125 Internet Services Startups in Germany to Watch in 2020

Germany's Internet Services sector is booming. This year’s list of the best 125 Germany Internet Services startups is an eclectic mix of hyper-growth scaleups, small creative startups and everything in between.

The last update was made on January 24, 2023.

Curated by @gonsanchezs

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GetYourGuide operates an online platform for booking tours, attractions and activities worldwide.

Berlin   501-1000   $654,500,000  


SoundCloud is a social sound platform where anyone can create and share sounds.

Berlin   251-500   $467,820,688  


Mambu is an SaaS banking engine powering innovative lending and deposits.

Berlin   101-250   $47,960,252  


Helpling is an online booking and payment platform that provides on-demand home services outside the U.S.

Berlin   101-250   $95,048,938  


Omio is a search tool that allows to find the fastest, cheapest and best travel options.

Berlin   101-250   $296,000,000  


Wunder Mobility is a tech platform that enables companies and cities worldwide to provide clean, convenient, and accessible mobility.

Hamburg   101-250   $70,000,000  


Contentful is the content management infrastructure for projects of any size, with its flexible APIs and global CDN.

Berlin   101-250   $79,600,000  


Tourlane is a booking platform for multi-day tours, offering amazing experiences to over 30 countries worldwide.

Berlin   251-500   $81,000,000  


Uberall powers sales through location data, using the innovative location marketing cloud.

Berlin   250+   $60,000,000  


Wunderlist is a cloud-based task management application.

Berlin   101-250   $34,983,889  


Searchmetrics is the pioneer and leading global enterprise platform for international SEO.

Berlin   251-500   $46,235,961  


ResearchGate provides a professional network for the scientific community to connect with each other to share and discuss research.

Berlin   251-500   $87,600,000  


Holidu is building the search engine for vacation rentals. The startup also offers a software and service solution for vacation rental owners under the brand Bookiply.

Munich   101-250   $50,658,004  


NavVis is a global provider of indoor spatial intelligence solutions for enterprises.

Munich   101-250   $45,572,840  


Simplesurance creates a platform for simple access to insurance to combine traditional insurance industries with digital business.

Berlin   101-250   $59,900,000  


Carmudi is an online marketplace for new and used cars and motorcycles in Mexico, the Middle East and Asia.

Berlin   251-500   $45,000,000  


Exporo is an online platform for real estate investments.

Hamburg   101-250   $66,292,167  


Lingoda offers online language lessons with qualified native speaking teachers.

Berlin   101-250   $13,739,161  


Joblift is a job search platform providing candidates with the most intuitive and frictionless experience during the recruiting process.

Berlin   101-250   $28,459,145  

Global Savings Group

Global Savings Group is a commerce content platform that unites multiple digital models, for customers, advertisers and publishers.

Munich   251-500   $41,263,049  


Zizoo is a leading boat holiday platform.

Berlin   101-250   $10,134,765  

Mister Spex

Mister Spex is an online store that sells various brands of glasses and contact lenses.

Berlin   251-500   $141,739,669  


Thinksurance is a technology distribution platform for business insurance used by brokers, agents, banks and further sales channels.

Frankfurt   51-100   $19,120,586  

Spryker Systems

Spryker is a commerce technology designed for fast growing fast moving companies that compete in a digital environment.

Berlin   101-250   $22,000,000  


ChartMogul is an analytics platform to simplify your subscription business.

Berlin   11-50   $3,700,000  


Caroobi is an integrated marketplace for automotive aftersales.

Berlin   51-100   $20,000,000  


dashdash is a platform that allows users to create applications using only spreadsheet skills.

Berlin   11-50   $9,000,000  


Mylivn is a lifestyle platform that simplifies social life by letting people create their own micro-networks.

Munich   11-50   $4,577,814  


Nightcorn is an online platform for watching video content.

Hamburg   11-50   $4,500,000  


AssistMe creates a complete care infrastructure, primarily through intelligent incontinence solutions.

Berlin   11-50   $5,681,541  


Codasip is the company that automates customization of risc-v processors and toolchains.

Munich   101-250   $15,300,000  


GreenPocket is a leading specialist for consumption visualization and energy management.

Cologne   11-50   $11,621,450  

Morpheus Space

Morpheus Space is disrupting the NewSpace industry by introducing Agile Constellations, a fusion between cutting edge propulsion and AI.

Dresden   43840   $1,500,000  


MessengerPeople is one of the pioneering companies in professional messenger services.

Munich   51-100   $5,962,503  


Secucloud is a service provider of cloud-based IT security, operating worldwide.

Hamburg   51-100   $13,848,732  

Alphapet Ventures

Alphapet Ventures is an online retailer and private label company based in Germany that sells pet food and supplies to pet owners.

Munich   51-100   $14,634,744  


COBI is an integrated system that connects users' bike with their smartphone new riding experience.

Frankfurt   51-100   $11,701,358  


corrux is a software company that enables enterprises to maximize the efficiency of industrial equipment

Munich   1-10   $3,100,000  


itravel provides customized online mobile leisure booking.

Cologne   11-50   $16,516,397  


Localyze offers a software solution for relocation management.

Hamburg   1-10   $209,017  

DARAG Deutsche Versicherungs und Rückversicherungs

DARAG Deutsche Versicherungs- und Rückversicherungs is a legacy specialist and a pioneer in the delivery of finality solutions.

Hamburg   51-100   $303,953,144  


Spindiag develops an easy-to-use, compact, and automated point-of-care system.

Freiburg   11-50   $9,761,551  


Sustainable banking. Green Finance. A bank that funds and promotes Renewable Energy, Solar Power, Wind Power and sustainable agriculture.

Hamburg   1-10    


VoltStorage is vision was and is to make renewable energy available 24/7 for everyone to enable a green, sustainable and fair future.

Munich   11-50   $85,651  


CARSYNC is provider for business mobility services and residential carsharing.

Munich   51-100   $5,578,739  

Hawa Dawa

A new ground-to-space air quality analytics platform with the purpose of positioning data-driven environmental insights at the heart of managing resilient urban environments

Munich   11-50   $58,706  


ProGlove develops innovative industrial wearables that enable manufacturing and logistics staff to work faster, safer, and easier.

Munich   101-250   $49,076,900  

Northern Bitcoin

Northern Bitcoin has made it its mission to challenge the status quo of bitcoin mining, and to redefine it.

Frankfurt   11-50   $9,103,322  


KONUX integrates smart sensor systems and artificial intelligence to maximize asset performance.

Munich   51-100   $51,633,908  


GameBuddy enables gamers to challenge themselves and others on things happening in their favorite online game

Hamburg   1-10   $149,069  


Face recognition for payments and financial services.

Munich   11-50   $109,724  


Cherrydeck is a search engine to connect creatives with clients, and allow them to collaborate.

Hamburg   1-10   $566,050  


Payworks provides payment gateway technology for the POS.

Munich   101-250   $19,000,000  


Helping premature babies to recover faster by keeping them connected to their mothers.

Stuttgart   1-10   $65,000  


Tocario is a end-to-end solution to Cloud Providers and Managed Service Providers around the globe.

Stuttgart   11-50   $2,171,262  


Alugha is a meta-video platform for multilingual videos such as trailers or tutorials.

Mannheim   11-50   $3,550,000  


Loxonet digitalizes the European organisation sector with a high performance SaaS software

Hamburg   1-10   $289,427  


Penseo makes company pensions simple, digital, and understandable.

Hamburg   11-50   $79,087  


Fashionette is an online retailer for handbags, evening gowns, jewelry and sun glasses.

Düsseldorf   101-250   $2,023,876  


tsenso is an automated, cloud-based solution to track and gather information on product storage conditions from farm to fork.

Stuttgart   1-10   $81,446  

Ferroelectric Memory Company

Ferroelectric Memory Company solves one of the most important hardware challenges in the age of Internet-of-Things.

Dresden   43840   $80,864  


An omnichannel feedback software company helping organizations start making better decisions.

Munich   1-10   $938,643  


CoreMedia Content Cloud. Be Iconic.

Hamburg   101-250   $4,245,770  


Restube manufactures a range of safety buoys that offers safety for water-related activities.

Karlsruhe   11-50   $678,027  


RWE is pan-European energy company.

Essen   10001    

CONIAS Risk Intelligence

CONIAS Risk Intelligence is an independent company specialized in risk management regarding political conflicts.

Mannheim   11-50   $27,284  

Cognitec Systems

Cognitec develops market-leading face recognition technologies and applications for customers and government agencies around the world.

Dresden   51-100    


StudyDrive is an integrated sharing and discussion platform for students.

Cologne   1-10    


Saloodo! is a platform that helps shippers to find road freight carriers and helps carriers to find loads optimizing their truck capacities.

Cologne   51-100    


FastBill is a pioneer in web-based finance management for small businesses.

Frankfurt   51-100    


Movie Search Engine - recommendations based on the user's occasion, mood & the desired movie atmosphere

Frankfurt   1-10    


Trimble is a leader in photogrammetry and digital surface modeling for aerial surveying, mapping and remote sensing applications.

Stuttgart   5001-10000    


Sleekcommerce develops cloudbased e-commerce solutions that offer new possibilities for professionals and retailers as well.

Hamburg   1-10   $58,142  


Flio is an android mobile application that lets users find helpful information about airports.

Hamburg   11-50    


Liefery delivers shipments in more than 50 german cities within 90 minutes or at customer‘s specific moment in time.

Frankfurt   11-50    


Creators of home automation products and specialists in Z-Wave, Aeon Labs offers a broad range of IoT accessories under its Aeotec brand.

Hamburg   501-1000    


ETAS provides innovative solutions for the development of embedded systems for the automotive industry.



Famobi delivers HTML5 gaming content for mobile and web browsers and offers revenue for developers and publishers.



Protel provides customized software solutions for the perfect hotel management since 1994.

Dortmund   251-500    


fitogram is an online marketplace for fitness- and health-related activities.

Cologne   1-10    

Cultured Code

Cultured Code is a software company that makes Things, an award-winning task manager for Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch.

Stuttgart   1-10    


An AI-powered service extracting information from restaurant menu cards for Food Delivery Services, PoS Systems and OS Services.

Cologne   1-10    


fluidmobile is an app studio focused native app development with great user experience.

Karlsruhe   101-250    


Ibau is working as an information service for tenders with public and commercial awards.


Mojin Robotics

Mojin Robotics develops an assistant robot for humans called Care-O-bot 4.

Stuttgart   1-10    

Virtual Minds

Virtual Minds provides digital advertising and hosting services.

Freiburg   251-500    


Kautionsfrei Rent without deposit! The Deposit Guarantee saves you the deposit.

Düsseldorf   11-50    


Averbis develops search technologies and text analytics software for the health care market.

Freiburg   11-50    

Startup SAFARI

Startup SAFARIA connects local startup ecosystems in a global community.

Cologne   1-10    


Sicherbezahlen.de provides an online payment solution for step-by-step transactions.

Cologne   11-50    


Tunnelware is a VaaS (Virtuality as a Service) for tunnel construction industry.

Cologne   1-10    


SituatiVe offers event based insurance granting consumers hassle free and digital risk transfer at the point of demand.



JimDrive offers European & roadside assistance with all-round service.


United Signals

The United Signals is a German company for financial technologies and a specialist in digital asset management solutions.

Frankfurt   11-50    


Blickshift provides innovative software solutions for the efficient analysis of eye movements.

Stuttgart   1-10    


CommSolid is the cellular IP company providing leading edge ultra-low power solutions for the growing IoT market.

Dresden   11-50    


Extoll delivers cutting-edge products to the High-Performance Computing (HPC) and data center markets.

Mannheim   11-50    

jCatalog Software

jCatalog Software is a provider of software solutions for the management and distribution of product information.

Dortmund   101-250    

Romaco Group

Romaco Group provides machinery and equipment for the manufacture and packaging of tablets.

Karlsruhe   251-500    


MONKEY WORKS GmbH is a Developing industrial user interfaces becomes a pleasure with the HMI-Suite.

Dresden   11-50    

Smile Me Up

Smile Me Up offer clear teeth straightening solutions at insane prices through professionals.

Düsseldorf   1-10    


Intelligente Sensorsysteme Dresden GmbH is an Electrical and Electronic Manufacturing company.

Dresden   11-50    


weg.de is one of the most famous online travel portals in Germany.


DL Technik

DL Technik GmbH offers heating, ventilating, and air conditioning installation services.

Essen   43840    

Neuffer Fenster + Türen

Neuffer Fenster + Türen manufactures and sells windows and doors for various properties in Germany and internationally.

Stuttgart   101-250    


iHealtho offers personalized healthcare insurance solutions.

Düsseldorf   1-10    

DocCheck Guano

Guano provides the ideal fertilizer for startups: capital, know-how, market access and network

Cologne   51-100    


Relution is the Unified Endpoint Management platform for innovative companies and educational institutions.

Stuttgart   51-100    


SoJ is all-in-one app to find new gamers to play with and chat with your friends.

Düsseldorf   1-10    

SES RFID Solutions

SES is one of the world’s leading suppliers of RFID solutions.


Dr. Z

Dr. Z is an association of independent dentists with currently twenty dental practices and dental centers nationwide.



CrowdInvesting | CrowdFunding for Equity - Rewards - Donation

Stuttgart   1-10    


SIM-Networks by Netversor is an international provider of Cloud & infrastructure services with its HQ located in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Karlsruhe   11-50    


International corporate finance and strategic consulting firm.

Düsseldorf   1-10    


Brinell - technology refined. German Technology and Design lab that gives electronic storage media the special brinell touch.



Mobile Business Reporting & Intelligence

Karlsruhe   43840    


Stadt.Land.Netz develops and distributes innovative software solutions for public and private clients to optimize student.



bwcon creates a unique platform for cross-sectoral cooperation between developers, users and investors.

Stuttgart   11-50    

Unicon Software

Unicon – leading provider of software solutions for server based computing.

Karlsruhe   11-50    


Full SaaS and hardware solution to integrate within existing restaurant operations and management.

Stuttgart   1-10    


Rixius deals with the trading of plastic and glass containers, especially for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Mannheim   51-100    


Muvon We bundle solutions that enable clean and economic mobility as well as energy supply at a point of contact.


Nanotech Digital

Nanotech Digital develops graphene technology and graphene applications.

Dresden   43840    

EA Systems

EA Systems engages in planning, evaluation, and optimization of modern energy systems.

Dresden   11-50    


RISE is a tech company with a filed for patent AI / ML platform changing the way how funds, investors and asset managers trade.

Munich   11-50   $11,000,000  

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