31 Internet Services Startups in Denmark to Watch in 2020

Denmark's Internet Services sector is booming. This year’s list of the best 31 Denmark Internet Services startups is an eclectic mix of hyper-growth scaleups, small creative startups and everything in between.

The last update was made on November 26, 2022.

Curated by @gonsanchezs

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Copenhagen     $200,000  


#1 platform and performance app for youth footballers

Copenhagen   11-50   $11,127,082  


Making display advertising simple, relevant, rewarding for advertisers, agencies and publishers

Copenhagen   501-1000   $27,500,000  


Airtame is the most user-friendly wireless HDMI streaming solution for schools and businesses.

Copenhagen   51-100   $7,621,964  


Onomondo is a global cellular operator for IoT

Copenhagen   1-10   $1,599,317  

Happy Helper

Happy Helper is the leading danish platform for on-demand home services.

Copenhagen   11-50   $7,875,815  


Actimo is an easy-to-use communication and engagement platform to reach, train, and manage your workforce on their mobile.

Copenhagen   51-100   $3,287,929  


Keepit provides cloud backup and SaaS workload protection services for Office 365, Google Apps and Salesforce.

Copenhagen   51-100   $11,286,327  


Sleeknote is a customer engagement tool for ecommerce businesses, used to engage visitors and turn them into customers

Aarhus   11-50   $1,126,431  


Trustpilot is a leading independent review platform - free and open to all.

Copenhagen   501-1000   $192,800,000  


BLUETOWN offers a sustainable, low-cost technology solution and business model to bring rural internet access to the developing world.

Copenhagen   51-100   $12,251,451  


Hypefactors is leading the PR tech revolution. All the tools to power your hype. All the facts to document your results.

Copenhagen   11-50   $1,551,951  


Iconfinder is a search engine and marketplace for icons for web developers.

Copenhagen   1-10   $1,500,000  


Graduateland offers a career network for students and recent graduates, enabling them to discover job opportunities.

Copenhagen   11-50   $928,590  


AutoUncle is a price comparison site that enables users to buy and sell used cars.

Aarhus   11-50   $1,095,412  


IndieFrame is an independent digital distribution platform that brings the content creator and the media together.

Copenhagen   11-50   $5,500,000  


ChurchDesk is a cloud-based church management platform that enables church staff and volunteers to increase their productivity and workflow.

Copenhagen   11-50   $3,250,000  


Qvest is an online tool for cross-functional change projects.

Copenhagen   11-50   $730,000  


Mover is a service that enables individuals and traders to order immediate transport online.

Copenhagen   11-50   $1,137,575  


SCALGO brings cutting-edge massive terrain data processing technology to the market.

Aarhus   11-50   $81,868  

Startup City

Startup City is the place where bad ideas go to die, and good ideas get boosted.

Aarhus   251-500    


LeanLinking is a Software-As-A-Service enterprise solution build for the procurement function in larger organisations.

Aarhus   11-50    


Rains is a Danish rainwear company.

Aarhus   51-100    


Data privacy laws are complicated. Complying with them doesn’t have to be. Peliba helps keep your documentation dynamic and up to date.

Aarhus   43840    


Asaga is a social media plartform for sharing stories.

Aarhus   43840    


Subscription model for a two-sided marketplace, supply and demand side.



Ceptu creates satellite based software applications for farmers.

Aarhus   43840    

Mosson Stable

Mosson Stable is an app that keeps track of all the details of working with every single horse to let you focus on all your many other tasks



Media Workers - professional partner in web solutions, e- business, intranet, CMS and process optimization.

Aarhus   11-50    


eShout.org is a local search engine that connects people with everything that interests them.

Aarhus   11-50    


Qontra generates shareholders’ agreements specifically tailored to their clients’ and their co-owners’ needs.

Aarhus   43840    

Get the full list of 9,200+ European tech companies

Download a carefully-curated .csv of over 9,200+ fast-growing European tech companies you can research, apply to and do business with.

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