121 Community and Lifestyle Startups to Watch in 2022

Community and Lifestyle's tech sector is booming. This year’s list of the best 121 Community and Lifestyle tech startups is an eclectic mix of hyper-growth scaleups, small creative startups and everything in between.

The last update was made on January 21, 2023.

Curated by @gonsanchezs

Community and Lifestyle 10+ employees Fast-growing

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Wefarm is the world’s largest farmer-to-farmer digital network that enables farmers to share information via SMS, without the internet.

London   51-100   $20,891,093  


Tourlane is a booking platform for multi-day tours, offering amazing experiences to over 30 countries worldwide.

Berlin   251-500   $81,000,000  


Tribe offers risk & responsability sharing insurance coverage.

Oslo   51-100   $1,000,000  


Zalando is a fashion and technology company, currently transforming into a multi-service platform.

Berlin   10001   $615,854,261  


Debenhams is a international, multi-channel brand with a proud British heritage which trades out of 240 stores across 28 countries.

Dublin   10001   $315,842,745  

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LYTICS is an artificial intelligence company serving the healthcare community in solving complex medical and clinical issues.

Malmö   51-100   $1,103,429  


Happn is a location-based mobile dating application that enables its users to build connections based on real-time interactions.

Paris   101-250   $22,000,000  


Peak is the pioneer of the AI System, a new enterprise technology that helps businesses grow using AI and machine learning.

Manchester   51-100   $5,906,902  


Finiata provides working capital financing for freelancers and SME's over a fully automated data driven scoring technology.

Berlin   101-250   $30,929,505  


Activate, formerly known as Bloglovin', is a blog aggregator that allows for multiple blog viewing from one place.

Stockholm   11-50   $18,680,805  


Trafi is the most technologically advanced platform for mobility solutions, powering the world’s leading companies and cities.

Vilnius   51-100   $14,000,000  


Goodiebox is an online cosmetic company that provides cosmetics and beauty products.

Copenhagen   11-50   $6,462,365  


All-in-one, ever-evolving big data platform that uses AI to accelerate growth of your company.

Krakow   101-250   $16,441,726  


Tattoodo is a content provider focused on the tattoo culture and lifestyle.

Copenhagen   11-50   $20,293,785  


Lookiero is an online personal shopper service for women.

Paris   101-250   $23,624,999  


Marketplace of Personal Stylists

Milan   11-50   $1,590,612  


BYHOURS is the first microstays hotel booking platform.

Barcelona   11-50   $9,604,507  


Frey generates efficiencies and opportunities in the market for containerized agricultural commodities.

Aarhus   43840    


Nomoko builds the digital infrastructure for the 4th Industrial revolution--the Mirror World

Zürich   11-50   $2,873,579  

Buddy Pet Foods

A premium D2C all-natural pet food company from Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm   1-10   $1,256,175  


Mutlubiev.com is an online platform where users are able to book cleaning services from service providers

Istanbul   51-100   $5,440,000  


SteamaCo is a venture-backed technology company that enables utilities to sell energy anywhere on the planet.

Manchester   11-50   $8,860,000  


Jahia is an international software vendor of the most complete open-source Java Digital Experience Platform unifying Content, Apps & Data.

Geneva   51-100   $22,500,000  


Stylight is an online platform for the fashion and lifestyle industry worldwide.

Munich   101-250   $1,700,000  


FlexEnable is the global leader in the development and industrialization of organic electronics for flexible displays and sensors.

Cambridge   11-50   $6,040,872  


Nextmarkets is dedicated to helps private investors to operate in a sustainable and better educated manner on the stock exchange.

Cologne   11-50   $13,639,909  


Beleco is a marketplace where members share designer furniture

Stockholm   11-50   $2,328,789  


Hatch makes brand websites shoppable, by adding retail purchase options to the product page.

Amsterdam   50-100   $3,199,146  

Alphapet Ventures

Alphapet Ventures is an online retailer and private label company based in Germany that sells pet food and supplies to pet owners.

Munich   51-100   $14,634,744  


Vispera is an Istanbul-based visual recognition startup.

Istanbul   11-50   $1,855,245  


9T Labs advances lightweight design by simplifying the use of high-performance materials.

Zürich   11-50   $1,015,991  


Unomaly A new way of monitoring critical systems and digital environments.

Stockholm   11-50   $5,205,368  


Curiscope is a UK-based augmented and virtual reality content company.

Brighton   1-10   $1,120,000  

Lone Rooftop

Lone Rooftop develops products to optimise big office buildings for hospitality and sustainability

Amsterdam   1-10   $3,015,205  


ApetEat is a digital corporate catering service that offers Mediterranean dishes.

Madrid   1-10   $1,101,082  


Nude is a financial coach and savings account for first-time home buyers. Save a deposit, without breaking a sweat.

Glasgow   1-10   $2,250,255  


Lokky focuses on more than 6 million entrepreneurs and micro-enterprises with less than 10 employees.

Milan   1-10   $1,316,009  


Smartlane Transport Intelligence is a cloud-based software for the continuous automation and optimization of transport processes.

Munich   1-10   $264,637  


Tricountis a mobile app that helps group of friends share expenses with others

Brussels   1-10   $564,402  


Passporter is a travel community where travelers plan and share trips in one app.

Valencia   11-50   $966,485  


arc-net is a unique cloud based data company that supports product and brand security and authenticity.

Belfast   11-50   $2,503,893  


Boatjump is an online platform for boat rentals that allows users to search, compare, and book a boat anywhere.

Valencia   11-50   $723,901  


Mieuxplacer.com is a free accompaniment for a savings made to measure.

Bordeaux   11-50   $6,366,119  


ZOOT is a fashion and lifestyle multi-brand that offers clothing for men, women, and children as well as housing and design products.

Prague   51-100   $6,400,000  


InAccel provides high performance accelerators for Machine Learning & Analytics applications based on novel FPGA engines as IP blocks

Athens   1-10   $600,000  


Fully autonomous A.I. and robot empowered bartending unit. It serves drinks, handles payments, identifies and communicates with clients.

Tallinn   11-50   $1,098,467  


Fintech API for the Sharing Economy | Collect money from friend and family for anything you wish

Milan   1-10   $2,266,336  


A vacation home rental management solution.

Rome   1-10   $961,094  


PIPPA&JEAN is a social selling community with the aim of many women's wish for a self-determined life.

Frankfurt   11-50   $4,442,415  


Zana is an intelligent assistant that responds to health questions and empower people to get and stay healthy.

Karlsruhe   43840   $189,229  


TRAPPIT is a leading-age Information Technology Company.

Madrid   11-50   $2,915,917  


Tocario is a end-to-end solution to Cloud Providers and Managed Service Providers around the globe.

Stuttgart   11-50   $2,171,262  


ProofID is a specialist provider of fully managed identity management solutions, both on-premise or cloud hosted.

Manchester   11-50   $3,915,902  


Jungle uses tailored AI models to identify when assets are underperforming and predict when they will fail.

Lisbon   1-10    

Le Cicogne

Le Cicogne is a marketplace that brings together the demand and supply of baby-sitting, baby-teaching, and baby-taxis.

Rome   1-10   $676,241  


ESET is an information technology security company that develops security software solutions.

Bratislava   501-1000    


Factorial is a human resources software platform for small and medium companies that integrates vacation management and more.

Barcelona   51-100   $3,802,057  

Age Labs

Age Labs is a molecular diagnostics company focused on reducing the cost of developing drugs by accurately measuring your biological age.

Oslo   1-10   $1,143,515  


Airtight is a privately held company that engages in leakage monitoring, measuring and testing activities.

Oslo   11-50   $2,860,578  


Augmented reality greeting cards.

Sofia   1-10   $109,268  

Choice Holdings

CHOICE Revenue Intelligence is the only proven revenue assurance solution for energy and waterutilities in emerging markets

Luxembourg   101-250   $9,105,000  


Bindwise makes it easy for online retailers & brands to automate key processes, reduce human errors and grow their business.

Riga   43840   $54,709  


Henkel is a chemical and consumer goods company.

Düsseldorf   10001    

Flight Refund

Flight Refund assists air passengers to enforce claims against airlines for delayed or cancelled flights.

Budapest   1-10   $1,046,439  


Zendera is optimizing logistics for small carriers.

Oslo   1-10   $139,655  


BookYourStudy is an online booking website for education, where everyone can book classes online or get free consultation on education

Minsk   11-50   $300,000  


Ashbgame is an online gamer. Showcasing gameplays of hottest and latest games launched on multiple devices, consoles and platforms.

Manchester   1-10   $100,000  


FLAVR is a recipe based online grocery service.

Leeds   1-10    


Discover how life can grow from a seed to a fully-fledged crop, ready to be harvested and enjoyed!

Brussels   1-10   $78,645  


Cocogreen® is a leading international brand of speciality coir substrates for edible crops.

Manchester   501-1000   $629,134  


Luxury Car Rental Marketplace

Tallinn   1-10   $218,235  


Connecting travellers and local concept tours & experiences in Cyprus, Turkey and the UK.

Nicosia   43840   $23,603  

Nationwide Window Cleaning

Nationwide Window Cleaning provides window cleaning professionals services.

Leeds   251-500   $4,824,267  


Navigil designs, manufactures, and sells tracking platforms that are among the most advanced in the world.

Espoo   11-50   $55,915  


Thermico is an international company that operates in the field of thermal coating.

Dortmund   11-50   $2,045,643  


Pawa creates sun-powered batteries for the benefit of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Oslo   1-10   $81,868  

Crisp IM

Crisp is the best way to chat with your website visitors.

Nantes   1-10    


LilaKutu is an online platform that provides its consumers with beauty and personal care products.

Istanbul   11-50   $515,973  


Montblanc offers watches, leather, jewelry, eyewear, and fragrance for men and women.

Hamburg   5001-10000    


Finansist is a cloud service of financial planning and management analysis.

Saint Petersburg     $40,000  

Cognitec Systems

Cognitec develops market-leading face recognition technologies and applications for customers and government agencies around the world.

Dresden   51-100    


UpSurgeOn is an educational platform dedicated to neurosurgery and neuroanatomy.

Milan   11-50   $85,651  


CHOC+ is a new, truly innovative chocolate brand.

Glasgow   1-10   $259,758  


TrackingMap enables a possibility for a fully automated remote digital tachograph data scan and download.

Vilnius     $55,926  


Credissimo is an online financial company that uses proprietary technology to provide instant personal loans and bill payment services.

Sofia   101-250    


Arocell develops and commercializes new and unique biomarker tests that can be used in the prognosis, monitoring, and follow-up of cancer.

Uppsala   11-50   $56,511  

Love the Look

Love the Look puts looks together from different retailers that consumers can purchase.

Birmingham   1-10   $215,410  


Korber AG is operates in the automation, logistics systems, machine tools, pharma systems, tissue and tobacco.

Hamburg   10001    


Creating products to help everybody get the best out of their kitchen

Milan   1-10   $245,768  

Egon Zehnder

Egon Zehnder is a true professional services firm, passionately devoted to your success, ethical in our actions

Geneva   1001-5000    


Shoozy is an application that provides its users with a social network of stores, consumers, fashion bloggers, and brands.

Rome   1-10   $25,975  

Intland Software

Intland Software is the developer and vendor of leading software tools to support the development of safety-critical technology.

Stuttgart   51-100    


Electric scooters, mopeds and kick-scooters sharing company.

Warsaw   11-50    


PeerAce is a community-driven marketplace that offers mobile, on-demand sports and fitness services in your city.

Hamburg   1-10   $27,606  

Content Ignition

We generate high quality opt-in leads using content to engage consumers online.

Lisbon   51-100    


ArjoHuntleigh is a global provider of medical technology products and solutions.

Malmö   5001-10000    


HutGrip is an industrial IoT solution developed and owned by IndigoVerge

Sofia   11-50   $7,500  


Mistertango is the fintech company offering dedicated IBAN accounts to individuals and businesses.

Vilnius   11-50    


Genetrainer is a website that provides a personalized fitness plan for users based on their genes.

Bristol   1-10    


Livello offers an innovative catering service in the form of a smart kiosk.

Düsseldorf   1-10    


NGRAVE's wardware wallets are the safest way to store your crypto. The NGRAVE ZERO is the most secure hardware wallet on the planet

Antwerp   43840    

Companies House Cyprus

Reliable and Up to Date information on companies registered in Cyprus.



Finform stands for the efficient processing and real-time verification of formal compliance-relevant documents.

Bern   11-50    

Gambit Stream

Gambit Stream develops gambling and betting related games.

Kiev   11-50    


Opencode Systems is a telecommunications solution provider, dedicated to open systems for the mobile network.

Sofia   51-100    

blue-infinity Linked by Isobar

We are blue-infinity linked by Isobar, an international digital consulting company developing and implementing IT solutions.

Geneva   501-1000    


Smart CRM system for sports club management and refreshment delivery to seat.

Prague   1-10    


DigitAlb is an Albanian digital satellite and terrestrial TV platform based in Tirana, Albania.

Tirana   251-500    

Sgaia's Vegan Meats

Sgaia Foods is at the heart of a new, innovative approach to plant based living and dining.


Alta Cucina

Al.ta.Cucina is on the mission to create the world's largest community of Italian food lovers.


Surge Group

The Surge Group is a start-up incubator.

Brighton   51-100    

Crowdfunding Portugal

PPL is the Crowdfunding platform of reference in Portugal.

Lisbon   1-10    


Skilleo is a one-stop place where developers can show how skilful they are, learn new skills and apply for tech jobs.

Porto   1-10    


Programatically perform actions on websites (i.e. review sites and social networks) which require logging in before accessing the content.

Belgrade   51-100    


PicPurify is an image moderation API which filters any inappropriate pictures.

Nantes   1-10    


Bodyguard is the first app that cleverly protects you from hateful comments.

Nice   1-10    


Restaurant Food and Flowers Delivery Service in Belarus

Minsk   101-250    

Betboo group

Betboo group provides online betting and gaming services.

Valletta   11-50    


Providing a global energy platform for the transport sectors, connecting those looking for energy with those offering energy

Bergen   43840    


Oplata is a convenient international payment solution that aims to make the process of paying for online purchases simple and safe.

Kiev   51-100    


INAA aka (I need an appointment) lets you book hair and beauty appointments on-line for free.

Glasgow   1-10    

National Cyber ​​Security Centre

The National Cyber Security Centre is responsible for overseeing digital security in the Netherlands.

The Hague   11-50    


Hack42's mission is to facilitate interfaces between creativity, technology and art.

Arnhem   11-50    


Elit'Avia is raising the expectations of luxury, from aircraft charter & management to comprehensive concierge & travel booking services.


Computer Press

Computer Press publishes computer books and magazines in the Czech and Slovak markets.



NowYu allows costumers to interact with vendors and enables them to manage their profile and their relations with vendors.

Ghent   43840    

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