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European Startup Rankings by Locations

A collection of the top startups you must follow across Europe, industry by industry. You can also check all European startups.

Curated by @gonsanchezs
Germany Climate Tech & Green Tech
France Climate Tech & Green Tech
UK Climate Tech & Green Tech
Spain Climate Tech & Green Tech
The Netherlands Climate Tech & Green Tech
Sweden Climate Tech & Green Tech
Italy Climate Tech & Green Tech
Denmark Climate Tech & Green Tech
Finland Climate Tech & Green Tech
Switzerland Climate Tech & Green Tech
Norway Climate Tech & Green Tech
Berlin Climate Tech & Green Tech
Munich Climate Tech & Green Tech
Helsinki Climate Tech & Green Tech
Oslo Climate Tech & Green Tech
Paris Climate Tech & Green Tech
London Climate Tech & Green Tech
Madrid Climate Tech & Green Tech
Stockholm Climate Tech & Green Tech
Germany Health Tech
France Health Tech
UK Health Tech
Spain Health Tech
The Netherlands Health Tech
Sweden Health Tech
Portugal Health Tech
Italy Health Tech
Ireland Health Tech
Belgium Health Tech
Denmark Health Tech
Finland Health Tech
Austria Health Tech
Switzerland Health Tech
Poland Health Tech
Norway Health Tech
Scotland Health Tech
Berlin Health Tech
Manchester Health Tech
Geneva Health Tech
Zürich Health Tech
Glasgow Health Tech
Lyon Health Tech
Munich Health Tech
Brussels Health Tech
Copenhagen Health Tech
Helsinki Health Tech
Vienna Health Tech
Oslo Health Tech
Cambridge Health Tech
Lausanne Health Tech
Gothenburg Health Tech
Lund Health Tech
Oxford Health Tech
Paris Health Tech
London Health Tech
Dublin Health Tech
Madrid Health Tech
Barcelona Health Tech
Amsterdam Health Tech
Stockholm Health Tech
Germany Edtech
France Edtech
UK Edtech
Spain Edtech
Sweden Edtech
Italy Edtech
Denmark Edtech
Finland Edtech
Norway Edtech
Berlin Edtech
Paris Edtech
London Edtech
Madrid Edtech
Stockholm Edtech
Germany Fintech
France Fintech
UK Fintech
Spain Fintech
The Netherlands Fintech
Sweden Fintech
Portugal Fintech
Italy Fintech
Ireland Fintech
Belgium Fintech
Denmark Fintech
Czech Republic Fintech
Finland Fintech
Estonia Fintech
Austria Fintech
Turkey Fintech
Switzerland Fintech
Poland Fintech
Norway Fintech
Malta Fintech
Scotland Fintech
Prague Fintech
Berlin Fintech
Hamburg Fintech
Frankfurt Fintech
Istanbul Fintech
Manchester Fintech
Zürich Fintech
Valletta Fintech
Tallinn Fintech
Munich Fintech
Brussels Fintech
Copenhagen Fintech
Helsinki Fintech
Milan Fintech
Vienna Fintech
Oslo Fintech
Zug Fintech
Warsaw Fintech
Paris Fintech
London Fintech
Dublin Fintech
Madrid Fintech
Barcelona Fintech
Amsterdam Fintech
Stockholm Fintech
Germany Crypto & web3
France Crypto & web3
UK Crypto & web3
Spain Crypto & web3
Estonia Crypto & web3
Switzerland Crypto & web3
Malta Crypto & web3
Valletta Crypto & web3
Tallinn Crypto & web3
Zug Crypto & web3
Paris Crypto & web3
London Crypto & web3
Germany Agritech
France Agritech
UK Agritech
Sweden Agritech
Norway Agritech
Paris Agritech
London Agritech
Germany Foodtech
France Foodtech
UK Foodtech
Spain Foodtech
The Netherlands Foodtech
Sweden Foodtech
Italy Foodtech
Denmark Foodtech
Switzerland Foodtech
Berlin Foodtech
Milan Foodtech
Paris Foodtech
London Foodtech
Madrid Foodtech
Barcelona Foodtech
Stockholm Foodtech
Germany Gaming
France Gaming
UK Gaming
Spain Gaming
Sweden Gaming
Finland Gaming
Helsinki Gaming
Paris Gaming
London Gaming
Stockholm Gaming
Germany Hardware
France Hardware
UK Hardware
Spain Hardware
The Netherlands Hardware
Sweden Hardware
Italy Hardware
Ireland Hardware
Belgium Hardware
Denmark Hardware
Finland Hardware
Switzerland Hardware
Poland Hardware
Norway Hardware
Scotland Hardware
Berlin Hardware
Zürich Hardware
Munich Hardware
Copenhagen Hardware
Helsinki Hardware
Oslo Hardware
Cambridge Hardware
Lausanne Hardware
Edinburgh Hardware
Paris Hardware
London Hardware
Madrid Hardware
Barcelona Hardware
Stockholm Hardware
Germany CPG & Consumer Goods
France CPG & Consumer Goods
UK CPG & Consumer Goods
Spain CPG & Consumer Goods
The Netherlands CPG & Consumer Goods
Sweden CPG & Consumer Goods
Berlin CPG & Consumer Goods
Paris CPG & Consumer Goods
London CPG & Consumer Goods
Barcelona CPG & Consumer Goods
Stockholm CPG & Consumer Goods
Germany AI
France AI
Spain AI
Sweden AI
Italy AI
Belgium AI
Denmark AI
Finland AI
Austria AI
Poland AI
Norway AI
Berlin AI
Zürich AI
Munich AI
Milan AI
Oslo AI
Paris AI
London AI
Germany AR / VR
London AR / VR
Germany Fashion
France Fashion
UK Fashion
Spain Fashion
Sweden Fashion
Paris Fashion
London Fashion
Stockholm Fashion
Germany Adtech
France Adtech
UK Adtech
Sweden Adtech
Paris Adtech
London Adtech
Stockholm Adtech
Germany Biotech
France Biotech
UK Biotech
Spain Biotech
The Netherlands Biotech
Sweden Biotech
Denmark Biotech
Finland Biotech
Switzerland Biotech
Zürich Biotech
Copenhagen Biotech
Cambridge Biotech
Oxford Biotech
Paris Biotech
London Biotech
Barcelona Biotech
Stockholm Biotech
Germany Deep Tech
France Deep Tech
UK Deep Tech
Spain Deep Tech
The Netherlands Deep Tech
Sweden Deep Tech
Ireland Deep Tech
Denmark Deep Tech
Finland Deep Tech
Switzerland Deep Tech
Norway Deep Tech
Scotland Deep Tech
Zürich Deep Tech
Munich Deep Tech
Copenhagen Deep Tech
Cambridge Deep Tech
Lausanne Deep Tech
Paris Deep Tech
London Deep Tech
Barcelona Deep Tech
Stockholm Deep Tech
Germany Insuretech
France Insuretech
UK Insuretech
Paris Insuretech
London Insuretech
Germany Sportstech
France Sportstech
UK Sportstech
Spain Sportstech
Sweden Sportstech
London Sportstech
Germany Proptech & Real Estate
France Proptech & Real Estate
UK Proptech & Real Estate
Spain Proptech & Real Estate
The Netherlands Proptech & Real Estate
Sweden Proptech & Real Estate
Italy Proptech & Real Estate
Belgium Proptech & Real Estate
Denmark Proptech & Real Estate
Finland Proptech & Real Estate
Switzerland Proptech & Real Estate
Norway Proptech & Real Estate
Berlin Proptech & Real Estate
Munich Proptech & Real Estate
Helsinki Proptech & Real Estate
Milan Proptech & Real Estate
Oslo Proptech & Real Estate
Paris Proptech & Real Estate
London Proptech & Real Estate
Madrid Proptech & Real Estate
Barcelona Proptech & Real Estate
Stockholm Proptech & Real Estate
Germany Travel Tech
France Travel Tech
UK Travel Tech
Spain Travel Tech
London Travel Tech
Germany Machine Learning
France Machine Learning
UK Machine Learning
Spain Machine Learning
Sweden Machine Learning
Paris Machine Learning
London Machine Learning
Stockholm Machine Learning
Germany Pharma
France Pharma
UK Pharma
Spain Pharma
Switzerland Pharma
London Pharma
Germany Fitness
France Fitness
UK Fitness
Sweden Fitness
London Fitness
Germany Legal Tech
France Legal Tech
UK Legal Tech
Spain Legal Tech
Paris Legal Tech
London Legal Tech
Barcelona Legal Tech
France Cybersecurity
UK Cybersecurity
Paris Cybersecurity
London Cybersecurity
UK Music and Audio
Sweden Music and Audio
London Music and Audio
Stockholm Music and Audio
Germany Mobile
France Mobile
UK Mobile
Spain Mobile
Sweden Mobile
Italy Mobile
Ireland Mobile
Denmark Mobile
Finland Mobile
Estonia Mobile
Austria Mobile
Switzerland Mobile
Norway Mobile
Berlin Mobile
Tallinn Mobile
Munich Mobile
Copenhagen Mobile
Helsinki Mobile
Oslo Mobile
Paris Mobile
London Mobile
Dublin Mobile
Madrid Mobile
Barcelona Mobile
Amsterdam Mobile
Stockholm Mobile
Germany Consumer Social
France Consumer Social
UK Consumer Social
Spain Consumer Social
Sweden Consumer Social
Paris Consumer Social
London Consumer Social
Germany Hiring and Recruitement
France Hiring and Recruitement
UK Hiring and Recruitement
Spain Hiring and Recruitement
Sweden Hiring and Recruitement
Berlin Hiring and Recruitement
Paris Hiring and Recruitement
London Hiring and Recruitement
Germany Media and Entertainement
France Media and Entertainement
UK Media and Entertainement
Spain Media and Entertainement
Sweden Media and Entertainement
Italy Media and Entertainement
Denmark Media and Entertainement
Finland Media and Entertainement
Switzerland Media and Entertainement
Norway Media and Entertainement
Berlin Media and Entertainement
Copenhagen Media and Entertainement
Oslo Media and Entertainement
Paris Media and Entertainement
London Media and Entertainement
Madrid Media and Entertainement
Stockholm Media and Entertainement
Germany Data and Analytics
France Data and Analytics
UK Data and Analytics
Spain Data and Analytics
The Netherlands Data and Analytics
Sweden Data and Analytics
Italy Data and Analytics
Ireland Data and Analytics
Belgium Data and Analytics
Denmark Data and Analytics
Finland Data and Analytics
Austria Data and Analytics
Switzerland Data and Analytics
Poland Data and Analytics
Norway Data and Analytics
Berlin Data and Analytics
Zürich Data and Analytics
Munich Data and Analytics
Copenhagen Data and Analytics
Helsinki Data and Analytics
Oslo Data and Analytics
Paris Data and Analytics
London Data and Analytics
Dublin Data and Analytics
Madrid Data and Analytics
Barcelona Data and Analytics
Amsterdam Data and Analytics
Stockholm Data and Analytics
Germany Privacy and Security
France Privacy and Security
UK Privacy and Security
Spain Privacy and Security
Sweden Privacy and Security
Switzerland Privacy and Security
Paris Privacy and Security
London Privacy and Security
Stockholm Privacy and Security
UK Food Delivery
London Food Delivery
Germany Mobility & Transportation
France Mobility & Transportation
UK Mobility & Transportation
Spain Mobility & Transportation
The Netherlands Mobility & Transportation
Sweden Mobility & Transportation
Italy Mobility & Transportation
Denmark Mobility & Transportation
Switzerland Mobility & Transportation
Norway Mobility & Transportation
Berlin Mobility & Transportation
Munich Mobility & Transportation
Paris Mobility & Transportation
London Mobility & Transportation
Madrid Mobility & Transportation
Barcelona Mobility & Transportation
Amsterdam Mobility & Transportation
Stockholm Mobility & Transportation
Germany Energy & Nuclear
France Energy & Nuclear
UK Energy & Nuclear
Spain Energy & Nuclear
The Netherlands Energy & Nuclear
Sweden Energy & Nuclear
Denmark Energy & Nuclear
Finland Energy & Nuclear
Switzerland Energy & Nuclear
Norway Energy & Nuclear
Berlin Energy & Nuclear
Munich Energy & Nuclear
Helsinki Energy & Nuclear
Oslo Energy & Nuclear
Paris Energy & Nuclear
London Energy & Nuclear
Madrid Energy & Nuclear
Stockholm Energy & Nuclear
Germany Robotics
France Robotics
UK Robotics
Spain Robotics
Denmark Robotics
Germany Video
France Video
UK Video
Sweden Video
Norway Video
Paris Video
London Video
Stockholm Video
Germany Payments
France Payments
UK Payments
Spain Payments
The Netherlands Payments
Sweden Payments
Denmark Payments
Paris Payments
London Payments
Stockholm Payments
Germany Manufacturing
France Manufacturing
UK Manufacturing
Spain Manufacturing
The Netherlands Manufacturing
Sweden Manufacturing
Italy Manufacturing
Ireland Manufacturing
Belgium Manufacturing
Denmark Manufacturing
Finland Manufacturing
Austria Manufacturing
Switzerland Manufacturing
Poland Manufacturing
Norway Manufacturing
Scotland Manufacturing
Berlin Manufacturing
Hamburg Manufacturing
Zürich Manufacturing
Munich Manufacturing
Copenhagen Manufacturing
Helsinki Manufacturing
Milan Manufacturing
Oslo Manufacturing
Cambridge Manufacturing
Lausanne Manufacturing
Gothenburg Manufacturing
Warsaw Manufacturing
Espoo Manufacturing
Trondheim Manufacturing
Odense Manufacturing
Grenoble Manufacturing
Lund Manufacturing
Paris Manufacturing
London Manufacturing
Madrid Manufacturing
Barcelona Manufacturing
Amsterdam Manufacturing
Stockholm Manufacturing
Germany Sales and Marketing
France Sales and Marketing
UK Sales and Marketing
Spain Sales and Marketing
The Netherlands Sales and Marketing
Sweden Sales and Marketing
Denmark Sales and Marketing
Finland Sales and Marketing
Norway Sales and Marketing
Berlin Sales and Marketing
Copenhagen Sales and Marketing
Oslo Sales and Marketing
Paris Sales and Marketing
London Sales and Marketing
Madrid Sales and Marketing
Barcelona Sales and Marketing
Amsterdam Sales and Marketing
Stockholm Sales and Marketing
Germany Community & Lifestyle
France Community & Lifestyle
UK Community & Lifestyle
Spain Community & Lifestyle
Sweden Community & Lifestyle
Paris Community & Lifestyle
London Community & Lifestyle
Barcelona Community & Lifestyle
Stockholm Community & Lifestyle
Germany Business Intelligence
France Business Intelligence
UK Business Intelligence
Spain Business Intelligence
The Netherlands Business Intelligence
Sweden Business Intelligence
Italy Business Intelligence
Belgium Business Intelligence
Denmark Business Intelligence
Finland Business Intelligence
Estonia Business Intelligence
Austria Business Intelligence
Switzerland Business Intelligence
Poland Business Intelligence
Norway Business Intelligence
Berlin Business Intelligence
Zürich Business Intelligence
Tallinn Business Intelligence
Munich Business Intelligence
Copenhagen Business Intelligence
Helsinki Business Intelligence
Oslo Business Intelligence
Paris Business Intelligence
London Business Intelligence
Barcelona Business Intelligence
Amsterdam Business Intelligence
Stockholm Business Intelligence
Germany Ecommerce
France Ecommerce
UK Ecommerce
Spain Ecommerce
The Netherlands Ecommerce
Sweden Ecommerce
Italy Ecommerce
Ireland Ecommerce
Denmark Ecommerce
Finland Ecommerce
Switzerland Ecommerce
Poland Ecommerce
Norway Ecommerce
Berlin Ecommerce
Hamburg Ecommerce
Munich Ecommerce
Copenhagen Ecommerce
Helsinki Ecommerce
Milan Ecommerce
Oslo Ecommerce
Paris Ecommerce
London Ecommerce
Madrid Ecommerce
Barcelona Ecommerce
Amsterdam Ecommerce
Stockholm Ecommerce
Germany Internet of Things
UK Internet of Things
Germany Developer Tools
France Developer Tools
UK Developer Tools
Spain Developer Tools
Sweden Developer Tools
Berlin Developer Tools
Paris Developer Tools
London Developer Tools
Germany Communications
France Communications
UK Communications
Spain Communications
Sweden Communications
Norway Communications
Berlin Communications
Paris Communications
London Communications
Stockholm Communications
Germany Enterprise Software
UK Enterprise Software
London Enterprise Software
London CRM
UK Productivity Tools
London Productivity Tools
Germany Future of Work
UK Future of Work
London Future of Work
Germany Creative Tools
France Creative Tools
UK Creative Tools
Germany Supply Chain & Logistics
France Supply Chain & Logistics
UK Supply Chain & Logistics
Spain Supply Chain & Logistics
London Supply Chain & Logistics
UK Cloud
London Cloud
Sweden Wearables
UK Service Industry
UK Personal Finance
London Personal Finance
UK ElderTech