45 Internet Services Startups in Spain to Watch in 2020

Spain's Internet Services sector is booming. This year’s list of the best 45 Spain Internet Services startups is an eclectic mix of hyper-growth scaleups, small creative startups and everything in between.

The last update was made on January 24, 2023.

Curated by @gonsanchezs

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Holaluz supplies green power and gas to SMBs and households across Spain, as the first independent energy company in the country.

Barcelona   101-250   $13,183,433  


Holded develops a business management software designed to simplify task management.

Barcelona   11-50   $8,579,763  


Pagantis, an established fintech founded in 2011, provides automated, friction-free consumer finance for e-commerce transactions in Europe.

Madrid   101-250   $87,342,806  


The Colvin Co is an Spanish online flower shop that offers a wide range of bouquets at accessible prices.

Barcelona   11-50   $12,627,258  


Whisbi provides a conversational sales and marketing platform for B2C enterprises.

Barcelona   101-250   $21,007,222  


Worldsensing is an IoT company specializing in sensing solutions for smart cities and industries with critical assets in remote locations.

Barcelona   11-50   $11,262,131  


Packlink & Packlink PRO are an online platform that offers cost-effective package delivery services in Spain and internationally.

Madrid   101-250   $23,540,230  


Pioneers of residential WiFi sharing, we revolutionized carrier WiFi with our tech. Today, Fon is the world’s leading carrier WiFi provider.

Madrid   251-500   $116,057,374  


Startupxplore is a premium startup investment platform that allows unexperienced and time-savvy investors to diversify their portfolio .

Valencia   1-10   $1,023,139  

Top Doctors

Global leader on trustworthy and up to date data on choosing leading medical professionals, bringing them closer to patients through tech

Barcelona   101-250   $5,170,851  

ABA English

ABA English offers a unique teaching methodology and uses its own proprietary technology.

Barcelona   51-100   $15,400,000  


SamyRoad is a real time-platform that keeps people up to date on their passions.

Madrid   51-100   $2,839,037  


Deporvillage is an online sports retailer specialized in cycling, running and outdoor

Barcelona   51-100   $12,408,961  


Nautal is an online boat rental platform that enables direct contact with the owners.

Barcelona   11-50   $4,253,030  


GetApp is the premier online resource for businesses exploring software as a service (SaaS). Free interactive tools, comparisons, reviews.

Barcelona   11-50   $1,100,000  


Hubtype empowers developers to build, deploy and scale conversational messaging apps and integrate them with enterprise softwares with React

Barcelona   11-50   $1,356,912  

Lola Market

Lola Market is an online platform, offers a quality service in the online purchase of food products in traditional markets.

Madrid   51-100   $3,372,112  


Aervio is a travel management platform for booking process that integrates AI.

Barcelona   11-50   $1,558,226  


Peoople is the app to find the best recommendations from your friends and favourite Influencers.

Madrid   11-50   $1,601,344  


Agroptima is a farmer-centric mobile-based farm management software that makes farms more profitable and easy to manage.

Barcelona   11-50   $3,838,712  


ReviewPro is a customer intelligence tool enabling hotels to manage their online reputation and social media.

Barcelona   51-100   $6,756,367  


On a mission to make work calmer, more organized, and more productive with simple yet powerful tools like Todoist & Twist.

Barcelona   51-100   $40,000  


Civiciti provides users with an end-to-end data encryption channel to protect the privacy of citizen identities.

Barcelona   11-50   $38,639,727  


A platform that seamlessly guides you towards understanding how valuable your company is.

Valencia   11-50   $538,831  

SOM Biotech

SOM Biotech provides drug repositioning and reprofiling services intended to treat rare neurological diseases.

Barcelona   1-10   $9,990,879  


Quipu is an invoicing and financial management cloud-based software that simplifies the accounting process for small enterprises.

Barcelona   11-50   $3,822,551  


Pycno is bringing continuous data monitoring and system control to agriculture.

Valencia   1-10   $515,555  


Photoslurp is a visual commerce and marketing platform for brands that collect photos across the social media networks of their customers.

Barcelona   11-50   $870,845  


Ubeo is a gamified shopping app where customer can bid on products and services, all starting at 0 euros.

Barcelona   51-100   $6,937,812  


MYSPHERA focuses on the use of real-time location systems app in healthcare environments.

Valencia   11-50   $4,070,592  


Triporate simplifies Corporate Travel using Artificial Intelligence.

Madrid   11-50   $430,937  


Jobin is a digital platform that allows you to find professionals of the home to make any reform or repair.

Madrid   11-50   $1,519,984  


Passporter is a travel community where travelers plan and share trips in one app.

Valencia   11-50   $966,485  


Gudog is the leading Europe online platform connecting dog owners with trustworthy pet sitters.

Madrid   11-50   $734,468  


Wooptix is the first spin-off company. The technology has broad applications, from 3D acquisition using a single camera of a mobile phone

Madrid   11-50   $3,325,020  


Box2box is an online door to door storage service that allows their clients to store their items without dedicating time or effort.

Madrid   1-10   $330,845  


Tutellus is a P2P edtech platform based on blockchain that pays students for learning.

Madrid   11-50   $1,453,521  


Visualfy creates technological solutions that improve the lives of people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Valencia   11-50   $3,057,288  


Beroomers is the mid-term housing marketplace for students and young professionals, present in more than 50 destinations worldwide.

Valencia   11-50   $278,220  

Bewater Funds

Private securities investment for professional investors, with liquidity

Madrid   1-10   $979,057  


Aabloo is an online learning platform that offers language learning materials and supportive services.

Valencia     $15,000,000  


Adtuo provides advertising campaigns on social media with the use of artificial intelligence.

Madrid   11-50   $116,936  


TheMotion is a technology company that creates automated and dynamic advertising videos.

Madrid   11-50   $1,732,396  


Fyla is manufacturing laser technology designed for high-end industrial applications.

Valencia   11-50   $83,425  


MasCupon offers coupons and discount codes of online stores such as Amazon, Spartoo, Pixmania, Redcoon, and La Redoute.

Valencia   1-10   $1,300,960  

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