44 Software Startups in Norway to Watch in 2020

Norway's Software sector is booming. This year’s list of the best 44 Norway Software startups is an eclectic mix of hyper-growth scaleups, small creative startups and everything in between.

The last update was made on January 24, 2023.

Curated by @gonsanchezs

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Schibsted is a Scandinavian media group with approximately 6,900 employees spread across 29 countries.

Oslo   5001-10000   $632,867,530  


Spiff is a social savings app with a simple mission; help people save money.

Oslo     $1,638,777  

Thin Film Electronics

Thin Film Electronics deploys anti-counterfeiting and product authentication to protect your brand and your bottom line.

Oslo   101-250   $156,515,250  


Aprila Bank is a highly automated niche bank focusing on intuitive on-the-spot financing solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Oslo   11-50   $21,516,133  


Novelda is a sensor company specializing in nanoscale wireless low-power technology for ultra-high resolution impulse radar.

Oslo   11-50   $39,000,000  

Urban Sharing

Urban Sharing is a fleet management platform for shared micromobility.

Oslo   11-50   $12,271,067  


Auka is the Oslo-based payment technology pioneer behind Settle, a safe and easy way to conduct mobile payments.

Oslo   11-50   $8,611,738  


OptiNose develops nasal drug delivery technologies and combined drug and device therapies.

Oslo   101-250   $251,433,477  


Nabobil.no is a Norwegian peer to peer marketplace for underutilized personal vehicles. Rent by the hour, day, or week or month.

Oslo   1-10   $1,572,101  


Soundrop is a social music application that enables users to listen, vote, and interact about songs with their friends.

Oslo   11-50   $6,400,000  


Scrimba is a new format for teaching and learning programming.

Oslo   1-10   $247,627  


FJONG is a digital closet that provides limitless access to fashion in an affordable and sustainable way.

Oslo     $1,114,351  


TicketCo is an omnichannel ticketing and sales solution for events and venues.

Bergen   11-50   $11,818,082  

Ably Medical

Ably is developing technologies that efficiently integrate patient treatment, practical nursing and medical research.

Oslo     $6,189,906  


Lucidtech is a Norwegian company that develops machine learning technology to automate business processes.

Oslo     $605,449  


Lawbotics creates a revolutionary new platform for automating legal documents in a business.

Oslo     $682,178  


Messaging automation that creates awesome employee experiences

Oslo   1-10   $150,000  


Hunit provides tools for professionals to create digitalized investment instruments in markets with no centralized authority

Oslo   1-10   $581,202  

Seaweed Energy Solutions

Seaweed Energy Solutions is a seaweed innovation and business development company.

Trondheim   43840   $2,719,456  


Moodie is an innovative mobile application that combines services and technologies for urban experiences.

Oslo     $938,771  


Last minute tickets for cultural events

Oslo     $493,910  

Mime Petroleum

Mime Petroleum is a new exploration, development and production company focused on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

Oslo     $300,000,000  


BAD NORWEGIAN is a natural skincare brand from Norway, founded by a former NATO soldier, to offer men simple products and routines.

Oslo   1-10   $600,000  


Upwave is a visual productivity platform that helps modern businesses thrive. Organize, plan, track, collaborate and get things done

Oslo   1-10   $790,786  


Sevendof is a technology startup building a scalable drone service platform.

Trondheim     $1,099,360  


The first platform covering a ship's entire dry-docking process.

Oslo   1-10   $368,016  


IncludeOS allows you to run your application in the cloud without an operating system.

Oslo   11-50   $2,646,720  


Bestseller is web-shop of brand clothes and accessories.

Oslo   10001    

Tillit Forsikring

Easy and reasonable insurance ofall your valuables on your phone.

Oslo     $122,788  


MovieMaks gives you the cinema experience anytime, anywhere.

Trondheim   43840   $252,707  


Whereby (formerly appear.in) is a collaboration tool for easy video meetings. No downloads, no logins.

Oslo   11-50   $2,000,000  


DeeMe is a messaging application that enables users to send personalized picture messages to their friends and family.

Bergen   11-50   $598,000  


Cardiaccs' AS develops a new technology that allows continuous monitoring of the heart function, during and after cardiac surgery.

Oslo     $59,667  


Asolvi is the provider of service management software for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the field service industry

Trondheim   51-100    


Wiral is introducing new and extreme angles to filming in challenging areas by making the first ever lightweight cable cam system.

Trondheim   43840    

Easymeeting Inc.

Easymeeting is a developer of video meeting software for a variety of platforms.

Tromsø   11-50    


Aptomar is a leading provider of Integrated Field Monitoring sensors, systems and services for the oil and gas industry.

Trondheim   11-50    

Bergen Energi

Bergen Energi is an energy management services company.

Bergen   101-250    

Pro Well Plan

Pro Well Plan are the fastest bits in the oilfield.

Bergen   43840    


Interwell is a oil service company operating globally.

Tromsø   251-500    


Norled is a ferry and express boat company

Bergen   1001-5000    


UNINETT develops and operates the Norwegian national research and education network, interconnecting.

Trondheim   101-250    


Elsykkelbutikken is a ebike company.



SINTEF is an independent research company that offers world-leading laboratories within a broad spectre of technology areas.

Trondheim   318913    

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