52 Science and Engineering Startups in Germany to Watch in 2020

Germany's Science and Engineering sector is booming. This year’s list of the best 52 Germany Science and Engineering startups is an eclectic mix of hyper-growth scaleups, small creative startups and everything in between.

The last update was made on January 24, 2023.

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Evotec is a drug discovery alliance and development partnership company.

Hamburg   1001-5000   $159,870,166  


Demodesk is the first intelligent online meeting tool for inside sales and customer service teams

Munich   11-50   $2,600,000  


Magazino develops mobile, perception driven robots for warehouse logistics and intralogistics.

Munich   11-50   $24,800,000  


BIO-LUTIONS offers sustainable packaging and disposable tableware solutions made of agricultural residues.

Hamburg   11-50   $11,209,814  


Fineway makes free instant trip planning for everyone.

Munich   101-250   $20,989,973  

Giant Swarm

Giant Swarm is to give everyone the power and freedom to build modern software that runs their world.

Cologne   11-50   $3,325,000  


Toposens builds highly robust and low-cost near-field 3D ultrasound vision technology for robotics and autonomous vehicles.

Munich   11-50   $2,240,018  


Conjoule develops a platform for offering and purchasing local electricity.

Essen   43840   $5,128,427  


Codasip is the company that automates customization of risc-v processors and toolchains.

Munich   101-250   $15,300,000  

GNA Biosolutions

GNA Biosolutions is a private molecular diagnostics company.

Munich   11-50   $20,006,110  

IOmx Therapeutics

iOmx Therapeutics focuses on the development of first-in-class cancer therapeutics.

Munich   11-50   $44,610,494  


Flaregames is a mobile game publisher and developer focused on offering free-to-play games for phones and tablets.

Karlsruhe   101-250   $22,713,906  

Probably Genetic

Probably Genetic helps rare genetic disease patients.

Karlsruhe   43840   $150,000  


Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is a research company that focuses on health, security, communications, and the environment.

Munich   10001   $1,318,967  

kraftwerk TUBES

Specialiced on producing kraftwerk TUBES. TUBES are able to convert any gas to electricity in an automotive or aerical vehicle

Dresden   11-50   $9,407,546  


Bernstein allows companies to create a digital trail of records of their innovation processes using blockchain technology.

Munich   1-10   $314,637  


NexWafe will supply high quality wafers to solar cell producers.

Freiburg     $18,152,862  


Internetstores is a digital multichannel supplier of bike and outdoor products.

Stuttgart   501-1000   $39,837,886  

Attention Insight

Attention Insight is an artificial intelligence platform for consumer visual engagement monitoring.

Hamburg   1-10   $226,370  


Innogy is an energy company.

Essen   51-100    


Soley develops the best software solution for the optimization of complex product diversity.

Munich   11-50   $26,900  


InfanDx developing a new generation of diagnostic tests for the care of neonates.

Cologne     $5,911,352  


Kirby is a file‑based CMS Easy to setup & Easy to use.

Mannheim   11-50    


Autonomous driving and many ADAS systems heavily depend on precise and detailed map data. Atlatec creates HD maps as a service

Karlsruhe   43840    


MukoCell is a pharmaceutical company with headquarters in the German city of Dortmund.

Dortmund   1-10   $3,067,552  


Wunschfutter is pioneer in custom-made dog food in Europe for B2C and B2B. Clear innovation leader in retail and direct business.

Dortmund   11-50   $4,387,463  


Lovoo is a dating App & fastest growing network to meet new people in the area.

Dresden   101-250    


Adbonitas is an internet security company that aims to make digital a safer space for brands.

Cologne   1-10   $597,250  


First digital freight forwarder in Europe using AI to improve utilization of trucks. Long-Haul Trucking, Logistic, Transportation, AI.

Hamburg   11-50    


finanzen.net offers real-time push prices, stock market and news, information on personal finance, and international economic data.

Karlsruhe   43840    

Signal Iduna

Signal Iduna Group provides insurance coverage and services for private and commercial needs, capital formation, banking services.

Dortmund   10001    


Tvarit is the best AI software provider for smart manufacturing, smart factories, and digital transformation.



Allnex is a supplier of resins and additives for architectural, industrial, protective, automotive and special purpose coatings and inks.

Frankfurt   1001-5000    


MeinAuto are auto consultants of automobile sales and services.

Cologne   51-100    


Unity Media provides basic cable television and radio services in Germany.

Cologne   5001-10000    


Epyxs is specialized in collaborating in innovation projects.

Mannheim     $53,854  

Swarm Logistics

A Decentralized Autonomous Logistics Organization (DALO ) - run by machines & based on blockchain

Stuttgart   1-10    


Reparando is currently leading supraregional service providers for high-quality B2B smartphone repairs.

Stuttgart   11-50    


Metronom is using advanced analytics to learn from the massive datasets gathered during their everyday work.



Xamla is an internal Start-Up of PROVISIO GmbH, Germany, focussing on adaptive robotics using AI processes.

Münster   11-50    

Theobald Software

Since its inception in 2004, Theobald Software has grown to become the leading provider for SAP integration solutions.

Stuttgart   11-50    


Easily create a professional press kit for your startup.

Freiburg   43840    


FRENELL delivers proven, cost-efficient Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) with integrated energy storage based on linear Fresnel Collectors.

Karlsruhe   11-50    


GiroSolution develops, integrates and operates payment solutions for e-commerce and e-government.

Stuttgart   11-50    


Als SEO Agentur sorgen wir mit Engagement, Erfahrung und Expertise dafür, dass die Online-Präsenz Ihrer Webseite langfristig optimiert wird.

Dortmund   11-50    

Exceet Secure Solutions

Exceet Secure Solutions is your experienced specialist for Internet of Things (IoT), Heath Telematics, electronic signatures.


Fantastic 5G

Fantastic 5G is a flexible air interface for scalable service delivery within wireless communication networks of the 5th Generation.


Schacht One

Schacht One is the dedicated pioneer for digital innovation for the Haniel Group.

Essen   11-50    


enOware designs and develops geothermal monitoring products, including a range of GEOsniff products.



SDV Group specializes in the manufacturing of high-quality, individualized printing products.


Industrial Data Space

Industrial Data Space is a peer-to-peer network, a virtual data space that supports the secure exchange and the simple linking of data.



Fabmatics GmbH, with its headquarters in Dresden, is an experienced provider of Industry 4.0 solutions, in particular for the automation.

Dresden   241355    

Get the full list of 9,200+ European tech companies

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