42 Internet Services Startups in Poland to Watch in 2020

Poland's Internet Services sector is booming. This year’s list of the best 42 Poland Internet Services startups is an eclectic mix of hyper-growth scaleups, small creative startups and everything in between.

The last update was made on January 21, 2023.

Curated by @gonsanchezs

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Nethone is an A.I.-powered solutions that help convert threats and challenges into well-informed and profitable decisions.

Warsaw   101-250   $1,000,000  


Elmodis offers an end-to-end IoT solution that monitors performance and improves operating efficiency of industrial machines.

Krakow   11-50   $5,150,000  


NovaKid offers an effective way of learning, encouraging your child to communicate in English.

Krakow   51-100   $1,527,796  


Devskiller is a developer screening and online interview platform powered by RealLifeTesting™ methodology.

Warsaw   11-50   $500,000  

Digital Fingerprints

Digital Fingerprints is a continuous authentication solution based on behavioural biometrics compliant with PSD2 and GDPR

Katowice   11-50   $2,000,000  


Yosh.AI develops voice assistant for retailers enabling them to enter voice commerce on platforms like Google Assistant and Alexa.

Warsaw     $2,238,689  

Vortex Oil Engineering

Vortex Oil improves water flooding technology and can boost oil extraction volume.

Warsaw   1-10   $1,404,505  

AIDA Diagnostics

AIDA Diagnostics is a software based on machine learning algorithms which optimizing blood transfusions in hospital.

Warsaw   1-10   $200,000  

Wanda Maps

Wanda Maps is a community to build and share personalized maps of local recommendations.

Krakow   1-10   $100,211  


Smart system automating delivery management for complex construction sites.

Warsaw   11-50   $307,792  


4Mobility is a first polish car-sharing operator.

Warsaw   11-50   $1,876,087  


Datarino is leading polish data-driven company that turns information into consumer insight.

Wroclaw   51-100   $2,642,480  


Husarion manufactures an unmanned ground vehicle controller used in consumer robotics applications.

Krakow   1-10   $578,000  


Sporticos provides football statistics in the form of infographics.

Warsaw   11-50   $381,680  

Omni Calculator

Omni Calculator helps you make better decisions when faced with math-based problems.

Krakow   11-50   $31,059  


A marketplace for industrial waste.

Warsaw   1-10   $267,289  


Whisbear is the company behind the Humming Bear, an app-powered toy helping kids fall asleep at night and during nap time.

Warsaw     $1,665,019  

Work Service

Work Service is the temporary staffing and personnel outsourcing company in Poland.

Wroclaw     $34,626,684  

HOJO Clean

hojoclean.pl is a leading online marketplace of professional cleaning services.

Warsaw   501-1000   $765,852  


MYLED has created and developed a platform that allows you to consolidate the market of electronic advertising media in Indoor and Outdoor

Krakow   1-10   $300,000  


Globema is a computer software company that specializes in geospatial technologies and software development.

Warsaw   101-250   $56,198  


The NewLife project uses laser ablation technology to clean the surface of buildings, monuments, sculptures.

Warsaw     $158,643  


JCommerce SA are an IT consulting and software development company, which offers the knowledge.

Katowice   43840    


ConnectPoint delivers innovative software for industry, power, and utilities sector.

Warsaw   51-100   $55,997  


Ardeo services IT developers and startups founders believing in the power of inspiration.

Warsaw   11-50   $50,868  


GeeksDeck helps start-ups and SMEs on three levels - UI/UX, software development and business solutions.

Wroclaw   43840   $26,169  


Tooploox is a software development studio specializing in artificial intelligence, mobile and web development.

Wroclaw   101-250    


Techland focused on the distribution of software in Poland.

Wroclaw   501-1000    


Railsware is a premium software development consulting company, focused on delivering great web and mobile applications.

Krakow   11-50   $60,000  


Construction Oversight Software

Wroclaw   43840    


Grenton is a complete Smart Home System, in which modules can communicate in various standards.

Krakow   11-50    


Pyszne.pl - website for ordering food online.



Shapespark allows to create web based 3D architectural presentations with VR support

Krakow   1-10    


Cloud-based software using advanced algorithms to optimize the production of transportation companies, and connect them together.

Wroclaw   11-50    


AgileVision is a professional service provider focused on bringing digital transformation benefits to businesses.

Krakow   11-50    

Columbus Energy

Energy efficiency company, leader of the solar photovoltaic market in Poland.

Krakow   101-250    


PROIDEA – Polish company specialized in organising unique, hip and relevant tech conferences.

Krakow   1-10    


Clico is a network security company.

Krakow   101-250    


Noconf is a automatic agenda scheduler, that can help you make a perfect agenda within a few clicks.

Wroclaw   43840    


HugeTech is a company dealing with creating and developing startups, combining technological projects with large companies.



impleCode is a Poland-based company that develops product related plugins and themes for WordPress.

Wroclaw   43840    


InTENSO specializes in building and developing advanced IT solutions.

Wroclaw   11-50    

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