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This Week in Europe: The Yellow Vests and Facebook

Last weekend, protesters scaled the Arc de Triomphe, burned cars, and clashed with police in the third consecutive week of riots in France. More than 300 people were arrested in Paris alone, and three have been reported dead.

This week I’m not going to analyze a piece of the European tech scene. Instead, I’m going to ask you to read one story:

The "Yellow Vest" Riots In France Are What Happens When Facebook Gets Involved With Local News

This Buzzfeed story suggests that The Yellow Vests movement “is a beast born almost entirely from Facebook” due to algorithm changes to favor local news and stories. Whether that’s accurate or not, it leads you to think about how technology should (and can) be utilized.

I haven't fully thought through this issue, but I will over the weekend, while keeping this in mind.

Cars on fire near the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. (Veronique De Viguerie / Getty Images)

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