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Seedtable is a weekly newsletter on European tech. It goes out every Friday at 9:00am CET and it’s read by over 10,000 founders, employees and investors.

Who am I?

Heya, my name is Gonz and welcome to Seedtable. Originally from Argentina, I now live in Barcelona (after Paris and Milano). I enjoy many things – coffee, burgers, barbells, planes and books – but I mostly do two things: grow startups and write about tech. My work has been featured in places Wired and Sifted but most of it lives here and goes straight to your inbox.

Why should you subscribe to Seedtable?

Be warned: being a Seedtable reader is hard work

If you want authentic analysis on European technology and how it affects society, you should subscribe.

But be warned – I take a different approach.

Articles are often 2,000+ words long of me rambling about European tech, business and politics. I say “fuck” as often as I have a typo (almost every week) because I don’t have an editor to clean my mess. I'm not that smart either.

But for some reason people like it.

Every Friday morning, folks at companies like Stripe, Transferwise and N26; funds like Atomico, Point Nine Capital, and Entrepreneur First; and news outlets like Sifted and Tech.eu read Seedtable.

I think that’s because I’m authentic.

The European startup needs someone who can speak their mind regardless of the consequences, and I try to do just that. It'd be an honor if you'd check it out.

Why you should not subscribe?

That is an equally important question.

If you are only interested about news, then this is not the right place for you.

The folks at Sifted or Tech.eu do a pretty good job at that.

Seedtable is the place you come to where you want to take it a step further. When you want to understand what a company raising $300 million means for the ecosystem. Or how the EU's new data strategy will play out over time. Or how COVID-19 will impact European technology.

Finally, you shouldn’t subscribe if you don’t mind the occasional “fuck” or typo. My writing is covered by both.

What are they saying about it?

Still on the fence? I’m sure you are wondering what others are saying about Seedtable. Well… quite a bit.

"Continually impressed by @gonsanchezs’s Seedtable - some of the smartest European tech analysis out there."

Matt Clifford, CEO at Entrepreneur First

"Love your newsletter. I recently started seed investing more seriously, so things like this are a blessing!"

Nalden, founder, WeTransfer

"You should totally read @gonsanchezs newsletter, latest on diversity and inclusion - but also slightly controversial. All I know is I kind of get tired of seeing this kind of picture alongside funding announcements."

Robin Wauters, founder, Tech.eu

"As an entrepreneur, Seedtable helps me gain insights into the entire European startup scene. I know if I don't pay attention to the larger ecosystem then I have already lost. This is why I continue to keep my Seedtable email out of the spam folder."

Tegan, founder, Lokalist

"The best early stage newsletter out of Europe. Fact based, opinionated, authentic and fearless. SUBSCRIBE NOW SUBSCRIBE NOW SUBSCRIBE NOW SUBSCRIBE NOW!"

Fabri Caracausi, Alan, Square

"This is great. can't believe I waited so long to subscribe. It's like Stratechery for Europe, and better because it's not the same "consumption models" drawings over and over again."

Ryan Kulp, founder, Fomo

" Your update-mail is one of the best I I read everyone you send - which is a kinda rare thing for me as my inbox, as most inboxes, is flooded with a daily tsunami of mails. Your one is different as it is straight to the point but with a personal touch. As an early reader and also CEO of a startup that is part of your list, I want to support your work."

Maximilian Moehring, founder, Keyp

Go subscribe and give it a try.