65 Deeptech Startups to Watch in 2022

Deeptech's tech sector is booming. This year’s list of the best 65 Deeptech tech startups is an eclectic mix of hyper-growth scaleups, small creative startups and everything in between.

The last update was made on November 26, 2022.

Curated by @gonsanchezs

Deeptech 10+ employees Fast-growing

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Signal AI

Signal AI is an artificial intelligence company that transforms the world’s information into accessible, actionable business knowledge.

London   101-250   $51,600,000  


Snips is an artificial intelligence voice platform.

Paris   101-250   $24,814,838  


Medicus AI designs and develops an artificial intelligence (AI) based platform that converts health data.

Vienna   101-250   $5,028,315  


Loop Email brings teamwork and messaging to your email inbox

Bristol   11-50   $6,903,859  


Blippar is a technology company specializing in augmented reality, artificial intelligence and computer vision.

London   51-100   $131,696,751  

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Tractable develops artificial intelligence for accident and disaster recovery.

London   51-100   $34,900,000  


Disperse.io is a VC-backed artificial intelligence construction startup focused on improving on-site productivity.

London   11-50   $16,688,835  


Scoutbee is a artificial intelligence for procurement & supply chain experts.

Berlin   101-250   $16,000,000  


Nuritas combines artificial intelligence and genomics to discover and unlock natural bioactive peptides with extraordinary health benefits

Dublin   11-50   $61,496,820  


Merantix is a research lab and venture studio in the space of artificial intelligence.

Berlin   51-100   $10,000,000  

Cambridge Quantum Computing

CQCL develops tools for the commercialisation of quantum computers by understanding quantum protocols and also quantum algorithms.

Cambridge   11-50   $22,400,000  


Another Brain is an artificial intelligence startup that develops AI in a way far beyond deep learning.

Paris   11-50   $37,192,199  


Arago is a leading artificial intelligence company that helps businesses automate their IT processes through intelligent automation.

Frankfurt   101-250   $55,000,000  


Brodmann17 develops artificial visual intelligence that allow devices to understand the environment in real-time.

Tel Aviv   11-50   $15,200,000  


Cobiro is an Artificial Intelligence for Google Ads and Google Shopping.

Copenhagen   11-50   $11,943,574  


METRON is afoundation stone using artificial intelligence based on Energy Data and ontologies.

Paris   11-50   $26,096,341  


Silo.AI is a private artificial intelligence lab that builds AI as a service for different industries.

Helsinki   1-10   $11,294,483  


AYLIEN is an artificial intelligence startup that focuses on creating technologies that help machines understand human languages better.

Dublin   11-50   $3,795,294  


Clustree offers an artificial intelligence solution that makes career management accessible to all employees.

Paris   1-10   $11,557,552  

Cambridge Epigenetix

Cambridge Epigenetix is using epigenetics to reduce several routine & important diagnostic tests for common cancers to a simple blood draw.

Cambridge   51-100   $56,500,000  


AID:Tech is a digital identity and seamless access to life's services through Blockchain and artificial intelligence.

Dublin   11-50   $1,180,350  

hystrix medical

Medical Device marketplace

Bern   11-50   $2,698,651  


Artomatixis a software company that uses Artificial Intelligence to create realistic 3D art creation.

Dublin   11-50   $12,217,679  


Online marketplace for best local and organic food, directly from farmers & foodmakers.

Zürich   11-50   $5,184,468  


Gestoos develops an Artificial Intelligence software that can recognize people’s gestures and behavior in real-time.

Barcelona   11-50   $3,011,814  


ClicData is a leading provider of cloud-based dashboard systems that are designed to improve business efficiency through better reporting.

Lille   11-50   $4,600,000  

Food Union Group

Food Union unites the best food companies from all over the world

Riga   1001-5000   $225,000,000  


20tree leverages AI, satellite imagery and computing power to help forest industry companies, NGOs & governments to improve decision making.

Lisbon   1-10   $120,000  

TOLREMO therapeutics

Privately held research-stage biotechnology company.

Zürich   1-10   $11,823,674  


Ares Genetics develops Artificial Intelligence informed DNA-Sequencing Tests to revolutionize Infectious Disease and Drug Resistance Testing

Vienna   1-10   $1,489,467  


Synopsis provides software tools to design and program application-specific instruction-set processors (ASIPs).

Leuven   5001-10000    

Nonius Hospitality Technology

Hospitality technology manufacturer and service provider.

Porto   101-250   $8,129,322  


InkSearch is platform connecting tattoo artists with clients giving quick possibility to book appointment online.

Warsaw   1-10   $265,589  


Internetstores is a digital multichannel supplier of bike and outdoor products.

Stuttgart   501-1000   $39,837,886  


Traditional and cloud-based data hosting solutions from Russia's premiere data center operator.

Saint Petersburg   101-250   $10,000,000  


Flattr is a micropayment and microdonation system enabling users to financially support their favorite content creators.

Malmö   1-10   $2,432,076  


OnlineDoctor is an innovative Swiss-based platform that allows the user to diagnosed any skin problems quickly.

Saint Gallen   11-50   $2,037,778  

Attention Insight

Attention Insight is an artificial intelligence platform for consumer visual engagement monitoring.

Hamburg   1-10   $226,370  


VeryLastRoom offers a web and mobile application that offers last-minute travel discounts.

Marseille   1-10   $2,623,087  


Bauzaar is an innovative online platform committed to Pets and their life quality in your families.

Milan   1-10   $278,731  


Lucine has the ambition to transform and improve patient’s health.

Bordeaux   11-50   $81,868  


AISOMA is a manufacturer AI consulting in the areas of artificial intelligence and big data analytics.

Frankfurt   1-10   $58,449  


VISCOPIC provides 3D and augmented reality software solutions.

Munich   11-50   $27,284  


Namu develops CDM for Sales & Marketing

Milan   1-10   $453,479  

Tyris Software

Tyris is specialized in high quality solutions with the latest technology in Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Services.

Valencia   1-10   $83,346  


Xoop builds innovative digital platforms to inform and entertain, especially on top of social networks.

Zug     $606,651  


Smartaxi is a mobile application that utilizes artificial intelligence to help taxi drivers predict potential customer locations.

Valencia     $666,096  


ProovStation is an automated drive-through bay which detects and analyses vehicle damages.

Lyon   11-50   $1,092,859  


First eCRM for eCommerce. Collects and proccesses customer data, consumer behaviours in order to engage store visitors and buyers.

Krakow   11-50    


Esure offers competitive insurance coverage.

Glasgow   5001-10000    

Best Capital

Best Capital raises capital for companies through issue of bonds and shares routed to individual and institutional investors.

Wroclaw   43840   $6,985  


Biosurfit develops breakthrough technologies that enable fast, precise and affordable blood analysis at the point of care.

Lisbon   51-100    


inga. automates active sourcing in social media with chatbots and artificial intelligence.

Frankfurt   11-50    


GoodAI is a general artificial intelligence research and development company.

Prague   11-50    


WordLift is the Artificial Intelligence you need to grow your audience. A Semantic Platform that does what an SEO expert would do.

Rome   1-10    


A business-focused, rather than technology-oriented, process dematerialization approach.


Motion twin

Motion Twin has been making free browser and mobile games since 2001.



Opinew provides visual user generated content by collecting, managing and ranking customer reviews and aggregating e-word of mouth.

Glasgow   1-10    


123on, a mobile video platform, uses a unique combination of short-form videos and technique to automatically play videos.

Uppsala   43840    


Marketing and analytics extensions for Magento 2

Minsk   11-50    

RF Elements

RF elements® is an innovative manufacturer of products for wireless networking.

Bratislava   51-100    

Rumble Fish Blockchain Development

Rumble Fish is a Blockchain Development House with surefire expertise in building next generation blockchain applications.

Krakow   11-50    


Selena is a manufacturer and distributor of construction chemicals.


Enterprise Summit

A series of events specifically positioned to bridge and share knowledge between people and organizations.

The Hague      

HODL Finance

HODL Finance is the European digital lending company that issues loans backed by cryptocurrency and other digital assets.

Vilnius   104634    

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  • Company
  • Hopin
  • Glovo
  • N26
  • Curve
  • Pipedrive
  • TIER
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  • Events
  • Food
  • Fintech
  • Fintech
  • Sales
  • Mobility
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  • Barcelona
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  • Tallinn
  • Berlin
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  • $169M
  • $100M
  • $59M
  • $500M
  • $250M
  • URL
  • hopin.com
  • glovo.com
  • n26.com
  • curve.com
  • pipedrive.com
  • tier.app

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