55 Science and Engineering Startups in France to Watch in 2020

France's Science and Engineering sector is booming. This year’s list of the best 55 France Science and Engineering startups is an eclectic mix of hyper-growth scaleups, small creative startups and everything in between.

The last update was made on January 21, 2023.

Curated by @gonsanchezs

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Zenaton provides a SaaS technology to orchestrate your background tasks and create world-class business processes.

Paris   11-50   $2,350,000  

DNA Script

DNA Script is focused on the manufacturing of synthetic DNA using a proprietary template-free enzymatic technology.

Paris   11-50   $62,644,096  


HiFiBiO is a biotherapeutics company that mobilizes the human immune system to combat disease.

Paris   101-250   $104,500,000  


Enterome is a medicine company developing drugs for chronic medical conditions relating to abnormalities of bacterial composition.

Paris   11-50   $123,770,822  


Vesper is a French on-demand alcohol and snacks delivery service.

Lyon   11-50    

Eligo Bioscience

Eligobiotics provides a new approach to explore, understand, and control bacterial ecosystems both in human and animals.

Paris   11-50   $27,403,010  


InnovaFeed is a biotech company producing insect-based protein for the feed industry.

Paris   101-250   $63,921,072  


PHENIX is a web and service platform specialized in the reduction of waste.

Paris   51-100   $17,052,004  


Orano is a nuclear fuel cycle company.

Paris   10001   $611,310,466  

GenSight Biologics

GenSight Biologics develops gene therapy-based treatments for retinal degenerative diseases.

Paris   11-50   $111,933,112  


Tilkee is a cloud based app that increases sales team's closing rate and optimizes prospects follow-up by tracking business proposals.

Lyon   11-50   $4,907,831  


Uptime.ac maintains and modernizes elevators of all makes.

Paris   11-50   $11,056,621  


Onxeo is a biotechnology company that develops drugs for oncology.

Paris   11-50   $45,219,356  


Miuros is a cloud-based platform, transparently integrated into your everyday tools.

Lyon   11-50   $2,391,211  


Mapwize is the indoor mapping platform for the creation of new digital services inside buildings and events.

Lille   11-50   $1,430,550  

Provepharm life Solutions

Provepharm life Solutions is a truly unique life sciences research and pharma company, dedicated to a new era of discovery.

Marseille   51-100   $51,315,298  


Solvionic is a company developing specialized chemistry in the field of ionic liquids.

Toulouse     $4,444,908  


DigiSchool provides students with learning tools that assist in their primary to postbaccalaureate education.

Lyon   51-100   $19,753,250  


NightSwapping is a French platform that allows members to host people in their homes in exchange of free accommodation.

Lyon   1-10   $4,825,987  


Unistellar is an incredibly powerful and accurate backyard telescope.

Marseille   11-50   $2,358,246  


DOZ provides a all-in-one marketing software and vetted on-demand marketers help to run and master online marketing.

Lyon   11-50   $1,500,000  


Samboat is an online markeplace for peer-to-peer boat rentals and yacht charters all over the world.

Bordeaux   11-50   $1,379,209  


Try a hi-tech product before buying it on the Internet.

Toulouse   1-10   $1,049,204  


Sensorwake is a company building devices to improve health and well-being through scents.

Nantes   11-50   $1,794,055  


Bleexo is an employee engagement tracking platform.

Toulouse   1-10   $603,075  


Holimetrix has been developed specifically for digital companies that significantly invest in media and marketing services.

Lyon   11-50   $3,828,132  


Antofénol is a post-harvest biocontrol company thatdirects and develops its work on the valorization of viticultural waste.

Montpellier   43840   $1,186,119  


Mazeberry is the best decision-making tool for e-commerce professionals

Lille   11-50   $964,336  


Optimize your teamwork by collectively managing your external communications directly in Slack or in Microsoft Teams

Lyon   1-10   $1,226,029  


Protecting Critical Infrastructures against cyber threats.

Montpellier   11-50   $1,106,636  

InFlectis BioScience

InFlectis BioScience is a private drug discovery company aiming at targeting.

Nantes   1-10   $8,880,390  

Permettez-moi de construire

Permettez-moi de construire is a facilitation service for individuals who want to build or renovate their houses.

Lille   11-50   $428,000  


FlightWatching offers flight monitoring services based on aircraft & aviation data for commercial aircrafts in many countries

Toulouse   1-10   $470,866  


XtraLife opertes as a back-end services provider.

Montpellier   43840   $500,000  


EEWORK is a producer of digital applications and software to help business management.

Marseille   1-10   $1,982,945  


Xenothera is a xenotherapy platform with embedded technology that renovates immunological treatments.

Nantes     $763,718  


Ouroboros designs carrier-grade core network solutions and infrastructures that run on COTS servers or virtualized environments.

Toulouse   1-10   $158,782  


Cdiscount is an e-commerce website offering a wide range of products including high-tech, IT, household appliances, and personal app.

Bordeaux   1001-5000    


Nuage is a Cloud-native tech & data freelance outsourcing platform



Snootlab design and manufacture electronic products for prototyping in industry, startups and for the makers

Toulouse   1-10   $356,364  


Transportation operating and distribution systems for Chauffeur and bus/coach industries

Nantes   1-10   $80,000  


BuyCo is a software aimed at optimizing collaboration & visibility to streamline container shipping.

Marseille   11-50    


Witekio is an embedded software expert with a system level approach, engineering and integrating intelligent systems software.

Lyon   51-100    

Asobo Studio

Asobo Studio is a next generation game developer.

Bordeaux   101-250    


ENOGIA designs, manufactures and sells plug-and-play ORC-modules.

Marseille   11-50    

Swoon Bank

Swoon is a mobile-first online bank

Lille   1-10    


Zéro-Gâchis is an innovative service to save money and avoid food waste during your shopping

Nantes   1-10    


Santédiscount is an online health and beauty retailer.

Toulouse   11-50    

Rouaix Finances

Rouaix Finances offers credit consolidation services.

Toulouse   101-250    


Healthcare data and process analysts, predictive medicine, patient journey modeling

Toulouse   1-10    

Alloga France

Alloga France SAS offers pharmaceutical pre-wholesale services in France.



GREENSPECTOR provides energy efficiency for mobile and IoT applications.

Nantes   11-50    


ITESA engages in the distribution of security systems which includes alarms and systems of video surveillance.



Charging station smartphones & tablets customizable.

Lyon   1-10    


PRIMI is a business network of innovative content producers in the fields of cinema, audiovisual, animation, and so on.

Marseille   11-50    

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