumption models" drawings over and over again.

Ryan Kulp Fomo

Love your newsletter. I recently started Seed investing more seriously, so things like this are a blessing!

Nalden WeTransfer

Loved today's newsletter!

Andy Farquharson Winning by Design

You should totally read @gonsanchezs newsletter, latest on diversity and inclusion - but also slightly controversial. All I know is I kind of get tired of seeing this kind of picture alongside funding announcements.

Robin Wauters Tech.eu

If you're not aware of Seedtable then it's worth a look for the european startup scene. Newsletter is brilliant, @gonsanchezs is brilliant and the database is brilliant. 100% recommendation from me. seedtable.com (Previous customer.... not an ad).

Jase Bell Aerleasing

Seedtable from @gonsanchezs is unmissable

Peter White JobBoardio (Acquired by ZipRecruiter)

Seedtable gives me clear vision of european startup scene

Nizar Chaouachi

Seedtable is a highly researched newsletter that I find valuable as I try to keep up to date on EU specific startup news and views.

Subscriber Spudz

Thanks for sharing, I get good insights from the newsletter! I particularly like the upcoming events. Well done.


Sharp, focused and interesting.

Martin Bjornstrom Leasecloud

If you're looking for a crisp, highly informative and fresh perspective on startup scene, look no more - sign up & enjoy it every Friday!

Greg Startuphiring

Seedtable give up to date info about trends in the industry.

Vanessa Brown

A very refreshing newsletter full of insight and useful info.

Subscriber Metmie

This is a great source of specific analysis on what's going on in different markets, the insight is really good. Wait for this email every week.

Jaime Robinson Revolucional

Good and useful overview.

Rolf Vanderpol

Seedtable is a very focused and no fuss newsletter. I like the way you write and dive into stories, Gonz.

Jay Mehta

I have received my first newsletter... too early.


[Seedtable] is a great tech/ startup source of quality information.

Igor Bbretail

Truly love them. Best newsletter I've signed up for so far

Subscriber Icloud

As an entrepreneur, Seedtable helps me gain insights into the entire European startup scene. I know if I don't pay attention to the larger ecosystem then I have already lost. This is why I continue to keep my Seedtable email out of the spam folder.

tegan Lokalist

If you're looking for a solid, frequent, well-documented and very informative tech feed, seedtable.com is the one you can't pass by!

Thomas Canguilhem

As highlighted earlier I really do enjoy the information shared in the emails and I will certainly be ensuring i don't unsubscribe accidentally :-)

emmetflorish Deltavsales

What I really like about the emails are that they present a different perspective, that appear completely forthright and cut to the issue immediately

Alex Viall Behavox

I always look forward to receiving the Seed Table newsletter on a Friday morning. It's essential reading if you're working or interested in the startup space.

Subscriber Able

Interesting opinions on the startup scene.

Anthony Aubry

Seedtable brings the truth in the most authentic way.

Nalden Nalden

A transparent startups newsletter in Europe.

Subscriber Carbonmobile

When I'm done reading the mails, I have the feeling that I'm up to date on a very large range of interesting topics.


Hey @gonsanchezs, great job with @seedtablecom. I nice source of info / insights.

Jonathan Liemann Mietwise

@seedtable doing it's thing, sharing well articulated insights.

Andu Potorac Widgetic

@gonsanchezs dropping some second-order thinking bombs on #diversity 💣 Subscribe to @seedtablecom folks, your mind and soul will thank u for that 😽

Matteo Tita Fiverr

The best early stage newsletter out of Europe. Fact based, opinionated, authentic and fearless. SUBSCRIBE NOW SUBSCRIBE NOW SUBSCRIBE NOW SUBSCRIBE NOW!

Fabrizio Caracausi Alan

This week’s Seedtable was super fascinating on Estonia. Thanks @gonsanchezs 🙌

Corey Haines Baremetrics

I really enjoy reading your weekly email, especially the recent China series.

Janet Huang

Awesome Newsletter, keep it up. Helps my work :)

Felix Openocean

Great job Gonzalo. Truly valuable for anyone who is keen to keep track of new business models and disruptive technologies...


Good, interesting and in-depth analysis, which get to the point.

Subscriber Bridgetoangels

A very good selection of interesting topics.

Valentine Foundersfuture

I really like the combination of tech knowledge with the business-side context that Gonz writes about in his seed table blogs. I am a recent graduate keen to learn more about the tech startup industry. I find the blogs are well researched, show great insight into various fields and, usefully, provide links to sources and information for further learning. I have recommended this to my friends who also signed up recently.

Sam Byng

I LOVE reading your emails. Very interesting!

Ekaterina Kladienko Microsoft

For those of you who are not yet subscribed. Definitely do it! My number one ressource to be informed about everything Tech in Europe!

Joël Kai Lenz

Great newsletter! Keep going!

Alexis Pospekhov MISSION:TECH

I really enjoy Seedtable newsletter. I'm learning a lot of things about the startup environment in EU, jobs in EU countries, etc. Highly recommended!


Hope you're well! I've been subscribed to your newsletter since the 22nd edition and have really enjoyed it and grown to look forward to it every week.

Cecilia W.

As always your newsletters are the most interesting, thanks for sharing.

Lorenzo Fornari

Seedtable plunges you into a subject you didn’t know of yet and provides you an in-depth analysis. Every newsletter gets me excited for the next one! In contrary to other (quality) newsletters, Seedtable doesn’t scratch the surface merely of the subjects of the day, it delves into a world and gives you enough information to dig even deeper by your self.

Amir Grabic

Hey this is an awesome newsletter, thanks so much!

George Nurijanian

Loved your last newsletter from 14 March. Especially regarding Brexit effect on the UK startups! Really nice to read all startup news in one letter.

Zograb Badoyan

Thanks for the great work you're doing with Seedtable.

Ryan David Mullins

By the way, thank you for this newsletter - it’s very interesting and useful (at least to me).

Yevhenii Kanivets

Excellent article - really like how you write! Keep them coming.


I've been subscribed to your weekly letter for a couple of weeks now and I really enjoy reading it. Thanks for putting it out there.


Thank you for these informative newsletters. I just wanted to write in and let you know that I am enjoying reading these.

Anusha Ramakrishnan

@gonsanchezs hey thanks for the Seedtable updates, I appreciate you droppin' the knowledge!

R. Michael Anderson

Became a subscriber a few weeks ago and it's already one of my favorite newsletters. Recommended!

Julian Lehr Stripe

Quality content, thanks!


Seedtable makes sure I keep my eyes on the horizon, not the just desk/workload in front of me.


Seed keeps bringing me news from the innovative world. Great for awareness and a great read.

ronald Rmbsource

The Seedtable provides the only detailed lists on the state on the EU startup community. It isn't limited to lists with the weekly emails providing thoughtful deep dives into topical content that is relevant to the EU tech community

Andy Winningbydesign

Seedtable has been great to measure the pulse of the European startup scene!

Robert Siipola